PFF Grades for Titans players and next week's opponent - Week 6

ProFootballFocus reviews each football game grading the play of each individual player on each play. Their grading provides some insight on how individual players played, so I find it useful when seeing where the weak and strong parts of each team are.

So, each week, I plan on showing how the Titans players grade at PFF versus the upcoming opponent.


Titans Player

Next week's opponent

Titans PFF Grade (rank in league)

Titans PFF Grade Last Week

Opponent's PFF grade (rank in league)



Jake Locker / Ryan Fitzpatrick

Russell Wilson

+7.6 (9th) / 0.0 (23rd among all QBs)


+1.2 (18th)


Chris Johnson

Marshawn Lynch

-6.1 (54th)


+1.1 (25th)


Colin Mooney

Derrick Coleman

+4.9 (2nd)


-1.6 (16th)


Delanie Walker

Zach Miller

-1.0 (31st)


-0.5 (27th)


Craig Stevens

Luke Wilson

-1.4 (33rd)


-1.6 (37th)


Nate Washington

Sidney Rice

+7.6 (6th)


+2.3 (38th)


Kendall Wright

Golden Tate

+4.3 (20th)


+2.8 (29th)


Damian Williams

Doug Baldwin

+1.4 (45th)


+5.6 (15th)


Michael Roos

Paul McQuistan

+7.4 (17th)


-12.7 (68th)


Andy Levitre

James Carpenter

+2.4 (28th)


-3.1 (49th)


Rob Turner

Lemuel Jeanpierre

-10.6 (33rd)


+0.1 (17th)


Chance Warmack

JR Sweezy

-4.1 (55th)


-6.1 (59th)


David Stewart

Breno Giacomini

-1.6 (41st)


-3.3 (52nd)


DL (4-3 DT)

Jurrell Casey

Brandon Mebane

+15.8 (2nd)


+13.2 (4th)

DL (4-3 DT)

Antonio Johnson

Tony McDaniel

-2.7 (54th)


-1.8 (48th)

DL (4-3 DE)

Ropati Pitoitua

Red Bryant

-1.4 (34th)


+6.2 (8th)

DL (4-3 DE)

Derrick Morgan

Michael Bennett

+3.4 (16th)


+11.2 (4th)

DL (4-3 DE)

Kamerion Wimbley

Cliff Avril / Chris Clemons

-2.6 (40th)


+7.3 (6th) / +2.6 (20th)

LB (4-3 OLB)

Zach Brown

KJ Wright

-3.1 (28th)


-2.1 (22nd)

LB (4-3 OLB)

Akeem Ayers

Malcolm Smith

-0.5 (14th)


+2.7 (3rd)

LB (4-3 MLB)

Moise Fokou

Bobby Wagner

-9.4 (47th)


+0.2 (20th)


Jason McCourty

Richard Sherman

+5.1 (7th)


+2.9 (18th)


Alterraun Verner

Brandon Browner

+9.5 (1st)


+0.2 (50th)


Bernard Pollard

Kam Chancellor

-1.6 (48th)


-0.6 (37th)


Michael Griffin

Earl Thomas

+4.1 (9th)


+5.3 (8th)

S / CB3

George Wilson

Walter Thurmond

+2.5 (17th)


+1.5 (31st)

Titans players that grade well:

Jurrell Casey - Casey is the 2nd highest rated DT/NT in the league per PFF. He is rock solid against the run and pass and teams have to start gameplanning around him.

Alterraun Verner - ATV keeps his highest rated CB rating again. He did drop two interceptions last week but at least he was in the right position for them. His instincts are elite and I always think instincts for a CB far outweigh any physical attributes.

Jason McCourty - JMac is the 7th rated CB in the league per PFF. The Titans have a luxury that no other team has - 2 top 10 CBs in the league.

Derrick Morgan - Morgan has really come on these past few games, posting positive grades in each of the last three games after posting negative grades the first two games. He is the 3rd highest rated pass rusher at the 4-3 DE spot.

Bernard Pollard - We all know Pollard's weakness is pass coverage, but he did pretty well last week. The Titans go three deep at safety and very few teams can say that.

Kendall Wright - Wright has started to come on of late as well. I think this next week poses a good match up for Wright's quickness that I hope that Loggains can exploit.

Andy Levitre - Levitre posted his highest rating of the year so far last week. Too bad he plays next to Turner.

Titans players that graded poor:

Rob Turner - There is nothing more that I can say about Turner's play. It's bad, horrible, ugly, etc. He is THE weakness in the offense.

Michael Roos / David Stewart - Both tackles graded poorly last game. They did play against some of the best 3-4 OLBs in the league so it's understandable, but their job is even tougher this next week against Seattle's defensive ends.

Chance Warmack - Warmack just hasn't played well yet. Sometimes it just takes something to click for a rookie before he starts playing at the level that he can. Let's hope he starts clicking this week.

Moises Fokou - Fokou's play has been subpar this year, but his leadership from the MLB spot has been valuable. Still, I would like to see McCarthy more...but the coaches like Fokou in the middle.

Seahawks players that grade well:

Brandon Mebane - As good as Casey has been this year, Mebane has been right on him. He is the 4th highest rated DT/NT in the league. He is the 2nd best against the run (behind Harrison from the Jets). And, he gets to play against Turner this week so you know his rating will only go higher.

Michael Bennett / Cliff Avril / Red Bryant / Chris Clemons - The Seahawks have the best and deepest DE rotation in the league period. Adding Bennett and Avril (4th and 6th highest rated DE, respectively) has only made the Seahawks defense even more dangerous. I really liked Bennett and was hoping that the Titans would sign him but oh well they didn', let's hope he doesn't make them pay for passing on him.

Earl Thomas - Thomas has been a star since coming into the league. He combines instincts, speed and agility, and physical play. He is the best Texas safety in this game today (although Griffin has been playing better).

Seahawks players that grade poor:

Seahawks OL - This will be the worst OL the Titans have played so far this year. If we don't get 5+ sacks this game, then it's all on Gray / Williams. The weakest link is McQuistan, but the rest of the line has been almost as bad. It's amazing the Seahawks are doing as well as they have been with such poor play from their line.

Russell Wilson - Wilson has fallen from his high level of play last year. He is the 18th highest rated QB. Most of that is due to his scrambling ability as he is the 26th highest rated passer.


The Seahawks are a similar team as the Chiefs. Great defense with suspect offense. The Seahawks offensive line is atrocious, so the Titans defense should focus on stopping the run on early downs (and tackle well against Lynch) and containing Wilson on 3rd and longs. Do that and the Seahawks offense is not going to score much.

The Titans offense is going to have a hard time running the ball (like they have had all year). Their best chance is running in the B gap opposite of Mebane or running some counters to counteract their aggressive defensive ends. You can attack the Seahawks when they are in nickel and dime but only if you have good protection on the outside. I think we should keep Walker in tight to help with those solid DEs on the Seahawks.

Last week, Loggains didn't attack the Chiefs defense as well as he should, focusing on running right at Poe (for some reason). Let's hope he has a better run gameplan this week and that Fitzpatrick can keep better care of the ball (and tell Reynaud to fair catch everything!).

This is going to be a low scoring affair...the rational man in me says that the Titans will probably lose, but the homer in me prevents me from predicting that. So, I say Titans win 17-13 in a low scoring affair.

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