Derrick Morgan Through The First Three Weeks

Tonight I'm going to look at Derrick Morgan's stats game by game so far this season, and seeing how his stats compare to our other defenders.

Week 1 vs. Patriots: PFF gave Morgan a 1.0 grade overall. That was good enough to be the 3rd best grade on our team, behind only Akeem Ayers (+2.1) and Mike Martin (+1.5). Morgan's run defense grade was +1.4, best on the team. Tied for second were Ayers (+1.2) and Verner (+1.2). Where Morgan didn't stand out in Week One was in the Pass Rush, where he graded out as a -0.7, which was second worst on the team only to Jurrell Casey's -1.0 rating.

Morgan's stat line in week one: 2 QB hurries (Only people who had more were Klug, Ayers, and Martin with three apiece), 6 tackles, 1 assist, and 5 stops.

Overall, a pretty good performance, especially against the ground game.

Week 2 @ Chargers: Best game of the year so far from Morgan. Had a 2.2 grade overall, good enough for 4th best on the team behind Wimbley (+5.8), Verner (+3.8), and WItherspoon (+3.3). Morgan's run d graded as a +0.4 and his pass rush was 1.6 (Martin (+1.9) and WImbley (+6.2)were the only ones who had better grades).

Morgan's line in week two looked like this: 1 Sack, 1 QB hit, 3 Tackles, 2 Assists, and 3 stops.

While it's not a stat, WImbley and Morgan looked to be held this entire game, and wrecked havoc on the SD offensive line. Normally a D-Line that gets the type of pressure we got is a recipe for success, however our Pass Defense decided not to show up. At all.

Week 3 vs. Detroit: Morgan was given a -0.9 grade in his worst game of the year, which was only the 6th worst grade on the defense. In pass rushing, Morgan received a -1.7 grade, 2nd worst on the team, only to Wimbley's -3.9 rating. Morgan however got a positive score on his run defense with a 0.4 rating, good enough for 4th best on the team (highest grade was 2.6 awarded to Casey).

Morgan's stats were as follows: 3 QB Hurries, 3 Tackles, 3 Stops

Obviously Week three has been Morgan's worst, but not even the worst on the team. The team as a whole could not get a pass rush going, which against a team like Detroit usually spells doom, because you are giving Stafford a ton of time to throw.

Bottom Line: Despite Morgan's week 3 struggles, he has been a good component on this defense, and has the 3rd best overall grade on our defense behind only Verner (+9.7) and Mike Martin (+3.3). In the entire league, Morgan rates as the 17th best Defensive end according to PFF. Hopefully Morgan improves as the year goes on, especially in the pass rush department, but I for one am encouraged by what he has shown so far.


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