5 Free Agents The Titans Should Look Into

The Tennessee Titans added some nice additions to their team in free agency adding players Kamerion Wimbley and Steve Hutchinson. However, I feel the Titans can still pick up some talent left in free agency. Unlike many others, I liked the Titans' choices in the 2012 NFL Draft, but they can still fill more holes within the team. The cream of the crop of the free agent class is gone, but there is still good talent left on the market that I would like to see the Titans pursue.

1. Andre Carter, DE, New England Patriots

Andre Carter, like many players on this list, sees uncertainty due to injury concerns and age (33), but Carter was the Patriots' best pass-rusher, totaling 10 sacks and 52 tackles. He would fill a need for the Titans that wasn't addressed during this year's draft and bring experience to the defensive line.

2. Matt Roth, DE, Jacksonville Jaguars

After suffering a severe concussion at the end of the year, Matt Roth has received weariness from free agent suitors. However, according to a report from, Roth has fully recovered from his concussion. Roth had a pretty good year last year with the Jaguars, earning 3.5 sacks and 24 total tackles. I'm not saying that he's a starter, but he can be a good rotational player at defensive end behind Kamerion Wimbley and Derrick Morgan.

3. Andre' Goodman, CB, Denver Broncos

Goodman visited the Titans a couple weeks ago, and it appears the Titans don't have any intent on signing him. I think they should take a hard look at him. He played all sixteen games for the Broncos last year and played well. He may not be a starter-caliber corner, but he can still provide leadership and experience to a secondary whose most experienced player is Jason McCourty.

4. Jason Brown, C, St. Louis Rams

The Titans haven't picked up a veteran center in free agency and chose not to draft a center in free agency. They seem to have faith in Amano, Matthews, Vlachos, and Velasco to fight for the job. I don't think that's enough. Jason Brown has done a good job run blocking for the Rams when healthy and is someone the Titans should take a hard look at.

5. Jim Leonhard, SS, New York Jets

Leonhard suffered a torn tendon late last year and may not play at the beginning of the season. Nevertheless, Leonhard is certain he will play in the NFL this year. The Titans need a backup safety and Leonhard would fill that need. The Titans have had free agents Chris Crocker and Yeremiah Bell in for visits, so they are looking for help. Bringing in Leonhard for a visit and physical wouldn't hurt, and it would help get a feel for where his health is. He could be a very good back up at strong safety.

If you think I left anyone out, please comment and tell me why.

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