Kenny Britt ranked/projected as 6th Best WR for 2012

It may be the off season but that does not mean there isn't a plethora of Titans related news and analysis out there floating on the internet, you just have to dig a little!

I have come across some great analysis on Kenny Britt.

The article is from Profootballfocus and it ranks him as the 6th best WR for dynasty fantasy football leagues based off past production and in depth analysis.

The ranking comes with a very thorough article discussing some very insightful stats that prove that Britt is a top play making WR in the NFL.

See more after the jump.

Kenny Britt:

I discovered this article on Kenny Britt over at I was researching for some stats on Britt because Mocking the Draft had a post by MadDraculianStork5883. His post was analyzing the Titans 2012 draft and in it he made the following comment, "Kenny Britt is not quite living up to the billing of his 1st round pick." I wanted to gather some info for ammo in rebuttal to this crazy claim. (You can see that post by clicking here.)

This was my response:

"He is definitely worth the first round pick….. 2011 would have been his break out year. He was proving through three games he was a force to be reckoned with, just ask the Ravens.

If you extrapolate Britt’s three games in 2011 over a full season (16 games), you are left with 91 receptions, 1541 receiving yards and 16 touchdowns."

Bryan Fontaine over at actually ranks Britt as the 6th best WR for the 2012 season.

Here are a few tidbits from Fontaine with the whole article linked afterwards.

One particular player I have ranked highly is Kenny Britt. I have Britt ranked sixth overall among all wide receivers, despite only playing three games in 2011. It is understandable if you think Britt is ranked too high in my rankings. I would counter that there are so few wide receivers with the size, athletic ability, and elite-level statistical metrics (albeit in a smaller sample size) that rival Britt.

It is easy to forget with all his knucklehead antics, but Britt entered the NFL at a young age (20) in 2009. In fact, Britt is two months younger than 2011 first round pick A.J. Green and just two months older than 2010 first round pick Dez Bryant. Britt has shown plenty of promise in his first three years when given the chance.

[On why he likes Britt]

While Britt’s nine touchdowns in 2010 jump out at you, it is his touchdown per reception rate the last two seasons that stand out to me. [21.4% in 2010, 17.6% in 2011] That is elite level production.

Britt has ranked inside the top 20 in each of his three seasons in yards per reception. However, yards per reception is a misleading statistic. A few big plays can distort the season average for any player. What it does not show is the consistency of the top playmakers. A better gauge is to take average depth of target joined with yards after catch (or simply ADOTYAC). ADOTYAC is calculated by adding total YAC and total depth of target yardage divided by targets.

[The following is paraphrased by me]

Britt ranks fourth in the league as a top play making WR. His average catch starts at 15.8 yards from line of scrimmage and when you add in yards after catch Britt averages 18.5 yards a catch. That's play making at an elite level, just below Vincent Jackson & Michael Floyd both tied at 19.5 and Mike Wallace at 18.8 ADOTYAC.

This is an area where Britt is elite and gives credibility to his lofty yards per reception average.


If you want to see the entire article and all his charts of stats and rankings...

Be sure to click on this link.

It's nice to know that Britt's stats match up with what we already know about him. He is an elite play maker in the NFL. We just have to hope he stays healthy! Add Wright on the other side and this fall should be fun to watch.

(And I did not realize Britt was so young!)

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