Late Night With Ron Burgundy

The injuries today and another blowout loss got you in a downer mood? Don't worry, Papa Burgundy has got yet another exclusive interview to cheer you up and enlighten you! My guest tonight is the brilliant well-spoken knowledgable person, analyst Dan Fouts. Join me as I talk to him about football, life and creating new words and names out of the English language!

Ron: Dan, let me first just say what an honor it is to be speaking to a Hall of Famer like yourself.

Dan: Thanks for having me, Randy.

Ron: It's Ron, Ron Burgundy.

Dan: Sorry Rob.

Ron: I'm a five-time Emmy winner...anyways, Dan, can you give us a quick breakdown of the Titans-Texans game?

Dan: Well, the Texans scored more points than the Titans.

Ron: Yes, I think we all knew that. What was the biggest breakdown for the Titans?

Dan: Well Rick, from what I saw they just need to score more points.

Ron: Ron. What besides scoring points do they need to do? Maybe change things up on defense?

Dan: If they score more points, they'll win games.

Ron: So that's how it works? Scoring more points than the other team is good?

Dan: Well that's football for ya!

Ron: Who were some of your favorite players to watch from the game today?

Dan: I really like this guy for the Titans, Arian Verner.

Ron: You mean Alterraun Verner, the cornerback?

Dan: No, he's the running back.

Ron: Arian Foster? He plays for the Texans.

Dan: Right. Great to see him get back on track today after the way his season started.

Ron: I think you're getting your players confused. In your opinion, what do the Titans need to do on defense to stop giving up so many yards and points?

Dan: That's why they're one of the best defenses in the league Randall, it's so tough to do anything against them. Not many offenses are going to have success running or passing against that front seven.

Ron: Dan, I'm going to have to stop you for a moment. From one professional broadcaster to another, I have to say, you get your names and teams wrong quite often.

Dan: Sorry about that Ryan. I gotta run but final's unfortunate Schaub was knocked out early of this one, could've made it a completely different game.

Ron: I'm Ron Burgundy!

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