MtD Live Draft results + recap

There was another edition of Mocking the Draft's annual Live Draft this past weekend. And yes, MCM was involved despite rumors to the contrary. Originally, the draft was cancelled but Mr. Malor, Trueblue87 (much props to them for stepping up), and I volunteered to keep it going to help out original commissioner, seton hall and steelers. I was the acting commissioner for this episode as SHAS was due to be away due to a family illness (but he showed up on Friday night thanks to some great news on his grandfather). This was the last of the Live Drafts this year and also the 2nd time MCM got to "participate" but only this time, there was voting involved. Let's just say it was an interesting and eventful experience (you can find details of this in various fanposts on the site). The process needs to be refined for future ventures into the draft arena is all I'm going to say. Anyways, enough of me rambling on and on, the picks and analysis after the jump! JUMP!

1.20 Stephon Gilmore CB University of South Carolina

-This was a closely fought over MCM vote between several prospects. If a corner was to be taken, I'd have preferred Dre Kirkpatrick over Gilmore due to DK's ability to play Safety in a pinch or eventually move over there in the long run of things. I'm happy with this pick, though. SuperHorn's boy, Stephen Hill was also considered.

2.52 Kendall Reyes DE/DT UCONN

- Admittedly, I'm not a fan of Reyes but can see why he was voted at 52. I haven't seen much of his work so there is that. The candidates here were between Reyes, Clemson's Andre Branch and Brandon Thompson, and someone else (I forget who it was). I voted for one of the Clemson guys, Thompson I think it was.

3.82 Ben Jones Center University of Georgia

- This was the pick everyone agreed on thanks to Eugene Amano's lackluster play in recent years. Well, enough said on this one.

4.116 Nigel Bradham OLB Florida State University

- This was the pick that got some of MCM in an uproar. My logic behind this pick was that it was time to find the heir to Spoon's spot at OLB. As much as we love him, he's getting older and can't play forever. Bradham can sit and learn the pro game and take over next year. He learned under one of the best college DCs ever in Mickey Andrews and an up and comer coach in Mark Stoops. NB is the latest in a long line of great FSU 'backers to make it to the pros. Homerism aside, he is a good player and fits a slight need. Do we strike gold in the 4th again with a LB from the state of Florida? We shall see!

5.155 Trevor Guyton DE California

- The pick here was to build depth behind the starters at DE. Guyton has been getting positive reviews at the various draft sites out there. I felt that DE could have waited until this pick because of the depth of that position in the draft compared to OLB. This is the right range for him if not a round or two earlier due to the high demand of DEs these days.

6.189 Trenton Robinson FS/CB Michigan State

- I was split between WR and Safety in the 6th round. I went with the Safety due to a thinner depth chart at that position compared to WR on the Titans. Robinson has been having a great predraft campaign and a good showing at his pro day. At 5'10 185+, he can play either Corner or Safety. A potential steal could be had here just like all those years ago with Finny.

7.227 Lavasier Tuinei WR University of Oregon

- Tuinei is a big physical WR (6'5 220) that loves to block downfield and has NFL bloodlines. He wasn't featured as much in the Oregon offense as it is predicated on the run. LT did go out in style, winning MVP honors in the Ducks' first Rose Bowl win ever this past year. He could pay big dividends for us down the road as a big body red zone threat and over the middle.


Cody Johnson FB Texas
Julian Miller DE West Virginia
Austin Davis QB Southern Miss
Chris Gallippo LB USC
Jerrell Young S USF

Final thoughts:

I like this class and UDFAs overall as it fills needs and helps build depth at critically short positions. The UDFAs are solid character guys that could help us one day. I'd like to thank everyone who provided insight, be it positive or negative over the past 3 days or so. I give the draft a grade from A to a B+.

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