The Official MCM Live Draft War Room

This will be the official thread that will host everything related to the MtD Live Draft. 1 place to have all the discussion instead of having 3 different threads about it. The draft will be in the same format as it was in the past with a few changes (more on that after the jump). One big change is that seton hall and steelers won't be the commissioner in this one. I'll reprise my role as the acting commissioner in seton hall and steelers' place as he is unavailable due to family illness. TrueBlue87 (Colts) and Mr. Malor (Ravens) will be my assistants. Round 1 will be held on Friday April 13, 2012 at 7 PM EDT. With that said, Jump!!

As you may have read by now, I have begrudgingly ceded some power to the masses after some loud voices of dissent among the MCM populace. The draft format won't change except for possible extensions on scheduling (dependent on GMs). MCM will have a vote on each of the picks in this 7 rounder. Here are the rules:

General MtD Rules:

1. The first round will be timed at 5 minutes per team, 2nd (4 minutes), 3rd and 4th (3 minutes), and 5-7 (2 minutes each)

2. If a team misses their turn, I will use the BPA list each team rep has sent in via email to me.

3. I will grant an additional 60 seconds for a trade to process if requested by both parties

4. No 2013 draft picks will be allowed to be traded. Only 2012 picks!

5. More rules and regulations will be posted later as needed

MCM Rules

1. Each MCM member has 1 vote and 1 vote only.Nothing more or nothing less, no matter how experienced you are on this site.

note: We will be voting by a list of 5 or 6 prospects based on BPA from the spreadsheet that will be made available before the draft. The idea is to wait until 4 or 5 picks before our turn to narrow down the list into a single candidate. As the GM in chief, I have designated either myself or deaconbrodie to provide such a list to present to MCM.

2. In the event of a tiebreaker or a separation of 1 or 2 votes between 2-3 candidates, I will be the final vote cast that matters most if consensus cannot be built. No questions asked.

note: as we are limited by time, you will have to make the votes quickly should you choose to participate. I will be going by what's on my screen at the time (however many recs there are behind a player).

Edit: 1 person will post a comment with a player's name on it and you should reply with yes or no vote. Someone should tally up the votes and get it to me. Also the winning candidate is required to have a 2+ vote win.

3. Do NOT be pressured into a vote for a certain player by other members' right or wrong opinions. Vote for yourself.

note: if there is any hint of impropriety and clear use biased influences to sway undecideds within the voting system, I will immediately cancel the process and go by what's on my screen. Furthermore, I'll handle the draft solo from that point on should this occur.

4. Like deaconbrodie said, compile a list of 5 or 6 players you see falling to each pick that we have before hand (today, tomorrow, early Friday). At that point, I'll compile a list of potential candidates to break down.

Well everyone now knows the rules and we should be good to go by Friday. The rules are officially concrete as of this writing and cannot be modified towards anyone's favor, including myself. I hope to see most of you on Friday night! Enjoy!


draft tracker

big board

Trade Value Chart

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