Putting Week One to Rest

Hello MCMers,

The is my final rant take on week one's lost the the Patriots. The opening was bittersweet , with me sorely missing football and them losing to the No. 1# team in at home. Now, we have lots of a stories and situations abound, as only the NFL can give.

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  • First, I think that Nate injury was a helmet to helmet tackle. I know what August said on the radio show, but Nate was defenseless, his second foot had not touched the ground when he got hit. The second defender was aiming helmet, not hands or ball.
  • I read a report that Holding Harris got pulled late in the late for MCM favorite Kevin Matthews . Could we see a offense line without Harris next week?
  • The Titans signed veteran Deuce Lutui, so is the writing on the wall for Leroy Harris?

  • The Titans' offensive line graded out as having good run blocking on just two of Chris Johnson's 11 carries in Week 1. Vince Wilfork and the Patriots' defensive line absolutely dominated one-on-one matchups. Johnson still danced too much, but he never had a shot to get his wheels spinning forward. The blocking can't get any worse when the Titans take on the Chargers Sunday. by ESPN
  • Locker looked good to me. I don't know a lot of X's and O's of the offense like SH but Locker looked poised and in charge unlike that last preseason game.
  • The hold called on Hutch during that designed Locker LWSS run was iffy and had little effect on the play, than said corners mauling innocent Titans WRs.
  • Again future HOFer Vince Wilfork vs Leroy Holding Harris is a nono.
  • The defense "limited", and I use that term loosely, what the Patriot offense normally does stat wise and I think that's a plus.
  • I can't go though another season watching the Titans get gashed for big yards on the ground. Well, maybe if they have a 21-30 points advantage.
  • I guess since the refs didn't call a helmet to helmet was the reason Titans didn't say Nate had concussion, only a leg contusion. Right?
  • Quinn Johnson is horrible.
  • The pass protection was decent. I mean Locker wasn't having flash backs of college.
  • Jake Locker's TD pass was a thing of awe inspiring beauty, I can wait to see her again.
  • Kendall Wright is a beast, played with the drive of a bull on riods. I mean 3 yards=Crunk, First down=Crunk, Gets held catches the ball anyway=Crunk I love this kid!!!
  • Cookie show up and played most of the game. Mr. Cook you have to catch that ball in the end zone.
  • Hassimus Prime showed up in after the refs had a brain fart that directly caused Jake Locker's injury.
  • After seeing them play this game, in a way that was totally unlike the game I can't remember, I can't wait to whip the Chargers.
  • LWSS!!!! and that is all.
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