BRB Mock Draft - Who did the Titans pick?

Well the pick is in. Now I apologize this was written in a hurry so its not as detailed as I wanted to be, but I am pretty sure I still get my points across. See who the Front Office grabbed after the jump.

Most people here have us taking a DE like Mercilus. The problem with Mercilus, or any DE Is that to me, we have two starting DEs right now with Morgan and Wimbley. Morgan was starting to have some nice games last year towards the end, and really is only a season from a pretty bad injury. Before we write him off I would like to see what a whole season, and offseason for that matter, can do for Captain Morgan. Now to our newest toy, Wimbley could be a huge impact with us at DE. He has shown he can do it, and he adds the versatile factor that D cord Gray covets. So that MAY not be a need that demands a 1st rd pick. That said. I was still pondering Mericlus because of his athletic ability until I thought about the depth we have at the position and the hope I have for Morgan.

At Safety, we know Griffin is not the answer, and will only he here this year and no longer. The only reason the team franchised him is he was the BPA in free agency. Babs, look I love the guy, but he is not a GREAT safety. I feel that Barron is. However, one can not help but worry about injuries. Also, as someone who loves SEC football, there is the concern that the stars in that DEF are stars because of all the greatness around them. There is a certain safety from a certain college (Vandy) that I would like us to take way later in the draft and see if he can step up into a NFL starter after seeing what Griffin and Babs have left. Also, there are some guys in the 2nd/3rd round that could become a starter. I like Barron a lot. His experience and leadership is something we covet. However, the injury concerns bother me. If we could trade back to around 26 and take him still, picking up an extra 2nd or 3rd, I would be completely happy.

Even after all that, I am still leaning towards Barron or rolling the dice on S. Hill.
I just don’t feel like you take a 1st rd pick for a "depth" guy and to me, at this point with the guys on the roster, thats what I feel like a DE would be. There are several guys I see that we could take and throw into a rotation in the 2nd round. Please see below

Chandler Jones Syracuse
Andre Branch Clemson
Vinny Curry Marshall
Shea McClellin Boise St
Ronnell Lewis Oklahoma
Jared Crick Nebraska
Cam Johnson Virginia

Next, many mocks have us taking a CB. Well that could be possible, but many of us diehard fans truly believe we have two quality starters in ATV and McCourty, and like the glimpses that Hawkins and Moutan have shown. We think (hope) either Hawkins, Moutan, or our speedy oversized hope filled story in the shape of Tommie Cambell, can step up and fill the need in the Nickel. I have read that this is a potentially deep draft for CBs and could get someone later if they want one more person to compete for that Nickel spot.

S. Hill to me is the great debate. I mean IF he pans out to be what some think he can be, wow, our offense just took the next step and became elite in my opinion. He immediately changes how teams come to play us. The threat of him, Britt, Hands, Cook, and either Hawk or Dwill all being out there, with Locker and CJ in the back field is frightening to ponder if you are a D Cord for an opposing team. Not to mention, him and Locker both excel at the same thing, the deep ball. Also, whats better than a WR of his size and stature(33 3/8" wingspan) for a rookie QB?

Height: 6036
Weight: 215
40 Yrd Dash: 4.36 <-- HELLO
225 Lb. Bench Reps: 14
Vertical Jump: 39 1/2
Broad Jump: 11'01"
20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.48
3-Cone Drill: 6.88

Hill showcases good body control when tracking the football and can extend his arms and make acrobatic plays on the ball. He has natural initial explosion and can change directions, allowing him to side step a defender with the ball in his hands. Also, Hill exhibits good power when asked to break a tackle in the bubble screen game. (National Football Post)

To me, all of these are just what we need.

He isn't a very polished route runner because of the offensive scheme that Georgia Tech ran. Hill was asked to just run vertical routes where he can track the football. One area of his game he isn't real sharp in is rounding off/drifting in and out of his breaks. (National Football Post)

I am ok with these weaknesses given that Britt is expected to be healthy and thus Hill could take his rookie year to grow and learn, not needing to immediately come in and make a probowl.

I am so glad I am not a real GM, this is harder than it looks peeps. This pick is going to be on based on what I believe the Titans FO is still trying to do, and that is sign a Vet center like Koppen or Jackson, which they have had in for visits and shown interest in. If they don't this may change.

Ok, so all that said, with the 20th pick of the 2012 NFL draft, the Titans select -

Begin the madness. SuperHorn, lets party brother!


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