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So the other day I went to an Atlanta Braves game (I'm not really into baseball, but if someone offers me a chance to go then I might as well). It was a packed house mostly because they were playing the Yankees and at least half the stadium was yelling "LET'S GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111" during the game. I enjoyed going and we had good seats. They gave away free foam tomahawk thingies and everytime they played the war chant song (noles would know what I mean, since they do it at FSU) people would flail those tomahawks. Looking around the stadium and seeing the tomahawks flailed in unison was pretty neat. Things like that make me enjoy sporting events, you feel like part of the team.

I'm indifferent when it comes to baseball so it really didn't bug me when Atlanta choked a 4 run lead in the 8th inning and lost the game (it bugged me more that the guy who caught the Alex Rodriguez Grand Slam was really close to where I was sitting and I was jealous). In fact, if you didn't know better, it sounded like we were in Yankee Stadium and it just happened. That's beside the point because Yankees fans are like Steelers fans - arrogant, unkind, loud, and annoying, but they will absolutely follow their team anywhere and everywhere. Gotta respect that.

Basically I start this fanpost off with that story because I'm curious to hear your stories ...


Where have you been to see a major college/professional sporting event? How was your experience? Would you go again?

The ones I can rattle off the top of my head:

  • First ever major sporting event I ever attended was Titans vs Jaguars in 2008. It was our home opener. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. It was so fun. I'll never forget that day. Great start to a fantastic season.
  • Other Titans games: 09 vs the Texans. That game was amazing. It was the game CJ had a career day and where he caught that pass and scored where no one covered him. It just sucked losing that game because the feeling after seeing us lose and go 0-2 just gave me that feeling of "dang, we are in deep [expletive] now". It was a super cool game, don't get me wrong, lot's of points and excitement, but experiencing my first loss in person was pretty lame.
  • 09 vs the Rams. It had little impact because we were essentially out of the playoff chase, but it was cool seeing CJ continue his march to 2000 yards. It was over quickly, I think the final score was 47-6 or some crazy blowout like that. VY hurt himself that game too, go figure.
  • 2010 vs Steelers. I hated life itself that day, I really did. I questioned humanity. Well not really, I was just ticked off seeing so many ugly yellow towels and black and gold jerseys in the stands. I hate the Steelers so much. I thought we were going to win the game, but when they returned the opening kick for a TD and Mariani subsequently fumbled the next return, I knew we were screwed. Awful game, awful day. May that memory burn out of my brain soon.
  • 2010 vs the Texans. Again, another game with absolutely no bearing on the playoffs. Both teams sucked, but the Titans won, and it was my first time sitting in endzone seats, so that was pretty cool. Other than that, nothing exciting.
  • 2011 vs the Broncos. This was a good day. Watching the Titans go down the field and score the eventual game winning TD, and picking off Kyle "Neck-beard" Orton and winning gave me the warm fuzzies. I enjoyed this day.
  • 2011 vs the Bengals. In a word, BLEH. Winning by a rather large margin at halftime was false hope, we sucked in the 2nd half and I had many sads. Not to mention the large number of Bengals fans in the stands. Who knew they had a fanbase? I never understand why the Titans allow so many opposing team fans inside the confines of LP Field. That's something that really bothers me. I hate them all I would rather see all seats filled with two-tone blue colors.
  • Other sporting events: UT-Vandy in 09 was my first Vols football game. Fun stuff. Went to the UT v UT Martin opener in 2010, blowout. Also went to the UT-Kentucky game that year, Vols won. Been to one Vols basketball game, this past year vs Kentucky. It was a crazy cool atmosphere, even with all the kitty cat fans. I had fun there. I want to go see more.
  • I went to the 2010 Music City Bowl, UT vs UNC. My hate for referees skyrocketed after this game. Never in my life have I seen a worse officiated game. They absolutely screwed Tennessee out of the win. I don't condone fans throwing crap onto the field, but I sure as heck felt like doing it too. It was a fantastic football game, just terrible it was decided by referee calls instead of good old fashioned football.
  • I've been to 2 Braves games. One last year vs Rockies (W), one this year vs Yankees (L). I enjoy going to them, but I have 0 interest in watching baseball on TV.
  • I've been to 3 Predators games. I love love love love love going to them. Love the atmosphere and the fans are roudy and loud. Not to mention the Preds are semi-relevant most every year.
  • I'll be honest, even though I am a Vols fan, I had the opportunity to go to Rupp Arena and watch Kentucky play vs Ole Miss this year. It's insane because Rupp is inside a mall. You heard me right, it's inside a freaking mall. I was like, what?? It was bizzare. It's literally inside a shopping mall. We went up escalators to get to where we could go "inside" the arena. You'd think as big as Kentucky basketball is, they could have an actual arena and not a giant wood floor with seats inside a shopping mall.
  • Events I have never been to: NBA game, Soccer game, Golf events, NASCAR races. I'd like to see an NBA game someday, but it's not something I want to drop everything to go do. Soccer is cool, I'd like to see a USA game sometime if they come back to LP Field. Golf events would not matter unless Tiger is there and actually good. NASCAR doesn't interest me in the slightest.

Let's hear yours!

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