On the whole, I am not pleased with the way this draft unfolded. This is based both on some of the picks we made and some that we didn't.

I see Wright as a number 3 receiver, with potential to be a 2. Whatever his forty time is, he's smallish, which more likely than not puts him in the slot. Not that a slot receiver can't be a force - Wes Welker comes to mind. But Chris Givens, taken in the fourth round, had very similar measurables, and nice production His stats aren't the same as Wright's but that may have a lot to do with the type of offenses and the quality of the teams they played for. Wright may turn out great, but at the moment he doesn't look like a first round pick to me. The unmade pick of David DeCastro is one we may well regret, as he appears to be an instant starter in a position is very weak.

Brown appears to be a fine athlete, but there are questions about his effort, and those are always troubling. Also, LB is a two-down position for us most of the time. We have a decent veteran in the position now, so there's a possibility he won't start until 2013. In my view, the first two picks should be players who can make an immediate contribution, and not just on special teams. Also, we passed on the highest-rated player at our weakest position. Of course, there were other centers available at that time, but we didn't go for any of them. The thought of Eugene as our starter again makes me nauseous.

Martin seems like a pretty good pick and addresses a need. No complaints there.

Sensabaugh is fast, and has one good year as a starter. Really just a coin flip at this point - he could end up as McCourty, or he could be Ryan Mouton. However, we could have gotten Assante Samuel for a seventh rounder. Better value there, I think.

The Thompson pick is just effing weird. A "tight end" with exactly zero career catches, because he didn't play the position at SMU. (Oh, but he did play at the faux Senior Bowl) We traded the pick that we could have traded for Samuel four days ago. And, oh yes, we again passed on the two remaining centers worth a draft pick (Molk and Brewster)

Markelle Martin seems like a great value pick at a position of need. No complaints.

And then we trade back into the seventh round to get a DE. Sure we needed a DE, and this fellow was good enough to be invited to the combine. He's had an injury, but the 7th round is for projects. All well and good, except that we picked seven players, traded some draft choices to get some projects, and still did not address the two weakest spots on the team.

I just can't drink the "trust the FO" kool-aid today. If three or four of these guys are starters in a couple of years, I'll eat my humble pie. But for now, I see plenty of projects drafted and missed opportunities to obtain players with higher floors at positions of need. You are welcome to disagree.

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