Meanwhile, on Facebook...

The sun rises in the east every day, the moon waxes and wanes, seasons follow one another in the same order as surely as Michael Griffin bites on play action in every game. By that same token however bad things get on MCM one can always count on Facebook to provide the views of the insane, the incapable and the bitter.

This week the team has decided to allow 'fans' the chance to ask Coach Mike Munchak one question. In all likelihood they'll find one easy question for Coach to answer... that's not my style, I'm going to try and answer every single question that caught my eye.

I'll start with a nice easy one:

Michael Lipsey: Will you ever build us a championship team? True fans are ready for a Championship

Answer: Possibly. I mean we've been trying to build a truly mediocre team for a long time now. Despite the fact that literally everyone in the front office could lose their job if we don't field a winning team in the near future we just like to finish 8-8 every year and be completely infuriating.

This next one is a little painful:

Steven Ferro: where was sanderick marks?? or klug?? mike martin is too small and weak!!!, c'mon ridley goes over 100 yards!...why we didnt pitched the ball?, why we never did playaction bootlegs??!, why was ryan mouton at the 3rd corner back? last time i read "tommie campbell had the best techhnique under mccourty" really??! its easy to exploit the patroits d-line, tosses and counters!!! play action bootlegs! Bad coaching...

1) Oh. My. God. I can barely read this! 2) Sanderick?! SANDERICK?! Also, he's injured. Too much trouble to check the injury report I guess. 3) Mike Martin is not small, nor is he weak. 4) 'why we didnt pitched the ball?' What? 5) 'its easy to exploit the patriots d-line' It's not. NEXT!

Justin Hale: Knoxville, TN

It's a place. In Tennessee. You're welcome, Justin.

Chris Doran: Where the Heck was Chris Johnson?, what ARE YOU PAYING THIS THUG FOR ?????

I wasn't going to include this because, let's face it, CJ isn't producing at all. Unfortunately Chris decided to bust out the thug comment so I felt compelled to name and shame him for being an idiot.

Willie Merrell: Why didn't we run between the tackles and attack wilford rather than run around him?

Some men just want to watch the world burn. Or watch a 200 pound running back be tossed around like a ragdoll by one of the nastiest defensive linemen around. Clearly Willie has ignored the fact that Leroy Harris is still a thing.

Jarvis Williams: Once again I see people don't nothing about football our o line got man handle.everytime he got a handoff it was like 4 patriots rite there.and they had 8 n the box pretty much the whole game man......our o line got man handle straight up

He knows more 'bout football than any one of... DUSLIN?! DUSLIN IS THAT YOU?! Wait, no... the actual point is about right... the execution? Not so much. I'm lumping the next four into one group since they're all essentially the same.

David Chlarson: Will you start Hasselbeck over Locker? He led the team more effectively when he went in, Locker doesn't have the experience to start yet.

Jerome Nihipali: Will we see Hasslebeck start this week?

Cathy Smith: Why play locker when hasselbeck is of course the better choice?

Kristopher Kaos: I think everyone could see that Matt handled himself alot better than Jake ... who does the blame for the lack of a running game fall on ...

So after Jake has a pretty good day starting for the first time in the regular season the knives come out. I'd honestly love to interrogate these four to hear their reasoning as to why this is the case and their opinions as to how Jake lost this game for us. Whatever they are, they're going to be ridiculous. I like Hass as much as anyone but the fact is that Jake is the future of this franchise and has shown he's ready to play and ready to win.

Neil Bottari: Can we have Coach Fisher back?

Will Ross: When do we get Fisher back? Why is the Titans front office THE WORST in the NFL. They've been screwing things up since the last trip to the Super Bowl

Thomas McKenzie: Is it obvious to you now that Jeff Fisher was not the problem?

ARGH! Not this shit again. Look, I get that Fisher is something of a legend 'round these parts but c'mon man! 8-8 might be acceptable sometimes but the real reason Fisher had to go is because his philosophy is outdated and ineffective in the modern NFL. He's a great guy, sure, but he'd been in Tennessee way too long. Also, to Will Ross, there is no way this front office is as bad as Cleveland's.

The next post will sound VERY familiar to readers of MCM, and in fact was posted several times in different locations:

Barry Bridges: You need to tell your Offensive Coordinator Palmer that he is in the NFL...he is acting like he is still calling plays for the Colonials !
You hired him from the Hartford Colonials ! Who does that ??
Your first clue that he was no good should have been when he left the Giants as their QB coach and went to the Hartford Colonials !!

It's sad to see what has happened to Hal... first bleacher report, then trolling MCM and now this. I have so much pity in my heart...

And finally:

Jimmy Morris: Every aspect of the game looked great...we were just beat up front...we couldn't move either side of their line....if i may make a suggestion...I'm not tryin to tell u how to do your job but i would try a hurry up offense to wear down their d line or have cj out as a flanker...but i think everwhere looked great keep up tha good work and yall have nuttin to b down about...i think yall played great against the patriots thanks

Really, Jimmy?!

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