MCM Petition to remove Noles as Titans GM from further MtD Live Drafts

As most of you know the last MtD Live Mock was done this weekend. It is also know that it was going to be COMPLETELY driving by the community and that Noles would only break tie votes. Well if some of you aren't aware it was going smoothly for the first 3 rounds but when the 4th round came up Noles took it upon himself and disregard who the community wanted and instead drafted a guy from his favorite college. Afterwards when it was brought up that he chose not what we the community wanted but what he wanted which was not how this Mock was suppose to go. Many of you have read through his after Live Mock recap and have seen players that are being picked that maybe good fits for other teams or are good players but are not true fits for the Titans.

Here are some colorful comments from Noles.

haha let them be

^ Thats what he said after someone told him that his friends "MCM" would be pissed because he didnt pick the player that WON the vote.

seton isn’t here and I listened to MCM during the 1st 3 rounds

^ After it was stated that we no longer want Noles to be GM of Titans for any MtD Draft.

I made one fucking pick for myself, is that not ok?

^ That was in responds to this- "We wanted 1 mock draft to ourselves. Is that too much? You got 2 FULL mock drafts to yourself"

Epic Winni vs Noles

round 5, MCM can have its say back - Noles

Oh thank you kind master…

I promise you next year I will make sure MCM gets one full mock draft. - Winni

I can’t even have 1 pick of 7 total. FML - Noles

Oh poor baby….going for a homer pick and against everyone else…you wonder why the hate is there? - Winni

yet you 2 don’t understand you get 6/7 of picks - Noles

Oh sheesh you don’t get math.

Noles’ count: 7/7 + 7/7 + 1/7 = 15 picks
MCM: 0 + 0 + 6/7 = 6.

Selfish and entitled FTW! - Winni

Over at MtD I guess Noles is seemed like a god because you got others saying things like this.

I will be sending an email next year. He shouldn’t have a monopoly on the draft. - Winni

He made the top three picks according to your committee & has said that he will make the last three picks by your committee. He made one mid rd. pick for a player from his college that he obviously likes. get over it - MtDer

Nope. We’ve put up with this crap for months now. We had to force him to use a democracy for the first three picks, and in fact weren’t even sure he would listen.

You people need to learn to share. - Winni

He did make your top three picks tho. He said he would make the rest of them by your committee. There would not even be a draft going on if he & Malor had not stepped up & volunteered to run it. You people need to learn that things don’t always go your way. - MtDer

Yet they should always go noles’ way…? I don’t see the logic. He gets 2/3, we want 1/3. - Winni

He got 1/7th, you get 6/7ths & again you don’t appreciate that this would not even be going on if he had not stepped up & voluteered to do it as well as an unbelievable amount of time setting it up. - MtDer

He gets 1/7th of 1 draft. While 7/7th of 2 full drafts.
We get 6/7th of 1 draft. While 0/7th of 2 full drafts.

IS THAT FAIR? - Infinity

So because of all that I am starting this Petition to remove Noles as ever being Titans GM for MtD Live Draft ever again. If you would like to sign it please just leave a comment, and your name will be added to the list. With this I hope that for 2013 we will be able to have someone that 1st) Knows the teams needs, 2nd) Knows how players would fit into the Titans schemes and 3rd) Care more about trying to get the best draft for Titans and make the community happy than making themselves happy by being praised by people that dont care about the Titans.

Please Rec this to keep it towards the top.

MCM Memebers Signed-

Titans_Firefighter member since Jan '11
WinnipegTitanFan13 member since Feb '10
infinitystealth member since Nov '11
NoMoreMustache member since Nov '11
BonzosMontreaux member since Apr '09
KnightOfNi222 member since Jul '10
KGDrummer aka MikeGriffFan27 member since Mar '10
bond003 member since Feb '10
alijeal member since Oct '11
Dynamic DreadLocks member since Aug '11
fanoftheunderdog member since May '10

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