Sad Tidings We Bring (from San Diego)

Hello, Titans fans, from San Diego, California. Here lies a pro/con first-person account of this southern California bloodbath that was called the Titans vs. Chargers game. Although I think one of those teams forgot to get off the bus. Regardless, I'd like to give a little review of my experience here, since it's only 9:39 local, and I've got some inspired words fueled by frustration and Hawaiian craft beer.

The Pros
  • San Diego really is a lovely city, and everything you've heard about it is pretty much true. The weather here this weekend was apparently a little warmer than normal, but since I live in Texas, this felt just fine to me. I didn't mind sitting in the sun during the game.
  • The heat also allowed certain fans of a certain gender to adorn themselves with a little less material, and that was all right by me. Nice scenery at the game.
  • I met two Titans' families: Michael Roos and Craig Stevens. The Roos's were very happy-go-lucky, taking photos during the game and definitely thanked me for my support. Michael's sister-in-law said she'd try to get him to shout me out on Twitter (although he might be a little grumpy tonight). The Stevens's were a little more pissed, as I saw them after the game when I was walking to the trolley. They were complaining because Stevens isn't getting as many looks in the passing game (or as many snaps) as Cook is, even though Stevens' track record of catching passes and getting open for Locker is better, according to them (take homerism for what it's worth). But there is definitely frustration in the Stevens household with the current State of the Titans.
  • I'm casting my vote for Brett Kern as team MVP. Wonderful game by him.
  • For the most part, the Chargers fans were pretty fun to jostle with. There were plenty around me in the stands of course, and there was plenty heckling, but nothing too out-of-hand that didn't end in laughs when I made a wisecrack about how bad we were playing. Made several Chargers-friend buddies around me to have good conversation with, take pictures with, etc. and even got some free booze off some a few seats away.
  • Speaking of saying nice things about Chargers fans, they had a pretty good turnout today, and the stadium looked pretty cool in all-white. They had pretty good participation in the "White Hot Sunday" promotion they were doing. And the team looked sharp too in their all-whites. If only we could get our team to wear TITANS BLUE on CODE BLUE SUNDAY.
  • Special shout-outs to MCMers shawneriksmith and HospitalSausage for meeting up and tailgating a bit in B1, although we couldn't find D_Rod2408. Still nice to meet some fellow blog members and share some drinks.
  • The Patriots got beat by the Cardinals.
  • The Saints lost.
  • The trolley system in San Diego is pretty cheap/convenient. The lines are kind of long and the travel/wait times are a little lengthy as well, but it's very much worth it. Kudos to the City and the taxpayers for that transportation system.
  • A lot of people complain that Qualcomm is really old and should be torn down in favor of a new stadium. While I agree and prefer modern state-of-the-art stadiums, I went into today's game thinking that Qualcomm was going to be an absolute dump, based on what I had read. I found that NOT to be the case at all, and in fact thought it was a pretty decent stadium to watch a ballgame. The restroom waits were no longer than 5 minutes (and that was at halftime!), it was pretty easy to get concessions, and the view was just fine. I'm also a bigger/taller guy, and the seats and legroom were plenty comfortable. All in all, I think the Q gets a bad rap, but I enjoyed it as a stadium. A videoboard upgrade would have been nice, though.
  • We don't have Kona Big Wave beer in Texas, but I wish we did. It's a really good beer.
  • I was in the stadium early enough to witness the Junior Seau jersey retirement ceremony (and even met/shook Dan Fouts's hand after the game in the parking lot). That was a very cool moment to be a part of, and we can somewhat relate since OJ Murdock also took his own life. God bless these NFL players, especially after they are done playing. We don't need anymore suicides.

The Cons

  • How in the hell does a team have a healthy 2,000-yard rusher on the team and stay LAST IN THE LEAGUE IN RUSHING?
  • I really had nothing to cheer for, beside the quick TD to Kendall Wright. You better damn believe I overreacted and overcelebrated, too, because that's pretty much all we had to cling to. Hopefully this is the first of many Locker-to-Wright connections.
  • Why did Damian Williams see so much action? He played pretty well, but still, why did he seem so much like the primary target so many times when there are weapons (!) like Britt, Washington, Wright, and Cook available? Just seems like we went to Damian a little too much when he's not our best target.
  • Locker couldn't throw worth a damn. I don't know if it was because of pressure or what, but his accuracy was just not there today. There's no way we're going to pull him though, so brace yourselves for a long growing-pains season.
  • In-stadium beer situation: $10 per beer, NO beer vendors walking through the stands (why the hell would I want a frozen lemonade or kettle corn?), and when halftime is over, you can only buy 1 beer at a time (it's 2-at-a-time before that). Easy to get around, though, by going to one beer line, stuffing that beer in your back pocket and covering it with your jersey, and getting another one from another line right after. That technique worked for me.
  • When I go visit a new stadium, I like to go visit the official Fan Shop just to walk around and see all the different merchandise they offer. Oftentimes you'll see local-specific stuff that isn't offered online, and that kind of stuff is cool to me. However, I tried to go to the Fan Shop three separate times, and all three times, the line was out the door and wrapped around the building. Maybe next time.
  • The Texans won.
  • The Colts won.
  • The Cardinals are 2-0. We are 0-2.
  • Actually met a (drunk?) old man who legitimately asked me if Steve McNair was still working with our team. Really dude? Thankfully I was able to keep a cool head and tell him that he had passed away 4 years ago, much to his legitimate surprise. It really seemed like it was news to him. God bless Steve McNair.
  • To hell with the pansy ass zone defense. That shit is garbage.

That's about all that's coming to mind right now. All-in-all, this was a pretty good trip, even though we didn't come away with the W. San Diego is a cool city to visit, and I'm glad I came. I'll close out with what became my motto for the day after the clock hit 0:00: "We will have better days." Go Titans. LWSS.

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