So I bought Madden yesterday and managed to play 3 or 4 games.

The Madden Titans are decent this year, and probably better than last years version of the Madden Titans, with one big exception...

Karl Klug - Unfortunately, he is not the unstoppable beast he was last year. Although his overall rating was only in the mid 70's, Klug was the MVP of the 2012 Madden Titans. This year he is just above average. In Madden 12, I would use the swim move with Klug and he would be able to instantly get by 90% of the guards he was up against. This year, for whatever reason, his ratings look similar but he isn't able to swim by every single guard he faces. I still suggest using him in Nickel and Dime packages over Marks.

So Klug isn't as good as the old version, but there are a lot of other players who seem to be much better.

I've only played a few games, but Morgan appears to be this year's version of Klug. Morgan had about 6 sacks in the 3 or 4 games I played. Although, all of these sacks were generated by the CPU, Morgan seems to be a force off the end (even though his rating is in the high 70's).

CJ is also much better in this game than he was last year. For whatever reason I felt like CJ wasn't very fast in Madden 12, unless he was in the open field. In Madden 13 CJ seems a lot more agile, which makes it easier for him to break the big runs. The Titans playbook also has a formation with 3 TE's all lined up on one side. There is stretch play to CJ out of this formation that is really hard to stop.

McCarthy, Casey, Cook and Nate, are all better than last year's version. McCarthy has a knack for interceptions in this game, which is nice. Casey seems a littloe more stout, Cook seems faster and didn't drop as many balls as he did in 12, and Nate definitely seems to have better hands. You can use him more across the middle in this game, whereas in 12 he would often drop balls.

Jake Locker seemed to play about the same as last year's version. A good runner with a good arm, but his accuracy can be way off at times. They did a good job with Locker, as he plays similar to what he does in real life. Look for Locker to be rated at least 5-6 points higher by the end of the year.

As for our rookies, I got the ball to Wright on many occasions. I shuffled the roster to make Britt a starter (Britt is listed as a non starter, likely due to the injury/suspension). Wright is the #3 and it is easy to get him the ball out of the slot. He didn't seem unstoppable, but he played a lot better than his 74 overall rating. It felt like I was using Percy Harvin. I.e. he was very good once you got the ball in his hands.

As for Zach Brown and Mike Martin, I didn't even use them. Brown has a ridiculously poor rating (65 or so). Considering last year Ayers started off as a 71 or 72 overall, you wonder why they weren't sold on Brown. He has good speed in this game, but by no means is he a fast Madden linebacker. I think Witherspoon and McGrath are even faster than Brown in this game. They should have made him faster.

Anyway, back to work.

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