Titans Practice Report June 7th, 2012

Apr 27, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak talks with the media about how the team will go completely undefeated this year and if anyone stands in their way of victory he will drop his hammer of justice on their face.

Good news MCM, I found something to write about!
I'll be trying to follow the press conferences coming out of the practices as much as possible to give you the most up-to-date news I can give from 500,000+ miles away!

*Notes from HC Mike "Thor" Munchak June 07th 2012 Press Conference:

- Thor sounds like he's definitely stepped into the roll of being a HC. Last season, he may have appeared a little overwhelmed (very justified at the time) with everything that went on, or didn't go on. He sounds very assertive and excited that his plans are coming to full form.

- Thor says Kenny Britt is running great for his first time out there in quite a while, he expects him to "be back where he was" by sometime next week. I do not know how much of that is true, but if he is healing up this fast I am fairly certain he has strains of Wolverines DNA working for him right now... Says Britt should be working on 7v7 to rebuild his confidence sometime soon.

- On how Zach Brown looks so far; sounds excited with the versatility that Brown offers. Says he looks very fast. He is extremely happy with what he sees from him so far. Wants to use him as a pass rusher sometime in the future.

- On our return game; Thor says he's happy with what Mariani brings to the return game, but he wants to see what we have in the other players as well. As far as Wright returning kicks, it is going to come down to the amount of reps he's getting in games (I imagine they are going to want him as fresh as possible). Thor says "we'll put the best guy back there who is going to change the field, change the game... but it's yet to be seen"

- Spoon was excused from practice today for personal reasons

*From OC Chris "The Mad Bomber" Palmer;

- About DWills challenges now that we've drafted Wright; "You can never have enough good WRs" - Correct answer. "His role might change. Might do some kick offs, returns. As far as rotating 5-6 receivers in there, we plan on doing that" - Great news.

- CP has everything awesome to say about KWright so far. Says he's picking it up quickly and he's going to have the flexibility to play him in a few spots. It doesn't sound like they are concerned about him picking up the game in the least.

- Got a short glimpse of KB doing some running.

- On Ringers role; sounds like they are going to use him more in the passing game - great news because that is a strength of his and a "weakness" of CJ.

- Even CP throwin' some jokes Rusty's way; "There's sometimes when he knows the offense and there are sometimes when he doesn't know the offense. Like when he throws an interception, he doesn't know the offense"

*From DC Jerry "Apollo Creed" Gray;

- He is one of those dudes that seems like when he talks, you listen. All business, he is going to make this defense a very very good defense.

- Sounds extremely confident in McCourt and Verner. Addressed Campbell as the 3rd corner as of.... !

- Really stressing people to "get it done", he wants people to make plays when they need them.

- Thinks Morgan will get a chance to blossom this year because the pressure is no longer all on him to rush the passer.

As always;

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