My Titans Flag Football Team '12

With Jimmy and the MCMer former know as Winni drafting their own Titans Flag Football team, it got me thinking as to who of the Titans I would choose for my own team. So I did and this is what I came up with and why I chose who I did.

First need the rules for flag football and I'm just going to go off of the rule the fall league I'm in does.
- Must have 3 down offensive linemen on every down
- Must have 3 defensive linemen within 2 yds of the LOS
- Any body part besides a hand coming in contact with the ground the runner will be ruled down
- Must have 1 foot land in bounds to be ruled a catch
- Offensive linemen are able to catch a pass

Now follow through the jump for my team and reasons.

Quarterback - Jake Locker

Pretty easy choice to make at quarterback. In flag football a good QB is one that can throw the deep ball as well as the short quick routes, but a great QB is a mobile one. Locker would make defenses look silly by either picking them apart with his passes or out running them to a corner on a boot.

Wide-Receivers - Kendell Wright, Nate "Hands" Washington and Chris "CJ2K" Johnson (Kenny Britt 1st Alternate)
Now when your looking at WR you are looking for a couple of things, good hands, quickness,and good route running. I went with Kendell because he can take the short 5yd slants, outs, ins and whips and turn them into 15-20yd plays like nothing. Also he has the speed to just run by some of the guys that would play him. Another reason for Kendell, he played QB in HS, nothing like messing with the D then having Wright get in shotgun and throw a pass or two.

Nate has the hands that you know if you give him a route over the middle that he is going to come down with it, also he has some jumping ability for the redzone plays.

Now CJ isn't a WR but in flag football there really isn't a HB full time, you can have an HB set but 90% of the time you are going to play 3 wide. CJ does have that ability to be in the back field and catch a swing pass of take a direct snap when the D is a little slow.

Offensive/Defensive Line - Jared Cook, Taylor Thompson, and Kamerion Wimbley (Akeem Ayers 1st alternate)
Cook playing TE helps him with blocking but his freakish size is bound to cause problem when he releases and go into a route. So when he plays offense he will be G/TE and then on defense he would be a NT because he is a liability compare to the other 2 players I have selected.

Now I know that taking a rookie player like Thompson is a risk since he never played TE in College. But he was heavily recruited out of HS as a TE, so his skills are still going to be there. As for his blocking skills, this is flag football, for those of you that have played before there is very little blocking because you will get called for holding. Here are Thompson stats, 6'6" 287#, Cook is 6'5" 248#, if Cook is going to cause match-up problems what do you think Thompson will do? On the defensive side of the ball he will be able to use his knowledge of playing DE in college to work and keep the QB inside the pocket and preventing him from doing what Locker can do which is run.

Wimbley is being picked for his ability to get after the QB on defense. Between him and Thompson, I'm hoping they either pressure the QB or sack the QB every play. When it comes time for him to play offense, he will just be the center and needing to get the ball snapped back to Locker in shotgun, not that hard.

Defensive Backs - Jason McCourty, Alterraun Verner, Tommie Campbell and Kendell Wright (<Needs to play both ways)
These are all pretty easy to see why. Jason is going to shut down the number 1 guy no matter what. ATV can shut down a #2 just as easily. I need Campbell so in case anyone broke free I have someone on D that could chase them down. Wright is the one players besides the line that has to play both ways because I dont want Locker to get hurt, Nate is older, and I really don't trust CJ on D. At least Wright knows what a WR would be looking for in finding holes in the D, also Wright would most likely be a QB spy, with the other 3 DB locked man-to-man.

Well tell me what you think about my team. Would you change anyone? If so, then who and why? Also give it a shot yourself. Rules are you have to use 2012 Titans roster and can have only 10 players, and 2-3 players that would be alternates if someone got hurt. If your a fan of another team and are visiting MCM, give us your flag football team using that team's 2012 roster.

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