Tales from the Titans' Facebook

Upon one of my rare journeys away from MCM I discovered a den of madness and despair. That location? The Official Tennessee Titans facebook page.

Some of the commenters and well-informed, reasoned and worthwhile Titans fans. Others have been to the University of Duslin and 'no more bout football than any one of u'.

To begin with, a nostalgic fan who wishes for better days when all we could hope for was finishing 8-8 and watching Peyton Manning get to the playoffs and then choking:

Fisher drafted some really good players that stuck around for many years. There were some busts, but that's the case on every team. His teams were at least solid and disciplined and didn't get 3 or 4 "Unsportsman" 15 yard penalties per game. Whatever the case is, I sure hope this team will get their act together and play a whole season for a change!

Three words for that guy: Chuck. Cecil's. Defense.

Still talking about the 2012 Draft we have this gentleman:

This was the worst draft we have had in the last 10 years. I dont even see a pro bowl player in this draft at all.

After a reply from a fan that addressed why this wasn’t the case:

Ill never respond to somethin that long ill just say "your wrong" lol

Reasoned debate is not the strong point here. In a similar vein let's move toward discussion of Titans first round pick Kendall Wright. It's important to note that many of these draft geniuses wanted us to draft an inside linebacker from Alabama.

Who???? Not saying that a receiver wasn't needed, but there were two GREAT defensive players available when we drafted in the first round, and they obviously knew they needed help on defense because the next two players taken were defensive players. Different coach, same ole philosophy...I miss Fisher!

Uh... huh. Almost reasonable until the last sentence.

It's never too ealry to trade Kendell Wright

Oh dear. Now moving to the Titans strategy - which clearly is to act as a farm for NFL players before letting them move on to pastures new:

Tennessee will never win a superbowl until bud addams croaks. His only goal is to get players hyped up and make them captains to push resale value. Think of all key players we have lost over the past five years, mostly drafted by tennessee, hyped up, and sold. Keep your bread and butter players and clean up wit player like Johnson who just wanted the paper and lost his will to strive to earn it

It's terrible that we let Fat Albert go to continue his push for the Hall Of Fame with impressive showings in Washington, New England and Tampa Bay - oh wait... on a serious note, how many players have left the Titans to go on to have a more successful career somewhere else after succeeding as a Titan?


look at LSU QB Jordan Jefferson

I wonder if any of our resident Alabama/LSU fans can enlighten us as to why this is a boneheaded move. I'll start: because he's terrible.

Goodwill shopping again!!!Maybe someone will turn out...Good luck....The money they save on Finnegan thrown away.....

This gentleman appears to have forgotten that ALL NFL teams bring in undrafted free agents. Good thing to know we'll be paying them the $10m it would have cost to have kept Finny!

Now we're entering the twilight zone: shit gets crazy in here.

Now find a coach please before we lose more great players

We need another QB for the 2013 draft. Also good players are all over the country! I say that you out Jake Locker in all of the practices as well.

Now trade for Jake long nfl reports Jake long done as dolphin

I must have missed the part where outing our QB of the future was a good thing? Especially given he just married a woman. And what is this about Jake Long? It became a meme very quickly on there but it's the only place I've heard it. And criticism of Thorchak is just madness. MADNESS!

Thought I was done? Nope. Next up a young man who has decided to completely rewrite the history of one of MCM's favourite ever draft picks:

no one liked the Chris Henry pick, but it's hard to shine behind CJ and White.

That one speaks for itself.

And perennial favourite (seriously I've seen it plenty of times on there):

Go Bama!

Seriously?! On the Titans page? After a draft in which we took ZERO Bama players?

Let it be known: posting on that page actively lowers your intelligence and may lead to supporting 'Bama. For your own sake, stay away and allow me to sift through it for ridiculous posts from ridiculous people.

And remember, don't have nightmares.

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