Titans vs Bucs Recap

Aug 17, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson (28) rushes for yardage against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the first quarter at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

Last nights game was a big relief in some areas and a stomach churner in others. In what was supposed to be Jake Lockers big night, the focus was instead turned to our million dollar running back.

  • Speaking of running back, how about the burst from Chris Johnson? I'm sure everyone was excited to see two touchdowns in the stat line but in, my opinion his biggest moments were when he displayed displayed the elite moves that warranted a huge contract. He looked like Mr. 4.24 as he easily bounced in and out of cuts leaving defenders in his wake, as well as trusting his offensive line and hitting the holes with decisiveness and confidence. I'm not going to say "CJ is back!" because i stand firmly on the belief he never left. I think he is finally deciding to run with more confidence and with that, you see the speed and agility many thought was lost. Now it's up to him and his OLine to ensure performances like these extend into the regular season.
  • Jake Locker was bad. Gee, haven't heard that much since he was drafted. But i think his game is being as overblown as Hass outing last week. Jake made some poor throws. The worst of which came from across his shoulder, the typical rookie mistake, to Kendall Wright. Jake cannot make that throw, especially during a quarterback competition. But lets put this in perspective. I doubt the coaches are really batting an eye at this. Jake had a bad day, but he has shown during games that he does not consistently make poor decisions. After all, this is only his second interception during a game since he was drafted. The race is more than likely still going to Jake. He has been sharper in practice and Hass didn't exactly light the world on fire when he came in. I fully expect Jake to be named the starter this weekend and have a bounce back performance vs Arizona.
  • Darius Reynaud is no fluke folks. He not only is making mega man look more and more expendable, but he's even pushing Ringer and Lendale Harper for playing time. I like this thought because Harper was supposed to be our change of pace back, unfortunately he doesn't consistently run like a big running back. Reynaud instead could compliment CJ as someone who can come in and fill CJ's role when he needs a breather.
  • How about that defensive line!? Jerry Gray mentioned he wanted to start fast and play with more energy. well mission accomplished. Besides the first play, not once did i find myself saying "we need to get more pressure". This line will need to show up week 1 and pressure Brady if we want to have a shot at stealing one from New England.
  • Derrick Morgan didn't play like a 4th round pick

My biggest take away from this is that Marc Mariani is doing himself no favors. His spot is in jepoardy because he is not making big splashes on special teams and for the 3rd year in a row, he stinks at receiver. If Reynaud makes this team, he will, expect Marc to be cut or deactivated on Sundays.


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