Guaranteeing Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Success: What Not To Wear At This Week’s Game

As a reporter and a media personality, I've had the benefit of covering the careers of many great NFL players. By sheer coincidence, I've known Ryan Fitzpatrick’s family since he was a boy growing up in Arizona. (Ryan’s uncle is best friend with a close business associate of mine) So I have a unique perspective on Ryan Fitzpatrick that some NFL fans might find interesting.

Ryan was diagnosed with having a motor neuron condition when he was a child. Ryan has a "color pink"disorder. Color aversion disorder or CAD, is a very serious disease that affects thousands of very bright and gifted people all across the globe.

Pink champagne, pink Cadillacs or even Pink Floyd; It doesn't matter, if its pink and its in close proximity to Ryan, then there will be a problem.

Because of Ryan’s affliction, he has never eaten a grapefruit or been up close and face to face with a vagina.

If Ryan sees anything pink, his coordination and motor skills become acutely erratic. In other words.....he can’t hit the broadside of a barn. But when the color pink is absent, Ryan is deadly accurate and his production is routinely off the charts. That is the main reason why NFL general managers continue to give Ryan opportunities.

I was in Miami when the Buffalo Bills played the Dolphins. By the middle of the 2nd quarter of that game, Ryan put on a picasso like performance. Ryan had completed 16 of 19 of his passes. Fitz was on fire, he was on pace to have his first 400 yard game. Then it happened; a pink pelican or flamingo or whatever it was, accidentally flew on to the field. Immediately after the stadium personnel removed the bird, Ryan soured and went 4 for 27 and threw 3 interceptions and a pick 6. Buffalo lost that game by a field goal. A few weeks after that game, Buffalo gave Ryan a pink slip.

In order for Ryan to have any success against the 49ers this Sunday, we need every Titans fan to help the team. To put it bluntly; wearing pink to this game is a very bad idea. Every stitch of pink must be purged from the stadium. It doesn’t matter how little or how small it is. If it is pink, it must go!!

You can wear maybe like a grayish hat with maybe some black shoes and blue jeans with a light purple shirt. Yea, that would be fine but wait…...second thought anything lavender might be too close to pink and that could definitely pose a problem for Ryan.

Blues are good colors for Ryan. Anything like a light blue, or sunset blue or Oiler blue would be okay to wear. Just as long as its not pink. Remember? I had mentioned that earlier. Pink is bad. If you have maybe like a green or anything in the greenish or dark green spectrum; that would be fabulous. But anything red probably would not be a good choice.

Would wearing white be okay? I think white might be fine but I can’t remember if its okay to wear white before or after labor day.

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