Jerlindsey's Weekly Picks. (Week 6)

Week Six

"Completely biased and from the gut!"

Well I went 7 - 7 last week. Wow. Not that great. At least I broke even? For the year I am at 47 - 30. This week I gotta do better! Come on biased opinion and gut! We are better than this! Was really hoping Seattle would beat the crap out of Indy last week. New England losing to Cincy was pretty awesome (especially since Tom Brady didn't even throw a touchdown that game...I love it). Denver ALMOST fell to Dallas and Schaub threw another pick six. Those are the main things that happened last week...or at least the main things I cared about. Well I guess I should get on with the picks!

New York (Giants) vs Chicago

Winner: Chicago

Reason: The Giants lost last week to a not so good Eagles team...this week they play a team that sucks less. I'm voting for the Bears to maul on some Giants tonight (Thursday).

Green Bay vs Baltimore

Winner: Green Bay

Reason: Um, Aaron Rodgers throws the ball good?

Cincinnati vs Buffalo

Winner: Cincinnati

Reason: Well Cincinnati didn't let Brady throw a TD last week, and Buffalo is without their starting QB this week, so I'm inclined to give the edge to Cincy.

Detroit vs Cleveland

Winner: Detroit

Reason: I probably shouldn't have picked Cleveland to lose last week. Something told me they would probably win, but I went with Buffalo instead. Part of me wants to pick Cleveland this week, but Hoyer is out, and now they have to resort to their 3rd 1st string QB Weeden again. I don't see Weeden getting it done.

St Louis vs Houston

Winner: Houston

Reason: I'm hoping I'm wrong about this one. I want Houston to lose again just so I can see how crazy Houston fans can really get. Please throw another pick six Schaub...for me.

Carolina vs Minnesota

Winner: Minnesota

Reason: No real reason for this pick. Just feel like Minnesota will get a win over the Panthers.

Oakland vs Kansas City

Winner: Kansas City

Reason: Is this the week the Chiefs end their win streak? Lord I hope so. I would be delighted to see the Raiders get the upset this week. Especially after the *crap* fest we had to deal with last week from AP. I think the Raiders can do it, but I'm not 100% behind them.

Pittsburgh vs New York (Jets)

Winner: Pittsburgh

Reason: I'm really tired of hearing about the Jets and Geno Smith. Hopefully the Steelers defense will make him look as much like a rookie as we did a couple of weeks ago.

Philadelphia vs Tampa Bay

Winner: Philadelphia

Reason: Tampa Bay is a mess.

Jacksonville vs Denver

Winner: Denver

Reason: Come on. Do I really need to have one?

Tennessee vs Seattle

Winner: Seattle

Reason: This is the first week I'm not picking Tennessee to win, and I feel sad about it. I believe we will put up a very strong effort against a really good Seattle team. I'm mostly scared of being in their home and that 12th man. I'm really hoping I'm wrong about this pick. I want my boys in two toned blue to win this one pretty bad. I just wish Locker was able to get to play in his home state.

New Orleans vs New England

Winner: New Orleans

Reason: Drew Brees. Battle of the News. I like the Drew Brees Saints chances though. Drew Brees.

Arizona vs San Francisco

Winner: San Francisco

Reason: San Francisco is better than the Cardinals (IMHO).

Washington vs Dallas

Winner: Dallas

Reason: Romo kind of impressed me last week. Sure he had his classic Romo derp moment, but dude went off. I don't think he necessarily goes off like that this week, but I think they have the advantage over the Redskins.

Indianapolis vs San Diego

Winner: San Diego

Reason: I just really want the Colts to lose.

Week six picks DONE. I sacrificed my lunch hour for you to read this, so I hope you enjoy it. I hope I do better than breaking even this week. As always, see ya'll in the comments!

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