NJD Scouting Report: Whitney Mercilus vs. Melvin Ingram: Melvin Ingram Scouting Report

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So, many of you may have not heard from me in a while, I have been busy with some school work as I have just completed the second of my first two video games that I have designed, animated, and programmed myself. For those of you who program video games, you know that creating these takes up a significant portion of our time :).


In this post I will compare the play of both Whitney Mercilus and Melvin Ingram against each other to determine which player is the ideal defensive end in this years upcoming draft. Because of what happened with Derrick Morgan and Brandon Graham in the 2009 draft, I am going to forgo using statistics as the main source of my thesis. This post is entirely based upon each players' performance during the games I have viewed.

Melvin Ingram Flim Review

Games viewed: vs. Georgia, vs. Auburn, vs. D-II School with dark blue helmets

Let me start out by saying this, Melvin Ingram is an athletic freak who will impress a lot of scouts with his potential. However, I think the worst word in the English language is "potential." potential is defined as: possible, as opposed to actual; by That is what potential is, what could be. Ingram has an active off switch, he doesn't always give a full effort on most of his plays. Very rarely was he double teamed when he played against teams like Georgia and Auburn. 1st Round NFL Draft prospects should always be double teamed in college. Teams seemed more concerned with his fellow defensive lineman, sophomore Jadeveon Clowney, who was a true terror in those teams' backfields and he was triple teamed because of it. A lot of Ingram's sacks come off of twist stunts and slants, very rarely can he beat an offensive lineman one on one. Ingram gets his hands up and can disrupt some passes on occasion. Ingram takes bad angles on the ball carrier and as a result, he misses a lot of hi tackles. He is only used in passing situations, and he is never trusted out on the field against the run. Georgia went to the no huddle and continuously ran to Ingram's side when he was caught out there. In passing situations, Ingram allows the tackle to get his hands inside of his frame and he is unable to disengage from the block once that occurs. Ingram is so vulnerable when lineman get their hands in his frame that even tight ends are able to completely neutralize him one on one from the play. There was at least 10-11 plays where Georgia and Auburn just used a tight end to block Ingram. Ingram uses his speed too much to beat offensive tackles and often over pursues the QB because of it. Ingram also has a tough time of anticipating the snap, this can cause a dearth in his sack totals at the next level. He is an exceptional special teams player and may have a future as a tight end in the NFL.

Melvin Ingram Synopsis

Ingram is better suited as a situational 3-4 OLB, his speed and size will be coveted by a lot of teams in the NFL. Ingram's potential will make him very attractive to other NFL teams. Ingram will need a lot of coaching to become a successful starter in the NFL. Ingram can have a ceiling as high as Jason Pierre-Paul but, he can also bust as hard as an Aaron Maybin did. I question Ingram's work ethic and desire to be a great player. Ingram is a 2nd-3rd Round player at best, however, he will probably get bumped up into the first round due to a lot of teams needing pass rushers in this year's draft. Ingram best resembles Robert Ayers, a physically gifted situational player, but not starter material.

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