Series of Events

What happens if Locker starts

Locker starts week 1, we beat the Patriots 59-0 with McCourty and Mouton starting at Corner as the ghosts from the game that will not be named return and fuel a Titans win.

week 2 before game we see Locker arrive to the stadium in a LWSS shirt and we all witness him win some shit against the chargers. Game is called battle of the opposites, PDouche verses Sky Locker

week 3 Suh tries to stomp on Locker but is repelled by the force, Locker wins Emmy for having best supporting cast. The world goes on.

week 4 Every Texans starter is already injured by this game, Titans win easily behind the legs of Chris Johnson. Mike Martin earns the nickname Unmovable Object

week 5 Britt is back from Suspension healthy and ready to play, B46 becomes the best thing since sliced bread. the new group Ken-Dub is formed. (KENdall Wright, KENny Britt DoUBle Ken's, and KENdall, KENny and Lockers number 10. Vikings are shredded to pieces

week 6 Titans play whole game with terrible towels on, bring hotel worker to stadium to distract Big Ben, James Harrison tries to take Cjs head off off, only comes away with a fist full of dreads. Derrick Morgan gets 10th sack of the season

week 7 Bills lose when Ryan Fitzpicktrick throws his 12th interception to ATV which is his 7Th on the year. titans win in landslide, EAPN still doesn't notice us after our 7 game win streak

week 8 first time we play the Colts this season. our defensive line terrorizes Luck to the point where he becomes Gabbertinized. Never plays good again and titans look like champs for drafter Locker

week 9 Titans prove that the Bears are still Cubs and not yet ready for the Greek gods, Maybe next year Chicago

week 10 Dolphins throw in Ryan Tannehill by this point in the season because there is no hope for a winning season yet alone a playoff spot, then realize their mistake in drafting him in the first place, Dolphins look like fishes out of water

week 11 IDK how but the Titans end up with a win just off of sheer awesomeness.

week 12 MJD is still holding out which means they become the first team to ever be Zero Dimensional. Titans win but don't know who to give the credit to because everybody shined

week 13 see week 4 except Javon Ringer gets the start while we rest starters for the playoffs

week 14 Luck is still in Gabbert mode, do the Colts even have other Good players?

week 15 I Hate the Jets

week 16 Packers are forced to eat the hats of all the cheese heads in the stadium, I cant tell the difference between who is actually good on this team and who Aaron Rodgers makes better, even on defense.

week 17 Jaguars? Sparkle Kittens? Bedazzlers? I see them as the Bobcats of the NFL, nobody is quite sure what to do with them

End result: Titans go 17-0 during the regular season

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