Chris Johnson vs Seahawks breakdown

Hey all. There seems not to be a consensus about how CJ played given his crappy stat line of 5 carries for 8 yards so I decided to do a quick breakdown. This is my first FanPost so please be nice to me. J

1st and 10


Seahawks show 9 in the box

Harris is instantly beat off the ball forcing Quinn Johnson to pick up his man(which he does unsuccessfully) leaving the SS unblocked and the DT that beat Harris and Quinn(#90) just barely slowed down easily able to take down cjfor a 4 yard loss

2nd and 13

CHawks 9 in the box

Offset I-Formation

QJ motions to the right and the play is counter action to the left with a pulling guard (Harris) The play is designed to stay to the left but Harris is again beat this time being pushed into the backfield by Brandon Browner (#39 left side CB) QJ is heading out to seal the LB flowing play side but because of the CB pushing Harris back CJ cuts back to the right and gets a 9 yard gain

1st and 10

Chawks show 9 in the box but 1 bails at the snap

Weak I formation

Run is off LG this play looks like a bad read by CJ OR QJ hits the wrong hole. Quinn goes outside Chris goes inside. I think if he takes the run off LT following his FB he picks up 4 yards instead he takes if off LG where there is a LB waiting in the hole for him throwing him down for only a 1 yard gain. I think this play picks up more yards if he bounces outside because he would still be following QJ who can easily pick up the LB.

1st and 10

11 personnel

It looks like an iso play to me, Hutch doesn't get onto his assignment (#50 weak side LB) and CJ gets dropped after a 2yrd gain

1st and 10

CJ's last carry

Singleback 2TE 2WR

Call is a zone stretch play to the right. I have no idea what CJ saw here there was a nice hole outside to the originalplayside (right) but he cuts it back were the Hawks have nice backside contain. My only guess he sees #69 peeling around towards him but he should easily be able to beat him to that hole. Even though this is a negative run (3 yard loss) it is still positive to see CJ run hard and break a few tackles. To many times last season we saw him go down with first contact, that wasn’t the case here.

Overall CJ ran hard and with conviction. When he made a decision he stuck with it good or bad lowering his shoulder and fighting for yards. Given that this is only preseason i think if he had more carries the results would most likely have been different, also there was the 5 yard gain nullified by a holding penalty. Overall the O-line (excluding Harris who looked horrible) did a pretty nice job. I’d personally like to see CJ get more counter action run calls (i.e. the long run by ringer) because this is what suites his play style best. He is most dangerous when he can use his speed and athleticism getting to either edge; this seems to be amplified by the false step in the counter runs. I’ll try to do this for the next few preseason games and see if there is any improvement/decline if you guys want. Thanks for reading hope it sounds OK it’s pretty late and I’m not proof-reading this one. Let me know what you think.

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