3-4?? Titans??

Listening to the MCM Radio show got me to thinking, what if the Titans aren't rebuilding the typical 4-3, but are building the foundation for a whole new defensive animal. This off-season Titans are adding versatile players so maybe 3-4 hybrid is our defensive schemes future. Last year, when Gray was hired, he talked about adding a 3-4 front to Titans, but was hindered with no off-season. This year Thorchak is giving Gray his guys. Just look at the defensive guys they've added to the roster so far;

  1. Leger Douzable - DT with a good motor with 3-4 experience
  2. Kamerion Wimbley - Can get after the passer, experience playing with his hand down and standing up.
  3. Lamar Divens - 340 pound frame with 3-4 experience

The draft is right around the corner, and if the Titans hold suit, week 1 we could see a whole new defense.

Follow me as I show you the Titans 3-4 in it's natural habitat:

Now consider the versatility and age of our defense starters. Will Witherspoon is the oldest at 31. We signed 2 tweener players in the free agency. Karl Klug and Jurrell Casey could fit any scheme.

Now factor in its a copy cat league ,and the 3-4 has been represented by 7 of 10 Super Bowl teams since 2008. That's a shocking statistic. There's a lot of benefits to switching to 3-4.

I think we reason we wanted Jason Jones back is because he could be used and as 4-3 DE/DT or a 3-4 DT/DE which he's projected to be on the Seahawks, but his price tag was too high. Now with the first round of the draft we (just for giggles) pick Dontari Poe, a 340 pound NT that could be a tweener 4-3 DT. OK now we're dangerous because we can quickly move from a 3-4 to a 4-3 and be effective in either. Think of the blitz packages and schemes Gray could dial up. Think how that pressure will help our secondary. Think about Jason McCourty with 8-10 pics on the year going to the pro-bowl. Think how confused opposing QBs would be. Think how long the OC would have to gameplan against our two defense fronts.

Picture It: Sicily 1924.....Ahem
Picture It: 3rd and 10, opposing coach calls a time out. We march Morgan Poe Casey Wimbley and our normal 4-3 set out on the field. The offense is set, QB screams cadence while making his pre-snap reads. Spoon and Ayers show blitz, QB points and quickly audibles. Then, McCarthy signals for the defense to shift, Wimbley stands up and moves over, the d-line shifts right covering their new gaps. Ayers showing blitz moves toward the LOS, the remaining mike LBs shift left ,and now look like this;

           Morgan                     Poe                    Casey       
Ayers Wimbley

                          McCarthy                      Spoon

The opposing QB ,with all this new info, QB pisses himself and forgets to snap the ball. Delay of Game on Pissy! Replay 3rd down. They run a Fisher dive play and punt on the next down in which Mariani returns for 6. The End.

Now you say, "Hey Ayers hasn't been in that position. You don't know he'll be effective at rush OLB", and I'll say you're right ,but Wes Bunting seems to think he be successful.

Morgan and Poe we're used in this capacity some in College. Wimbley and Spoon both have 3-4 experience. Casey is just beast mode where ever he is. If McCarthy picked up the 4-3 under Ruud quickly, I think Spoon can get him ready for 3-4 before the season.

Can't wait till the draft!!! Go! Titans!!

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