Choose Your Own Adventure Titans Mock Draft!!

My favorite books as a young kid were those choose your own adventure books. You know where after a handful of pages you come to a point where you have to make a decision, go to page 30 if you want to do this...go to page 38 if you want to do this. So this post will incorporate that theme.

I will give you 4-5 options at each Titans pick (Who I think could realistically be available). It will be fun to see who everyone chooses. And after a week I will count up who is picked most at each spot and post our draft. So your comment should simply list the pick #'s and the players.

I am going to throw a wrench into the process just to make this whole mock more interesting and fun. What if our Titan think tank isn't sold on anyone at the 20 spot?

The big What If Scenario. If Trent Richardson fell to us at 20 we would have multiple teams knocking on our door to get him. If we trade back we would be able to grab more players to fill more holes. Richardson is the only guy I really thought would entice another team to give up more picks to move up to get because Richardson is definitely not falling past the Bengals second first round pick.

I have included 2 first round picks to set up the rest of the draft for the Titans:

2 - CLE: Griffin, Robert - QB - Baylor

Browns trade #6, #22, and #37 to the Rams for the #2 pick. Demand is higher and Browns are willing to give up their 2nd round pick as well and most likely a mid-rounder in 2013.

20 - STL(From TN): Richardson, Trent - RB - Alabama

Remember last year the Heisman winner Mark Ingram fell to the 28th pick in the draft. RB is just not as big a priority anymore. It is not too unrealistic to think that Richardson might fall to us.

TRADE! With 4 picks in the first two rounds the Rams are willing to trade up to grab a game changer in Trent Richardson. (And Fisher helps out his former team at the same time!) The Bengals were sure to pick T.Rich next and the Rams beat out several other teams in trading up for him.

Titans get pick #33 at the top of the second round and #66 at the top of the third round and a 2013 fourth rounder. The Titans now have picks #33, #52, #66 and #83, along with their other later picks.

The Titan brass believes there is more quality in quantity of picks than betting on BPA at 20.

And now the Choose Your Own Titans Mock Adventure Begins!

You can always find more thorough scouting reports at

In the 2nd round with the 33rd pick the Titans select?

33 - Branch, Andre- DE- Clemson 6’4" – 259 Branch is a tall, physical and athletic defensive end who could be moved to outside linebacker for a 3-4 team. He possesses the pass rush ability to regularly beat NFL linemen and disrupt the passer, either standing up or with his hand on the ground. Ran a 4.70 40, 19 Reps.

33 - Curry, Vinny- DE- Marshall 6’3" - 266 Curry has good value at the next level as a pass rushing specialist; he has posted 23 sacks in the past two years (heading into the team's 2011 bowl game) at Marshall after playing sparingly in his first year and a half. Curry is an explosive athlete who could be moved around depending on the type of defensive scheme of the team who selects him. Ran a 4.98 40.

33 - Gilmore, Stephon- CB- South Carolina 6’0" – 190 - Gilmore was the SEC's third best cornerback last season, and possesses raw speed (4.40) superior to both Kirkpatrick and Claiborne. Physical and rangy (6'0/190, 31-inch arms) with plenty of playmaking ability, Gilmore patterns his game after Al Harris as a press-man corner.

33 - Jeffrey, Alshon- WR- South Carolina 6’3" – 216 - He is an explosive jumper with an impressive frame and has the ability to be an immediate red zone threat in the NFL. He is a long strider who is methodical in his route running but possesses just average speed. He relies on technicality and variations in his speed to keep receivers off balance. But he is not a good route runner, has weight issues and inexplicably chose not to participate in the combine.

33 - Brown, Zach- OLB- North Carolina 6’2" – 240, Ran a 4.45. Noles wll love to see Zach Brown available. Brown is super-fast and athletic. While speed is the most striking feature of Brown's game, there are many aspects that are question marks as he enters the NFL. It has been well-documented that he possesses track-type speed. He does show it on the field and stands out as a player who effortlessly is in position to be a high-tackle production linebacker.

In the second round with the 52nd pick the Titans select?

52 - Smith, Harrison- S- Notre Dame Deon Sanders was heaping praise on Smith during his combine. Smith is very fluid and ran a 4.57. Harrison is an ultra-athletic, big and smart safety who has roamed the secondary as a four-year starter and senior captain for Notre Dame. He is the type of safety who is always involved, using his quickness, recognition and overall body control to react effectively to plays. He is extremely reliable and effective in run support, which comes from his ability to read and react to plays on a quick twitch off the snap. Smith was very productive in college and rarely misses. He is a drag-down tackler who is always around the ball. He will be much better in a read-and-react zone defense in which he can rely on instincts and recognition more than athletic ability.

52 - Zeitler, Kevin- OG- Wisconsin 6’4", 314, 32 reps. Zeitler is a road grader and displays very quick movement off the line and gets into his blocks quickly. He can blow a defender back and also drive his legs to sustain throughout run plays. The biggest weakness in Zeitler's game is his ability to match up on speed rushers. At the Senior Bowl, he struggled with speed rushers getting by him.

52 - David, Lavonte- OLB- Nebraska He is undersized but able to overcome that through his instincts and speed.(4.65) He has enormous tackle production throughout his two years at Nebraska, posting over 260 tackles in his short time there. Instincts are the key to his game, as he always seems to be in the middle of action whether rushing the passer or covering tight ends. He can pursue against the run to the outside and use his instincts to meet players where they ultimately will be, and rarely whiffs on tackles. He can cover tight ends close in man and works well in zone coverage.

52 - Robinson, Josh- CB- UCF Mike Mayock on Robinson: "He’s a 200-pound corner with long arms who ran a 4.3 at the Combine, and on top of the 4.3, he tested at the highest level in every measurable. Is that 4.3 game speed? I went back and watched two more tapes of him against Southern Miss and BYU, and the only criticism is that he goes flat-footed at the transition point. I know that because I used to do that. And what happens is when you go flat-footed trying to come out of that transition on a vertical is difficult. When you look at his numbers, 10 interceptions in three years, he will tackle, great transition out of pedal, driving on the football, I don’t think there’s any way this kid is getting out of the first round." (But I haven’t seen any post combine mocks with him in first, more like mid second round)

52 - Osmele, Kelechi- OG/OT- Iowa State 6"6", 333. Osemele is an extremely strong, natural run blocker. He is explosive off the line and can visibly jolt defenders back either with a strong arm -- extension or a ferocious uncoiling of his hips. Osemele is somewhat of a raw player and will need some guidance.

In the 3rd round with the 66th pick the Titans select?

66 – Washington, Brandon – OG – Miami 6’3" – 320lbs. Washington is a big man who carries a lot of weight in his upper body to be an effective positional blocker. He excels as a down blocker on run plays and is comfortable working within a zone scheme to pass off and pick up stunting defensive linemen. Washington struggled at times in 2011 in his pass set, where he showed inconsistent footwork and had difficulties getting a good base to anchor himself.

66 – Johnson, Trumaine – CB – Montana He is a big, athletic cover corner (6’2", 204, 4.61) who has completely dominated his competition to this point in his career. He has the speed and agility to stay with receivers and also the height -- a shade over 6-foot-2 -- to match up in the red zone. Despite playing in the Football Championship Subdivision, Johnson is an NFL-ready corner who is projected to be picked in the second round.

66 – Streeter, Tommy – WR – Miami Streeter wowed spectators at the combine. At 6’5"+ he has the size and with his sub 4.4 40 he has the speed to be a star. He will need to learn how to run better routes, but his speed and size opposite Britt would be awesome.

66 – Iloka, George – S – Boise State Iloka has great size (6"4", 224, 4.67)and he would match up well against the new breed of TE’s. He is a superb zone defender who understands how to diagnose and react to plays. He is the quarterback of the secondary and has length to make plays and the speed to have range in zone.

66 – Jones, Ben – C – Georgia 6’2", 303, 29 reps. Jones is very good at staying with his blocks and sealing off defenders in the run game. He has trouble moving defenders backwards but is efficient in the way that he mirrors and can seal at the last second to create a whole. He is similar when pass blocking, he understands his strengths and sets early to be able to stall bull rushers and keep sustain.

In the 3rd round with the 84th pick the Titans select?

84 – McNutt, Marvin – WR – Iowa McNutt is an excellent route runner who catches well. He is a large target for Locker. 6’3", 4.54. He is a strong player who catches the ball well and can run through arm tackles once he gets the ball. McNutt has the size to excel at the next level and also has displayed the explosion and speed to project him to be a factor. He plays a bit hesitant at times when blocking in run support and running through traffic.

84 – Hayward, Casey – CB – Vanderbilt Hayward is a solid player who had a solid combine. 5"11, 4.57 Although his team has had little success throughout his career, playing in the heart of the Southeastern Conference has put Hayward up against top talent every week, and he has made plays consistently for the Commodores. He can run with any receiver in the SEC and has shown that he can play physically at the line of scrimmage to disrupt receivers' routes. He brings a confident mentality that he can cover anyone in single coverage given the competition he faced each week in his conference. He has third-round talent.

84 – Martin, Markelle – S – Oklahoma 6"1", 207. Martin is a fast safety who has the ability to run down receivers from all over the field. He can be exposed at times due to his average athletic ability, but has value due to his speed and all-around skills. He is a smooth athlete who has difficulty covering more quick-twitch players. He understands how to support in run but does not display the physicality to be an imposing defender on the backend. Martin is a player who is always in position across the field, which coupled with his speed allows him to rarely get beat; there is, however, an absence of electricity in his play and he projects to be a serviceable option at safety at the next level.

84 – Silatolu, Amini – OG - Midwestern State Silatolu is a large, athletic interior lineman who has the ability to smother his opponents and consistently sustain his blocks through the end of plays. Coming from a small school like Midwestern State facing little competition, he will have an adjustment period far greater than other linemen as he enters the league.

84 - Irvin, Bruce – OLB – West Virginia Irvin is another natural pass rusher. He turned heads with his 40 at the combine, 4.5 at 6"3" 240 pounds. An electrifying pass rusher who will fit as either a specialist DE or an OLB in a 3-4 scheme, Irvin uses a flurry of moves and his uncanny athletic ability to maneuver his undersized frame around and through offensive linemen to produce massive sack production in his limited views at West Virginia. He is also good at run defense.

In the 4th round with the 116th pick the Titans select?

116- Senio Kelemete, OG/T, Washington 6’4", 307. Kelemete is an athlete, especially for a lineman who could potentially be playing on the interior. He comes off the ball fast and consistently puts himself in good positions for blocks. He is able to stay with his blocks for the duration of running plays and is good to use his feet to maneuver himself in the right position when pulling and sealing. Working up to the second level, Kelemete gets in good position to get his big body in front of linebackers. He uses his hands well. Kelemete still has technique issues with his pass set when working from the tackle position

116 – Hilton, TY – WR - Florida Int’l Hilton was a three-plus year starter at an emerging Florida International program. He has had a ton of production there despite his size (5"10", 183), and is an athletic mover who has the speed to take the top off a defense. He is good off the line and has fourth-round value as a receiver and return specialist at the next level. Not as great at short and middle routes.

116 – Robinson, Keenan – OLB – Texas 6’3", 242, 4.79. Robinson works well in space to position himself to make a play and is a quick mover off the snap. He is at his best when working towards the outside of offensive tackles and getting through to the backfield to run down ball carriers. He has the natural speed to play casually and run down players in space, and can pass set and cover tight ends with ease. Robinson can get lazy at times because his speed where allows him to play effortlessly. Once blocked, he usually stays that way.

116 – James, LaMichael – RB - Oregon 5’8", 194, 4.45. James is a quick and decisive back who looks like his motive is to be productive each time the ball touches his hands. He can get to full speed quickly off the snap and doesn't hesitate when hitting the line of scrimmage. He is capable of making splash plays out of nothing and possesses the uncanny ability to turn broken plays into positive ones. He is a better runner between the tackles than his frame would suggest, as he uses a quick shuffle to avoid trash or get up and into an open lane & routinely had runs of 20-plus yards.

116 – Tyrone Crawford, DE/DT, Boise State 6"4", 275, 4.89. Crawford is quick to get out of his stance off the snap and has the instincts to slant and hit a gap without being touched. He is consistently disrupting plays in the backfield and is a solid tackler. He is a strong player who shows an explosive arm jolt when keeping blockers at bay. Crawford shows good change of direction when stopping to pursue plays laterally. As a rusher, his motor is the key to his success. He never gives up on a play and can use a strong burst to get to the quarterback. He has a ton of upside, but only one year of top tier collegiate experience.

In the 5th round with the 148th pick the Titans select?

148 - Egnew, Michael – TE – Missouri 6’5" 252, 4.62. 21 reps. Egnew is an athletic, tall prospect similar to recent NFL successes in that he is somewhat underweight but creates mismatches up and down the field. A converted receiver, Egnew has struggled with traditional tight end responsibilities such as blocking in-line and being an overall run-game presence. He is athletic for his size and presents a speed mismatch on linebackers and a size mismatch on safeties.

148 - Nix, Lucas – OG – Pittsburgh He embodied Pitt's physical attitude and is a very strong player when run blocking and pass setting. He is technique-savvy, and it shows when he uses his hands to keep defenders at bay and employs a strong, powerful pass set and solid anchor.

148 – Steed, Ryan – CB – Furman He has decent size (5’10", 195, 4.68) for the corner position and is a prospect who relies heavily on his technique to be able to cover man to man. He is a natural athlete who looks smooth and fluid when back pedaling but also can stick his foot in the ground and explode to recover if he loses a step. He can struggle when coming in to support the run and can play too hesitant and cautionary at times. All things considered, his athletic ability and man coverage skills playing press from the line of scrimmage give him value at the position in the NFL. Look for certain teams to fall in love with his ability to jam and stay in tight coverage through man and potentially see his value higher, but the soft nature of his play in run support and zone coverage give him mid-round value.

148 – Jackson, Janzen – S – McNeese St. Jackson is an electric athlete who could make an immediate impression at the next level. He is sudden, quick twitched and fast enough to cover the deep half of the field against the SEC's best receivers. Teams may be put off by the issues surrounding his transfer history, but Jackson is an undeniable athlete who could contribute early at both the corner and safety position. He has third-round value.

148 – Brewster, Michael – C – Ohio St. Brewster is a very good athlete in space. Some of the foot movements that he struggles with inside do not hinder him when moving to the second level, and he is good to fit his body on linebackers and get movement there. He is a competitive player who can make all the front-calls and understands angles and lower-base anchoring when he blocks. He has been durable and dependable for the Buckeyes. Brewster is not very consistent coming off the ball to get into his blocks and can fall off late.

In the 6th round with the 179th pick the Titans select?

180 – Coleman, BJ – QB – Chattanooga Coleman really helped himself with an impressive week at the East-West Shrine. He has some arm strength with the ability to fit the ball into some tight windows. As a senior, Coleman completed 61 percent of his passes

180 – Jackson, Malik – DE – Tennessee Jackson had 56 tackles with nine tackle for a loss, 2.5 sacks, one forced fumble and two passes broken up this season. He was a late addition to the Senior Bowl, but played decently in Mobile. In 2011, Jackson saw a sizable amount of double teams in SEC play.

180 – Travathan, Danny- OLB- Kentucky For the season, Trevathan recorded 143 tackles with 11.5 tackles for a loss, three sacks, four interceptions, five forced fumbles and five passes broken up. He finished sixth in the nation in total tackles.

180 - Blake, Philip – C - Baylor Throughout 2011, Blake was an excellent pass protector for Robert Griffin III, and opened up holes in the ground game for running back Terrance Ganaway. Blake is a good athlete for his size.

In the 7th round with the 212th pick the Titans select?

212 - Moore, Kellen – QB – Boise St. Moore looks like a career backup as he is short and lacking in arm strength. The Senior Bowl made that clear. Moore put up some big numbers in leading Boise State's potent offense. He completed 74 percent of his passes for 3,734 yards with 43 touchdowns and nine interceptions in 2011.

212 – Garner, Grant - C - Oklahoma State Garner played well this season. He did well in run blocking, but was simply superb at keeping the pocket clean for quarterback Brandon Weeden. Garner played well against Stanford to conclude his career.

212 – Diehl, Chad – FB – Clemson Chad Diehl is a powerful lead blocker at 6’2" & 257. He has the ability to run over defenders and blast open holes for running backs.

212 – Chism, Cameron – CB – Maryland I think the Titans would like to add another speedy CB, 4.44.Chism started out the season with a huge game against Miami. He was all over the field, racking up six tackles, one interception, one forced fumble and one tackle for a loss. Chism had 47 tackles with two tackles for a loss, three interceptions, one forced fumble, and four passes broken up this year. He missed the final two games.

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