I'm picking for the Titans in a mock draft, who should I select?

Hello everyone from Music city Miracles. We are doing a mock draft over at Canal Street Chronicles, and I am in charge of selecting for the Titans. We are currently up to pick #16 and I've narrowed down my big board to 9 candidates. Below, I will share my thoughts on the players I am considering for selection with you, but first, I have a few Titans specific questions in order to help me make the selection.

1. Do the Titans play mostly zone or man coverage, or is it a mix?

2. I'm aware of Munchak's comments that the Titans won't select an interior lineman in the 1st unless he's a special player. Generally, I don't trust any coach or GM when they talk about what they will or will not do in the draft, but do you, as Titans fans, think there is any validity to the statement?

3. Do you think that the Titan's resign Kenny Britt after his contract runs out?

As promised, here are the players I am considering and my thoughts on each of them

Luke Kuechly (ILB, Boston College): In my opinion he is by far the best player on the board, and even though he does not fill a big need, he will have an immediate impact. If he is available, I will most likely take him because the gap in talent between him and the rest of players available is too large.

Fletcher Cox (DT, Miss St): The best interior defensive lineman available. With his speed and strength he would be an excellent addition to the Titans DT rotation.

Courtney Upshaw (DE/ OLB, Alabama): His stock seems to be a falling, but I still think he's one of the top pass rushers in the draft. He weighs in at over 270 lbs, so he should not struggle in the transition to DE.

The CB's: Janoris Jenkins(North Alabama), Dre Kirkpatrick(Alabama), Stephen Gilmore(South Carolina) I'm just gonna lump all 3 together because it's the only position where I'm considering multiple players. Each are good prospects who come with their own risks. Kirkpatrick struggles the most in man coverage, but excels in zone coverage, Jenkins has the character issues, and Gilmore had the best combine, but did not perform as Kirkpatrick or Jenkins in college. Right now, I'm leaning towards Kirkpatrick being the best available corner, but I am very interested to here Titans fans' thoughts on these players.

Cordy Glenn (G, Georgia): I'm huge fan of this guy. His size(6-5, 345) and power. remind me a Carl Nicks. He mostly played tackle in college (like Nicks) but I think he has the ability to be an excellent guard, especially in the running game. I think he's the best offensive player left.

Stephen Hill (WR, Georgia Tech): One of the top performers at the combine, he has the potential to a top WR in the NFL, but is no where near a finished product. I actually think the Titans have a pretty good receiving corps with the return of Kenny Britt, but Hill could serve as Britt's eventual replacement.

Peter Konz (C, Wisconsin): I'm only considering him because I think C is one of the Titans biggest needs. I honestly don't think he's one of the top 25 players in the draft, and probably won't take him, but feel free to try to convince me that I should take him.

Anyways, thanks for your time, and feel free to comment on any player you think I should select for the Titans.

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