Letter to Bud Adams

Dear Bud Adams,

First off screw you you crotchety, old bird flipper. I'm one of the season ticket holders for your dumpster fire football team, the Tennessee Titans. As someone who shells out fifteen-hundred bucks a year I expect more than Cleavland Browns level of performance. Unfortunately so far this year that has not been the case. So far we have suffered through two awful blowouts from which nothing positive can be gained.

After much consideration I have come to the conclusion that this is your fault. Responsibility starts at the top and as the owner you have done prety much an unforgivable job. Let me explain.

1. The offensive line can't block. Especially the interior line. Leroy Harris and Eugene Amano are awful and at the current moment we are stuck with Amano's backup which is worse. Yet you only replaced one starter, Jake Scott, with an over the hill veteran way past his prime. It was a marginal improvement at best.

The team also failed to draft any line men in the draft, why? It was our biggest need. I definitely feel we made some questionable picks, especially late in the draft.

In truth you are letting Bruce Matthews and Mike Munchak be stubborn fools. They believe they can make this a good line, they can't no one can. It doesn't matter how good of a coach you are you nee talent. Tell Munchak this. If you are willing to interfere and force Vince Young into a starting job. Then why didn't you override Munchak this time and demand more line men. Heck we didn't even add depth players. Pathetic

2. Michael Griffin is not a very good safety. This has been apparent since 2009. Yet your team over payed to keep the man and let consistent producer and team leader Cortland Finnegan go. Finnegan played with fire and would never let the team play the way they are now. You should have over payed him.

3. You know what other position of need we didn't address in the draft? Defensive end. You know our other huge gaping hole. Sure we added Kamerion Wimbley, a middle of the pack pass rush specialist, but even though he has helped improve the unit we stil have no depth or playmakers. If Wimbley or Derrick Morgan go down we are completly screwed. At least you picked a defensive end in the draft, in the 6th round. You tool.

4. We can't cover tight end. Sunday we made All-Star backup journeyman tight end Donte Rosario look like Antonio Gates to the tune of three touchdowns. That's awful! From now on I'm starting the backup tight end for whatever team the Titans are playing that week. The Titans may still suck, but hey I'll probably win the 200 dollar prize in my league. Thanks you old fart!

Remember Michael Griffin the scrub I mentioned earlier? Well yeah this is half his fault. The other half is crappy play calling. Sunday Rosario caught his third touchdown covered one on one by an old, slow, injured linebacker, Will Witherspoon. He could barely walk much less cover a receiver after the injury he had sustained a few lays earlier.

Speaking of the coaching. . .

5. Holy crap what has Chris Palmer ever done to make you hire him? As a head coach he is 8-27, but that's not damning evidence. Plenty of great coordinators are not good coaches, but he hasn't had much success anywhere else either.

He won a Super Bowl a few years ago with Eli Manning, but Eli is an elite player who has had good years since Palmer left. How much of his success can be laid at Palmer's feet? Other wise Palmer has not led any "elite offenses" during his career.

What he did do was ruin a promising quarterback, David Carr, in a situation eerily similar to the one the Titans are in now. Bad offensive line and no running game. Carr could never get going and ended up as a bust. Mr. Adams I implore you do not let this be Jake Locker's fate. Fire Palmer, he deserves it.

One final thought we have a great running back and a grind it out run the ball coach why di we hire a passing coach with a history of bad running teams?

6. I' not finished with Palmer yet. His play calling is terrible. He calls a million short hook routes a game and seems to think it's against the rules to run CJ to the outside. He needs to be creative with his passes and get CJ on the edge, now.

7. Munchak has showed no fire. He never gets pumped up or furious at anything. He seems content to stoically and stubbornly run the team into the ground because he doesn't want to change how he is doing things. That's bull crap and you know it.

8. Our defense looks like crap. My only suggestion is to suit up Travis Henry's eleven illegitimate children and have them play against the Lions. They literally can not do any worse. Plus they have a great NFL pedigree.

Obviously this team has a lot of holes Bud, but you can fix it. Let Munchak and Jerry Gray know they are on short leashes, but don't make any knee jerk reactions. Fire Palmer.

Also you have a good young core build around players like Jake Locker, Jared Cook, Craig Stevens, Kendall Wright, Kenny Britt, Mike Martin, Jurrell Casey. Alteraun Verner, Jason McCourty, and Colin McCarthy. Also keep your solid role players around. Nate Washington, Kamerion Wimbley, Karl Klug all fit here.

Finally just don't accept anything less than one-hundred percent. I mentioned earlier you don't have much time. You don't have time for crap like what's been going on this year. Get your team under control, now.

Remember I despise believe in you.



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