The Chris Johnson Conspiracy Theory: The Real Reason Why CJ2K Never Ever Ever wants to have Another 2,000 Yard Season

Chris Johnson's goal is to break the all time NFL rushing record and that is the single reason why we saw a drop off in his performance during the 2011 season. What??? Yes, I said it and I realize that so far this conspiracy theory sounds counter intuitive so please let me explain.

Your eyes did not deceive you. You saw what you saw; did you see Chris Johnson, the Tennessee Titans star running back deliberately having an off or bad season to protect his body and extend his career? Or maybe you saw Chris Johnson, needing to hit the so called "home-run touchdown”, patiently waiting for the perfect pitch from the defense, reluctant to swing for the fences.

Please don't get me wrong, I am a huge Chris Johnson fan and I hope he gets to the revered 18,356 career rushing yards milestone. Actually, there is a great chance that he will eventually be the NFL all-time rushing leader. Chris must know that the rushing record is in reach if he can maintain an average 1,100 yards per season. It is obvious to me that Chris knows that if he has another extraordinary 2,000 yards season, the wear and tear on his body from that type of beating will dramatically reduce his chances of breaking the all time rushing record.

Over the past couple of months there has been reports that Chris has changed his workouts and physique to prolong his career. Chris may have lost his 4.24 speed as evidenced by his inability to break away for a critical touchdown in the the Colts game last season. In the past for Chris to be successful he needed the 70, 80, 90 yard gashes with defenders chasing him down the field so apparently Chris will likely discard his speed and elusiveness game and shift to a more power and durability style. Chris has studied the model used by the reigning NFL rushing title holder and hall of fame running back Emmit Smith. Smith never rushed for 2,000 yard in a single season.

So why did Chris Johnson falsely claim that he wants to be the first player in NFL history to have two 2,000 yard seasons?

Chris said it for love. Not the type of love that Brad has for Angelina, but for the kind of love that Titans fans have for Frank Wychex, Blaine Bishop, Eddie George and Steve McNair. Everybody hates Chris. That is what he believes. That is why Chris wants to transcend football. He wants to be an international star so the only way he can reach that type of stardom is to break one of the most prestigious records in all of sports.

Have you ever had a lover whisper sweet nothings in your ear only to keep your interest? Titans fans are sent sweet tweets of pillow talk from Chris regularly telling us what he is going to do when he sees us. He tells his fans that he is going to do this or that and its usually something special. Remember when Chris tweeted us about his quest for a 2,500 yard rushing season? Did he really believe the words that were coming out of his mouth or was he just telling us something he thought we wanted to hear? Chris tells us these things because he needs love. Can you imagine Walter Peyton or Barry Sanders desperately tweeting for love from Chicago Bears or Detroit Lions fans?

Chris believes that he will never see another big money contract or make a living selling soap or as a sports broadcaster. Chris believes that he will never really be loved by Titans fans or the Titans franchise no matter what he accomplishes. Chris believes that he will never be in the Tennessee Titans ring of honor. And that is why Titans fans subconsciously believe Chris won't come back to live in Tennessee after his football days are done and that he will sign a one day retiring career contract with another team.

There is a solution. We must shower Chris with love everyday and in every way. He must be convinced that he is loved by the team and the community. The team will show its love for Chris by giving him a captaincy this year. It will be the first time in his four year pro career that Chris has received that type of love from his teammates. As fans we must do our part. There are a number of ways we can express our love for Chris. A few things to consider: We could volunteer to pay his yearly charitable donations or buy him a beer when we see him at a bar and last but not least, give him a big-wet-sloppy-kiss while he is mowing his lawn..

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