There have been some weird happenings around MCM lately. What with Danomite's comment on the "inner circle of the Titans organization" and BlackHelicopterz presence altogether. Well, I've come across startling information that will leave you speechless. The source of this info shall remain anonymous. To fully understand the events of past several weeks, we need to go back more than 50 years in time, in New York City.

You may know of the 1950's New York Giants. They were a very dominant force in the NFL at that time, and it was easy to see why. They had Tom Landry commanding the defense, and Vince Lombardi scheming on offense. You don't have to know a lot about football to know that Landry and Lombardi were two of the greatest coaches of all time. We'll get back to them in a little bit. For now, lets discuss Pete Rozelle. At the same time (1950s), Rozelle was GM of the LA Rams. He was an outstanding mastermind in business, turning the shabby Rams organization into a profitable franchise. However, his journey didn't start in LA, and he didn't rise to power all by himself. He was "chosen". A mysterious group of powerful individuals know as "The Ancients" selected Rozelle to one day become the NFL Commissioner. At that time The Ancients wielded a power unlike any other, and had total control over the NFL Commissioner. They were raising Rozelle to be their instrument of control over the NFL, while they remained unknown. Little else is known about The Ancients, who they are, what they want, etc. Although you can usually find out what they're after if you study the actions of the NFL Commissioner. Most commissioners anyway.

Now, back to Landry and Lombardi. Landry and Lombardi were quickly building a fierce team in the Giants. Their path to a dynasty was inevitable. However, it would all change. Rozelle would contact them in secret, informing them that he would be commissioner shortly. He then told them that they needed to quit their respective positions in the Giants organization, and to find new teams to work for. When they asked why, they were threatened by Rozelle and told that if they didn't, they would be terminated. Lombardi was quick to oblige because he greatly feared Rozelle and his intentions. Landry on the other hand was not so frightened. Mainly because he was fuckin' Tom Landry and shit don't scare him, but also because he didn't take Rozelle to be much of threat. Since Lombardi left though Landry saw no reason to stay with the Giants because the offense would be lacking. Lombardi ended up coaching the Packers, and Landry coached the Cowboys. They both saw success in their careers, winning two Super Bowls each. But what about Rozelle? Why did he threaten them to quit? What was he trying to accomplish? History would tell us that Rozelle and the Ancients were trying to eradicate dynasties from the NFL. Well, there have been a number of dynasties since then so he must not have been very successful right? Wrong. There are countless numbers of teams that could have risen to dynasty like power. Rozelle, and the commissioners that followed him, stopped them, save a few teams that slipped out of their grasp.

The few that slipped out of their grasp being the Patriots, Cowboys, 49ers, Steelers, and Packers. Vince Lombardi quickly sought protection after the incident with Rozelle. Lombardi first hired simple bodyguards, but realized that they would not be enough. So, for the next few years, Lombardi slowly started to construct a secret shadow organization known as The Paladins. The Paladins sole duty is to protect NFL coaches and players who seek their service. Their numbers have grown over the years and they are force to be reckoned with. Since their expansion they have added more branches of their organization to match the power of The Ancients. One of these branches being Reconnaissance. The Recon branch is responsible for gathering info on the Ancients and their intentions.

Okay, let's stop for a second, some of you may be wondering what all this has to do with MCM. Well, there are Recon Paladins among us on MCM. Who are they? I am only at liberty to reveal one, the greatest Recon Paladin to ever live. Jimmy Morris. His feats are of legend. His long war with The Ancients hits close to home on MCM. You see, Jimmy creates threads on MCM to get the true thoughts and feelings of the fans in the comments section. He does this so he can get pure insight into who the prime teams for dynasties are and how he can protect them from The Ancients. He has done this for years. There are other RP's on the other respective SBN sites. Not all of them are the editors FYI.

Now that you have the background. Let's get into the here and now. Recently the Titans were discovered to be the number one team capable of producing a dynasty over the next few years. Jimmy was well aware of this development and handled it very well for the first few months of it's inception. The Ancients, however, are cunning. During a super secret operation, the Spec Ops Team of The Ancients managed to collect a sample of Jimmy's DNA. So, Operation Thundering Vengeance began. What was this operation's goal? To clone Jimmy Morris and have the clone counteract Jimmy's actions. They were successful in the first part of the operation, creating Jommy Mirros without error. They made him faster, stronger, and smarter than Jimmy. But the original Jimmy's love for the Titans and Bama couldn't be replicated. Jommy quickly acted and infiltrated MCM despite Recon Paladin Pratt's excellent defense systems(yes Pratt is a paladin, i thought i should let you know so you can thank him and get off his back). He quickly created a username. This I cannot tell you because the harassment of the user would only strengthen Jommy. Anyway, Jimmy is still a step ahead of him. No damage to the Titans organization had been done. YET.

To protect the Titans, Jimmy sent in one of his best agents to monitor the Titans progress. The decision of who to send in was difficult. Gramsey couldn't be sent in because of his injury during the Super Bowl 44 Civilian Protection Job(it was a very bloody conflict between the Paladins and the Ancients). Pratt was necessary for the defense of MCM. August is back at central command embarking on another mission for The Paladins that could end this war forever. So, Jimmy sent a young buck by the name of danomite. Danomite was a savvy rook who had yet to prove himself. Danomite successfully infiltrated the ranks of the news media, and managed to get behind closed doors. Over the span of previous months, danomite gained invaluable info on The Ancient's activity within Baptist Sports Park. He spoke of this info just recently on the thread: Rise Of The Phoenix. All the info has been revealed to other MCM Paladins, but it cannot be revealed to the common rabble. I will however give you the good news danomite spoke of. The reason his fanhood was revamped was because he confirmed the rumors that the Titans were indeed the number one candidate for a dynasty. This is good news indeed. However, Jommy and The Ancients can still ruin the Titans progress easily. There is a good deal of info I haven't told you for various reasons. What I have told you, however, I told you for a reason.

So, now you know about The Paladins and The Ancients great conflict. This war will likely drag on for sometime, until the Paladins or The Ancients completely annihilate each other. The Ancients feel that the playing field should be leveled in the NFL and that no dynasties should exist. The Paladins believe that the rules of football are the levelers, and that dynasties are a natural part of sport.

So, whose side will you choose?

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