Titans vs Seahawks recap

Steve Dykes

Highlights of the Titans game vs the Seahawks.

The Titans played a tough game in Seattle, but fell to the Seahawks after a 20-13 loss. Here are some of the highlights, lowlights, and mistakes from the Titans point of view.

The good:

-Kendall Wright had an absolutely outstanding game. His box score of five receptions for 69 yards doesn't do him justice. Numerous time he made tough catches that were thrown by a terrible quarterback...but we will get to that later.

-Jurrell Casey and the defense did an excellent job all day. The Seahawks were held to 20 points despite terrible offensive production and two turnovers. Even then they were a dumb play from Zach Brown away from winning the game for the Titans.

-Alterraun Verner was one crazy play away from another absolute shutdown performance. The Titans need to sit down with him before he gets on the plane today and hammer out a contract extension.

-Ropati Pitoitua had a sack and several pressures and run stops. The Titans coaching staff must love this guy, and he is really developing into the player you would expect from someone with his measurables.

The bad:

-Fitzpatrick. You know him, you hate him, he is the joke that is the Titans QB. His awful performance is the worst that has graced the two-toned blue since Vince Young himself donned number 10. The Titans can't expect to win with Fitz, and neither could any team. He is almost single-handedly bringing down the Titans record, and I called for the Titans to use Damian Williams as a wildcat QB. An overreaction? Maybe. But honestly, he is a terrible quarterback that survived off of great WR play and predetermined reads.

-Darius Reynaud really couldn't get one yard? I mean obviously the playcall for him to go up the cut in that situation was nothing short of awful, but he looked lost. His only redeeming play was a knockout hit to the Seahawks kicker which eventually lead to a special teams touchdown.

The ugly:

-The Titans had a chance to win this game several times and failed to take advantage. Zach Brown should have had a fumble return touchdown that would have been a 10-point swing. Blown coverage by Moise Fokou lead to a huge play by Marshawn Lynch. And the Titans again fail to convert on short downs and distances. If the Titans want to go from being a competitive team that loses games, to a playoff teams with a chance to go farther they need to finish.


The game was exactly what most Titans fans thought it would be. The Titans played outstanding defense, but Fitzpatrick ruined everyone's day with his embarrassment at the QB position. This team can be special if Locker can come back and play to the level he played before his injury. This team is already very competitive with Super Bowl-caliber teams, and a great QB could push them over the edge.

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