MtD All Time Draft recap

Hello there! I was the GM of Team 3456 and had the middle pick in each round. My strategy was to be in the middle so I could have a better shot at some great players rather than being first or last. The idea was to build the trenches first if possible then BPA on the skill positions. I think it worked out very well as I can boast one of the better lines in the draft. It was a very fun project to partake in. And yes I know that some of you aren't exactly friends with the MtD site lol but I'm putting this up anyway for fun. The team after the jump! JUMP

QUARTERBACK - Warren Moon Houston Oilers/Seahawks/Vikings (Round 17. 165th overall), Steve McNair Titans (29.282)

- A steal at QB here in the 17th round. I couldn't believe my luck that Moon was still available. He's one of the best of all time. The only player in the history of the game to have been inducted into both the CFL and NFL Hall of Fame. He has 70,553 yards and 435 TDs in both leagues. The fun part is that he didn't even play in the NFL until he was 28. A perfect fit for my spread option attack. My backup QB is Steve McNair, the heir apparent to Moon. He was pretty good back in his day, mustering up over 31,000 yards, 174 TDs while completing 60% of his passes. 12 Pro Bowls and 4 All Pros.

RUNNING BACK - Marcus Allen Raiders/Chiefs (15.145) and Chris Johnson Titans (23.225)

- There's not much that hasn't been said about the greatness of Marcus Allen. I chose him because of his elite pass catching ability out of the backfield and oh, not to mention his running ability. I admit that it may have been too early for CJ2K but his world class speed and production early on his career (almost 8,000 total yards in 4 years of play). If he keeps up this kind of production for the rest of his career, he's on pace to become one of the all time greats. Another weapon for Moon to utilize out of the backfield. 9 Pro Bowls and 4 All Pro teams here. 24,725 total yards and 186 TDs mark this great position group. 1 Super Bowl Title.

WIDE RECEIVER - Marvin Harrison (13.125) Colts, James Lofton (14.136) Packers/Bills, Hines Ward (26.255) Steelers

- Certainly a prolific WR trio here as all 3 put up 2,866 catches for 40,667 yards and 288 TDs. Harrison was the steady and reliable WR for Peyton to throw to all those years. Lofton was the prototypical big body WRs we see today (he stood 6'2 190). Hines was a slot guy that wasn't afraid to block and punch defenders in the mouth if necessary. 20 Pro Bowls, 27 All Pro team selections and 3 Super Bowl titles came from this group as well. Moon and McNair should have tons of fun throwing to these guys also.

TIGHT END - Jason Witten (18.176) Dallas Cowboys

- I waited for my TE until Round 18 and managed to get myself a good one that's still producing at a high level. If Witten's health holds up, he may be considered one of the best all time when things are said and done. He has 696 receptions for 7,909 yards and 41 TDs while being selected to 7 Pro Bowls and 5 All Pro teams.

OL - LT Walter Jones (1.5) Seahawks LG Mike Munchak (2.16) Oilers C Mike Webster Steelers (6.56) RG Randall McDaniel (7.65) RT Rayfield Wright (22.216) OL Brian Waters (27.264)

- 4 Hall of Famers and a 100% lock for the 5th in Jones. My strategy of building the OL first paid off very handsomely. The shocking pick here was Wright who lasted until the 22nd round when I had him projected to go around 16 or so. He kept on falling for some reason. This may be my most decorated group yet. 51 Pro Bowls and 43 All Pro teams to go along with 5 Super Bowl rings. My OL probably has the most experience as they have 957 total games combined.

DL - DE Julius Peppers (11.105) Panthers/Bears DE Jason Taylor (12.116) DT John Randle (3.25) DT Bryant Young (20.196) 49ers DE/OLB Terrell Suggs Ravens

- Pass rush is the name of the game here on my DL. There are 549 sacks on this line. These 5 players have 29 Pro Bowls and 22 All Pro teams made. The one pick that surprised me was Bryant Young being there in the 20th round. He has been underrated thanks to playing on some bad teams later on in his career. Manraj is happy about this pick lol. Another benefit to this group is that I can call whatever defense I want and not lose a step thanks all 4 having versatility inside and outside. In Peppers and Taylor's case, I can slide them up to OLB or keep them at DE as well. Suggs is another versatile player that I got in the backup rounds. OLs will have a hard time trying to block these guys.

LB - OLB Kevin Greene (8.76) MLB Junior Seau (4.36) OLB/MLB Brian Urlacher (19.185)

- I probably have the 3 of the greatest modern day Linebackers in the game. The DLine's versatility allows me to mix and match the 'backers at will depending on scheme. Kevin Greene leads the way with a whopping 160 sacks with Seau and Urlacher combine for 3,139 tackles. I'm running a base 4-3 look with Urlacher floating between MLB and OLB depending on the matchup. 25 Pro Bowls and 18 All Pro teams here.

DB - CB/S Mel Renfro (5.45) CB/S Charles Woodson (9.85) CB/S Aeneas Williams (10.6) S Darren Sharper (16.156) Everson Walls CB/S (30.291)

- Just like in the front 7, my strategy was to get guys who were position versatile here. I could throw any combination of these guys out there and still have a fearsome secondary coupled with the already insane DL. No offense in the world will have an easy time with my defense as a whole. The crazy part is that all 5 guys have at least 50 INTs, 281 in total with 35 of them being the pick 6 variety. There are 30 Pro Bowls and 26 All Pro selections in my ballhawk secondary.

K/P/Coach - K Jason Elam P Chris Gardocki Coach Bill Belichick

- 3 of the best at these positions.4 Pro Bowls and 4 All Pros at K and P.

Overall count:

9 Hall of Fame

5 Grey Cups

17 Super Bowl titles

187 Pro Bowl selections

149 All Pro selections

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