The 2013 NFL Draft: Khaled Holmes, C, USC

Apr 5, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; General view of the line of scrimmage as Southern California Trojans center Khaled Holmes (78) snaps the ball during a spring practice at Howard Jones Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

First, I would like to point out that I am not projecting any picks for the 2013 draft. I am simply pointing out some players that could be taken by the Titans and showing who we should be watching in the 2012 NCAA season.

Let's delve into the pick of Mr. Khaled Holmes.


Many times the 1st pick is a result of the 2012 season. This pick, however, seems to be one that could be a no-brainer... if the 2013 draft is as bare as Opposing Views says in their 2013 mock draft. They have us taking Mr. Holmes at #15, which is a low number, of course. The mocker says that the pick would be a reach, but he also says that this upcoming draft is pretty low on high quality interior lineman. He claims that we need the presence after passing DeCastro and Konz.

Although I would have loved taking either of those two studs, I'm happy with our picks. Nevertheless, interior line seems like it will be a glaring hole in the next year's draft, considering that Hutch is only a fill-in starter for the next few years, and we will probably want to replace this year's center and/or Leroy Harris.

Furthermore, he will be a redshirted senior this year... perfect for Munchak and Webster. They love the experienced guys with a lot of production.


According to NFL Draft Scout's profile of Holmes, he is the #1 center of 69. The most astounding thing about this is that he switched to center in 2011 due to glaring holes at the position. He wound up making the second team for the All-PAC-12. That's pretty impressive for someone new to a position.

There are obviously not many stats for offensive linemen, but one important aspect is size. He stands at 6'3", weighing 310 pounds as a junior, according the NFL Draft Scout.

Now, let's look at highlights for #78:

I could find no videos of his highlights, but I did find video for his running back, Marc Tyler. The plays are fast paced and hard to follow the center, but he doesn't seem like a liability, which automatically makes him an upgrade from last year's offensive line. He seems to always be down the field, ready to make a block.

Now, I want to point out an interview by him. Interviews are huge for a college player when trying to figure out if he's mature enough to be drafted. This interview takes place after a practice before the 2011 season. He is new to the center position.

I really like that he is so supportive of his teammates without sounding blindingly supportive. What I mean is that he supports them, but he doesn't go and say, "Yeah, we're the best line in the whole league." He's mentoring the younger guys and helping them. He admits to not focusing enough on himself, which takes a lot to admit a flaw. He's taking ownership for his mistakes, but also trying to improve. He seems to have the leadership and responsibility that the Titans are looking for.


I love his attitude. But since I couldn't find highlights for him, I'm not sure how he does individually. But if he is rated this well, has this attitude, has NEVER been arrested, and has the ability to play guard and center, I want this man in our front five. I will definitely be keeping an eye on him if I find a USC game on TV.

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