Here is an explination and some insight of the base of our new offense: The Run & Shoot

The basic idea behind the Run & shoot is it is a flexible offense that adjusts "on the fly" The offense is basically a 4WR set with a single back or sometimes a 3WR/1TE with a single back. The Alignment should basically look like this:



CJ QB (3WR/1TE version)

It is based on speed and quick adjustments and spreading out the defense by putting recievers in motion and getting our "Space Players" (thanks W.T.F.) the ball in space. Here is my favorite quote about this offense:

"When the leaugeswitches totally to the Run & Shoot I'm gone. Retiring. I can't tell you what a nightmare it is"- Howie Long (1991)

That quote right there should tell you all you need to know about this offense and it's potential. I mean a HOF linebacker is having nightmares over the thing...I'm on board...tatally. This offense is designed to create huge mismatches and put our better recivers against lesser DB's and less mobile LB's.

The frequent pass plays will allow (in theory) to become his former self and run all over the field with defenders in chase instead of in his face at or behind the line of schrimmage. 8 and 9 men in the box will no longer exist for us. add that to the revamped OL with "starsky & HUTCH" and ANY replacement for Amano we will no excuse but to have a better running game. Although since the debut of "Cj2k" he has never had a season under 1000yds. He's kinda' awesome, just putting that out there.

now for this offense to work you must have the right personnel. A very good pass protection OL (check), fast/aglile/smart WR's (check), and a very smart and mobile QB (insert any positive Jake Locker reference here: check). With all those pieces in place our favorite "twitching RB" will be much more likely to suceed and excel in this offense. Which will be one of the many advantages of running this particular scheme. Some of the others besides the running game and spreading the defense are creating mismatches WR's in motion like I mentioned above and forcing the opponents to use thier "nicke"l and "dime" packages rather than thier base setup which is good because most teams do not have 3 let alone 4 or 5 good DB's. It also allows our "space players" to have the forementioned space to operate in.

I guess switching our offensive scheme to "The Run & Shoot" is moving this tam into the exciting new future we all hope is on the horizion, but when you think about it, it's kind of like going back in time as well. We used to run this offense back in the Oiler's "hay day" , so to speak, the great teams of the 80's and early 90's put up outstanding production with this scheme. For example:

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