1st 11 Starts - A (simple) QB Comparison

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These stats are going to be very simple due to lacking completion %, the various QB ratings, and other "advanced" stats. What these stats do clearly show is the Win/Loss record for these young QBs. Also, this post does not include each QB's rushing stats - a big part of the value of Newton and Tebow.

First a comparison of QBs drafted in 2011. These simple stats only consider games started.

Cmp Att Yds TD Int

Jake Locker (2nd year); 4-7 (round 1, 8th pick)
177 314 2176 10 11

Blaine Gabbert (JAX; rookie year); 3-8 (round 1, 10th pick)

161 324 1731 10 9

Christian Ponder (MIN; rookie + 1 game of 2nd year); 3-8 (round 1, 12); playoffs 2012

169 301 2024 13 13

Andy Dalton (CIN; rookie year); 7-4 (round 2, 35); playoffs both years

218 363 2509 16 12

Cam Newton (CAE; rookie year); 3-8 (round 1, 1)

239 392 3093 12 14

Colin Kaepernick (SF; 2nd year); 5-2 (round 2, 36)**** NOT 11 STARTS***** playoffs 2012

120 192 1608 10 3

TJ Yates (HOU; rookie year); 2-3 (round 5, 52)****NOT 11 STARTS***** playoffs 2011

74 119 879 3 3

Now to QBs drafted in 2012. (All are rookies, obviously.)

Cmp Att Yds TD Int

Andrew Luck (IND); 7-4 (round 1, 1); playoffs

255 449 3205 13 13

Robert Griffin III (WAS); 5-6 (round 1, 2); playoffs

205 304 2497 16 4

Ryan Tannehill (MIA); 5-6 (round 1, 8)

197 334 2373 7 12

Brandon Weeden (CLE); 3-8 (round 1, 22)

222 397 2456 12 13

Russell Wilson (SEA); 6-5 (round 3, 75); playoffs

178 280 2051 17 8

Now let's go back to 2010. Again, only the first 11 starts count.

Cmp Att Yds TD Int

Sam Bradford (STL; rookie year); 5-6 (1,1)

250 413 2466 17 9

Tim Tebow (DEN; 3 rookie, 8 2nd year); 8-3 (1, 25); playoffs 2nd year

132 268 1863 14 5

Jimmy Clausen (CAR; rookie); 1-9 (2, 48) ****NOT 11 STARTS*****

142 266 1452 3 7

Colt McCoy (CLE; 8 rookie, 3 2nd year); 4-7 (3, 85)

195 333 2210 11 11

John Skelton (ARI; 4 rookie, 7 2nd year) (5, 155) [one really good game doesn't count for him due to not starting]

189 367 2248 10 14

This post can be expanded to include more "young" QBs. 2009 include the following players: Stafford, Sanchez, Freeman and Painter all with extended starting experience. 2008 has: Ryan, Flacco, and Henne. 2007 was a horrid year for QBs: J. Russell, Quinn, Kolb, Beck, Stanton, Edwards, Troy Smith and Thigpen all getting starting experience.

If anyone wants to add to this post with career QB "advanced" stats, feel free. Always keep in mind that each player is part of a team. It can be pretty difficult to separate the performance of one player from that of his teammates, coaches, and game conditions/situations. Sanchez making it to two AFC Championships should be the clear example. On the flip side of that coin are the results from RG3 and Luck that turned two bad teams into playoff participants.

My personal opinion is that Locker is project and his ceiling is somewhere in the middle of the NFL QBs. He can definitely help this team win games, but it will be more on the TEAM part of it than simply him "willing" the Titans to victory. With that said, I would think a better OL and some BIG additions to the defense are what will most help the team going forward. Leadership is especially something the D needs.

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