Bathing in the Hatorade

Bored as shit again!!!!! gonna be this way until I get Madden 13. AH WELL!!!! ONTO THE SEVERE HATRED!!!! This week, it's franchise/fanbases... OHHHH AND THERE ARE A FEW I DON'T LIKE!!!

1. Indianapolis Colts:I wanna demolish EVERY SINGLE COLTS FAN EVAR!!! Do you know how long I been telling these bandwagoning d-bags that they wouldn't be shit without Pey Pey... All I got was "dude, stop being mad cuz your team sucks" NO MATTER WHAT YEAR THEY SAY THAT!!! LIKE WTF!!! Now that 18 is gone I don't see these fuckers anymore, like they all vanished... out of the 400 Colts fans I knew of when Peyton was destroying everything, I know of maybe 5 now. I respect them, they still claim a turd of a team...

2. Pittsburgh Steelers: Okay, maybe they have a lot of room to talk, but THIS IS ABOUT ONE OF THE LUCKIEST FRANCHISES EVER!!!!!! Like how many times did Pittsburgh get to the Super Bowl when some crazy shit happened that wasn't supposed to. Obviously this year that luck just straight ran out. This season they had the number 1 defense, and a pretty decent record AND STILL couldn't get the division title.... top it off, they get burnt on their last play of the year by none other than Tim Tebow, the fullback who was playing under center... EPIC FAIL!!!! So here's the thing Pittsburgh, your QB is a accused rapist, your defense is getting older and older, and that window for championships... closed!!!!!! STFU

3. New England Patriots: These fools weren't so bad at first, they were incredibly humble before the Tom Brady era, SHIT TOM BRADY WAS INCREDIBLY HUMBLE BEFORE THE TOM BRADY ERA!!!! They seem full of themselves (fans and team alike) some of them are smart fans and love football. In fact a grand majority of TRUE New England Patriot fans are... but wanna know something... MOST OF THEM AREN'T!!!! In fact, let the Patriots trade away Tommy boy, and have an "ok" season. How many of these obnoxious buttmunches will I have to hear talk about how their going to win everything... I'm gonna let you fuckheads know about your team too.... Your coach is a cheat, plain and simple, you can sugar coat that crap all you want, but the guy won 3 superbowls conveniently on years you were alleged to have filmed the other team's practice. You guys get caught cheating, and good for you guys your coach through all the controversy puts together a perfect team with a perfect record; THAT GETS BEAT BY A WILD CARD TEAM IN THE SUPER BOWL!!!! AHM NOT DONE!!!! Tom Brady was cool, then he marries a supermodel, and I'm not jealous, I was happy for the lil fucker until I noticed how much of a douche he was afterwards... That stupid hair cut he sported during the lockout, his demeanor on the field, the wearing crocs. Maybe its not her, but the success has gotten to his head. PLUS, the dynasty... IT'S DEAD!!!!!!! You can't claim to be a dynasty and not won anything since 06. most of those players are gone and retired.

4. New York Jets: These fools are jokes, I love the franchise, the first AFL team to win the Super Bowl. A lot of history there... That being said, they've sucked for WAY TOO LONG for them to be so self entitled... Half of these fools I see sporting NYJ stuff weren't even Jets fans like that, I only see them when A. The Giants suck B. The Jets pulled off another fluke in NE. Rex Ryan got them too fired up, and they're not backing shit up.

5. Houston Texans: I hate to admit this, but I used to pull for this team. Yeah they were in our division, but I got tired of the Colts dominating and I always thought that Jacksonville was a bit over-rated in their years in existence. Houston meanwhile had been an absolute turd... up until last season. Everything fell into place as the lockout ended. Tennesse had canned their coaches and former first round QB, then Indy loses their juggernaut in a football uniform before the season started to surgery, then Jacksonville just flat out abandoned ship on David Garrard, basically gave the finger to Coach Del Rio and then Houston is sitting atop a pile of turds... actually they thought they were. Tennessee still came up and gave them a run around the end, and had it not been for a couple of flat games could have taken the crown for them. Houston fans.... just to let you know IT'S NOT GONNA BE THAT EASY AGAIN!!!!!! No, first off, your schedule, harder than last years... you're going to have to play at a high level all season, that means you're going to have to stay healthy, your defense is going to have to play better than it did last season, AND you actually aren't a blip on the radar no more. I'm tired of going to blogs and seeing a bunch of asshats saying "Texans superbowl champs 2013" are you kidding me!!! I hope your team isn't as confident as you guys. Any given Sunday, you can get demolished by every team in this division, and that's including the disaster in Indianapolis.

6. Tim Tebow: SHUT UP, JUST SHUT UP, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT SOME FUCKING BACKUP QB WANNABE WHO SHOULD BE PLAYING FULLBACK!!!! Goddamn man, Tebow is a good player, all around good dude, but God help him enough is enough. Sad part is, I don't blame him for the attention he gets. I don't think he tries too hard for it (although I do loathe him a bit because he is trying to get it, but he could be worse ie. Chad Ocho Cinco). I understand, he's a good kid, and he's athletic, but he's probably not gonna have a job in this league in 4-5 years. Plus that whole "God Bless" thing he does, too much. Jake Locker actually CAN play QB, Jake Locker actually is going to start pretty soon. Jake Locker is also a serious Christian, but one thing I love about him, HE'S NOT USING HIS FAITH AS A COMMODITY!!!!!

Soooo ummm yeah, I don't like those people at all. Possibly because each and every one of those things... everyday, when I try to get my daily dose of NFL, just thrown in my face like I care... This leads to my last entry of the franchise I hate the most in the NFL.

Sports media:These fools have not reported ANYTHING RIGHT FOR YEARS!!!! They pay fools to be wrong on almost every account everyday. Then sensationalize teams and players and a lot of them did nothing to deserve all the damn attention. I wouldn't have to hear about Tom Brady's new haircut, or Tim Tebow's friggin virginity IF THESE BUTTMUNCHES DIDN'T MAKE IT THEIR BUSINESS TO REPORT IT EVERYDAY!!!! Then I ask for one glimpse of the team I like... what do I get. SHAT ON BY BILL FUCKING BELICHIK!!!!!

Be sure to post a franchise/team/player/whoever makes you want to projectile vomit on the sports center announcers.... thanks for reading this long ass rant XD

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