Shots of Titans News, Zach Brown, Colin McCarthy, Kenny Britt & Draft

I am playing my Monopoly Share the Wealth card right now and displaying my copy and paste superpowers.

The first bit of Titans news I came across comes to us from the Sports Exchange. The article applauds our 2011 draft class and looks at our 2012 class. This is the longest article.

The rest of the news items come mostly from CBSSports and their Titans news stream. Check it all out below.

The whole Sports Exchange article about our 2011 and 2012 draft classes can be found here.

Commentary on our 2011 draft:

Last year, even on short notice, the Tennessee Titans got more contributions from their rookies than they could have ever imagined.

First-year defensive tackles Jurrell Casey and Karl Klug quickly established themselves as the Titans best players at that position, with Klug even posting a team-best seven sacks as an unheralded fifth-round pick.

The Titans found a couple of keepers at linebacker as well in strong side linebacker Akeem Ayers and Colin McCarthy, a fourth-rounder who splashed onto the scene when Barrett Ruud was injured, and kept the middle linebacker spot with his big-play and tackling abilities.

If that group continues to progress, and first-round quarterback Jake Locker pans out the way the Titans saw in his cameo appearances last year, 2011 could go down as one of the best draft classes at least since the team set foot in Tennessee in 1997.

In the same article our 2012 draft is discussed. I am just going to point out one quote.

From Zach Brown:

If Brown wins the job, it will be because of his speed, something the Titans made a priority of all over the defense, but especially in the back seven.

"I think it helps me cover the slot receivers and the running backs and the tight ends. Not a lot of linebackers can do that," Brown said of his speed.

Coming straight from Brown, his statement confirms what us Titans fans already know and most talking heads don't; Brown was a great pick because he can improve our defense in an area that was horrible last year....covering TE's. Not pointed out in this article and missed by most so called "experts", this also indirectly helps our pass rush and lets our coaches utilize Ayers strength, rushing the passer and making splash plays. I like that our FO and coaches are all about piecing together a team that plays to each players strengths.

Another piece of news on our second round Linebacker:

Brown impresses new teammates with humility

by Matt Rybaltowski,

LB Zach Brown has impressed LB Colin McCarthy and other teammates with his demeanor early in offseason workouts. "The biggest thing with Zach is he's very humble," McCarthy said. "Being a second round pick, guys may come in cocky, thinking they're going to start. He's in there working hard and putting the time in."

And speaking of McCarthy and being this is a dry time for Titans news, the following is a stretch in newsworthiness:

McCarthy: Added weight is good weight

by Matt Rybaltowski,

LB Colin McCarthy has added six pounds and now weighs 243. McCarthy also weighed 243 in 2009 at Miami, but feels healthier now due to the Titans' strength and conditioning program. "I was too big (in '09), it wasn't a good weight (due to lesser conditioning)," McCarthy said. "The first thing you notice is your hamstring will go when you're overweight. My hamstring feels good."

More on McCarthy:

LB McCarthy focused on injury prevention

by Matt Rybaltowski,

LB Colin McCarthy's top priority in the offseason is building strength so he won't get injured. McCarthy missed three games in 2011 with a sore hamstring and played through a minor knee ailment. In 2008 at Miami, McCarthy redshirted after suffering a season-ending shoulder injury. "My strength numbers have gone up," McCarthy said. "I'm just trying to take care of my body."

McCarthy seems to be a talker...does he tweet? More impressions from our favorite MLB.

LB McCarthy impressed with RB Johnson's work ethic

by Matt Rybaltowski,

LB Colin McCarthy raved about Chris Johnson's work ethic in running and ladder drills, as well as in the weight room during the Titans' offseason program. "He's always trying to beat the guy who's next to him," McCarthy said. "He's getting bigger, stronger and faster. Everyone who's working in there is feeding off that."

Both depressing and optimistic news about Kenny Britt's injury:

First the bad news:

Study on ACL recovery offers a glimpse on Britt's return

by Matt Rybaltowski,

Expect the Titans to be cautious with Kenny Britt, as he recovers from surgery on a torn ACL and MCL. A study on ACL reconstruction by Dr. Christopher Annunziata, a team physician with the Redskins, found that production among WRs declined after the surgery. Annunziata did find that players injured early in their career respond better than those injured later on. Britt is entering his fourth season.

Now the good news:

Welker's recovery may provide Britt with optimism

by Matt Rybaltowski,

WR Kenny Britt expects to be ready for the season opener vs. the Pats despite undergoing surgery on a torn ACL and MCL. In January 2010, New England WR Wes Welker suffered the same injury to his left knee. Welker responded with 86 catches for 848 yards in 2010. In 2011, Welker led the NFL with 122 catches and finished second in receiving yards with 1,569.

Regardless if your a glass half full or half empty kind of guy these reports should leave us crossing our fingers for Britt's future and temper our expectations for his 2012 campaign.

As noted in an earlier MCM article, the Titans seem on the slow side in signing our new class of draftees and undrafted free agents. At least Ruston is having fun with it:

"It looks something like on Wall Street when that starts to happen. It's kind of an intense and fun time." Titans GM Ruston Webster describing the process where the team's scouts trying to work post-draft deals with undrafted free agents.

And why not end on the most newsworthy item of all:

Our kicker commenting on our long snapper.

K Bironas hopes LS Amato is retained

by Matt Rybaltowski,

K Rob Bironas provided a ringing endorsement for Ken Amato, his LS since 2005. Amato, a nine-year veteran, is an unrestricted free agent. "I can't remember a snap that caused me to miss, so of course I want him back," Bironas said. The Titans also have rookie LS/TE Beau Brinkley and LS/LB Jake Ingram, a three-year veteran, on the roster.

The Sports XChange reports:

LS Ken Amato should return unless the Titans have enough confidence in Kevin Matthews to take over the role.

Most of the above Titans news came from

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