Trade down in the first draft scenario - My perfect Draft

I know everybody wants their team to trade down to get more picks in the draft... and even though it probably wont happen i'm gonna throw out a scenario that could play out (numbers wise at least).

Here are our picks with draft trade value:

Round 1 pick 20 - 850

round 2 pick 52 - 380

round 3 pick 83 - 175

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So say we trade our first round pick(worth 850 draft points) and our 3rd round pick (175) to get NE's 31's pick (600) and their second round pick (number 48 worth 420). So we will give NE 1025 points for 1020, about as close as you will get for a trade as there is.

This will give us the 31st, 48th, and 52nd picks in the draft. Depending on how the draft goes we could get Whitney Mercilus, Mark Barron, Stephen Hill, Nick Perry, or Peter Konz with the 31st pick. All of those players i wouldn't really want to reach for at 20 but at 31 i like the value. We will then have a chance to get Vinny Curry, Kevin Zeitler, Zach Brown, Harrison Smith, Lavonte David, Kelechi Osemele, with the 48th and 52nd Picks. We can then shore up 3 big areas with players who will almost certainly be starters for years to come.Here's a few mocks if we can trade down:

(I am following mock drafts out there and selecting players available in the range)

Draft 1:

Pros: This draft should help fix our pass rush, oline, and give us a star at WR.

Cons: Will require late round help for safety

31: Whitney Mercilus DE - he dropped all the way down to 31 on this one and what a steal

48: Stephen Hill WR- Another great player dropping

52: Michael Brewster or Ben Jones - Revamps the middle of the o line.

Other picks in 2nd round that were available are: Harrison Smith - SS, Zach Brown - OLB, Lavonte David - OLB, Jerel Worthy DT.

Draft 2:

Pro: Mercilus drops again, and decent value for defense and oline

Cons: Unable to shore up Safety position and no decent WR's left in the second round.

31: Whitney Mercilus DE - Another draft that has Mercilus falling all the way to 31,

48: Kelechi Osemele G or Kevin Zeitler G - Could go either one here or even dip a little low and grab

52: Lavonte David OLB- There really wasn't alot of selection left here, so i went with OLB to give us a great front 7 for years to come.

Draft 3:

31: Devon Still DT: Great all around player who has the weight to be a great NT, and will force teams to choose between doubleteaming him or jurrell casey. Gives our interior dline a great run stopper and decent pass rusher.

48: Kevin Zeitler G- If you haven't noticed I'm pretty high on this guy. I think he will be a great piece for our offense for a long time

52: Bobby Wagner LB or Stephen Hill WR

Obviously the draft could play out in about a million different ways, but i think these are 3 realistic drafts of what we could get with a trade down to later in the first or into the early second. Also I chose New England SOLELY for the face that it fit the draft trade chart nearly perfectly. I am in no way implying that i think Bellichek will trade away a pick. We all know how he likes to hoard them.

I hope you enjoyed this and please give me some feedback.

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