The Plan for Titans 2012 Dominance

This is my first fanpost. I decided to write a, what the Titans should do post under the inspiration of the one TitanRob did. This one is more what I think the Titans should do ,than what I think they are going to do. I'll work with the speculated cap figures from Drixt fanpost, which put us at about 14 million, to limit my spending spree. I will try to predict all of our 7 draft picks, also all the free agent moves with the contract details. So, without further ado;

The Plan: Resign Phase

1. DE Dave Ball Contract Details: 2 year 3 million deal, 2012 Cap Hit: 1.5 million

His veteran presence will help solidify the DE and ease in any rookie we sign.

2. SS Jordan Babineaux Contract Details:3 year 3.5 million deal, 2012 Cap Hit: 1.5 million

The Titans stand pat at SS, he supplies veteran depth, PFF ranked him (-7.4) 67th ranked safety.

3. LB/ST Tim Shaw Contract Details: 2 year 1.5 million deal, 2012 Cap Hit: 750k

Special Teams Ace

4. LB/ST Patrick Bailey Contract Details: 2 year 1.5 million deal, 2012 Cap Hit: 750k

Special Teams Ace

Spending Total: 4.5million

Remaining Cap Space: 9.5 million

The Plan: Free Agency Phase

1. Robert Meachem WR 6-2 / 210 (27)

Contract Details: 5 year 20 million deal, 2012 Cap Hit: 4 million

The perception of Meachem is that he's a one-trick pony deep threat. A rotational receiver who couldn't overcome Devery Henderson for consistent playing time in New Orleans. Meachem can certainly take the top off a defense, holding a career yards-per-reception average of 16.1. He ran a 4.39 forty at 6-foot-2, 210 coming out of Tennessee. 35 of Meachem's 141 catches have gone for 20-plus yards, good for a 24.8 20-yard rate that compares favorably to fellow top free agents Mario Manningham (23.4), Marques Colston (19.2), Reggie Wayne (18.1), and Pierre Garcon (15.4). Meachem has also been part of a receiver-committee approach with the Saints. He played 55.6 percent of New Orleans' offensive snaps in 2009, 48.9 percent in 2010, and 65.5 in 2011.

Meachem may be capable of more than his past statistics and role illustrate, however. He was always the Saints' best blocking receiver, playing over Colston in all one-wideout sets, and has been charged with just 11 career drops by Pro Football Focus. The Boston Globe reported in February that pro scouts consider Meachem a superior free agent to Colston as a less scheme-dependent receiver who could produce at a higher rate in an offense that utilized him differently. Either Meachem is going to be a steal on the open market, or he will generate more interest than anyone expects. By Evan Silva

He completes our WR core with his experience and UT speed.

2. Chris Myers C 6-4 / 289 (30)
Contract Details: 4 year 20 million deal, 2012 Cap Hit: 5 million

Myers doesn't carry the same luster as OLB Mario Williams or RB Arian Foster, but make no mistake: the team's starting center is an integral part of the Houston offense that the Texans view as a priority to re-sign this offseason. Perhaps working in the Texans' favor for retaining Myers' services is the perception around the league that he is a system player who is in the best position for success with the Texans, a zone-stretch run-blocking team. The running game has flourished the past two seasons, finishing seventh overall in 2010 and second last season. While Foster deserves plenty of credit — he has been one of the league's most productive backs during that span — the continuity and experience of the blocking in front of him, led by Myers, has paid huge dividends. By Arthur Arkush

He will be 31 this season but he's a plug-in starter at center and should play at a high level. I loved all the space Adrian Foster had to run so, us having a similar Zone Blocking scheme should reap the double reward of crippling our division foe and fixing our run game.

Spending Total: 9 million

Remaining Cap Space: 500k

The Plan: The Draft

The Plan: The Offense Line Shuffle Phase

Mike Munchak said it's a possibility of moving C Eugene Amano back to guard. I think the only reason he didn't during the season was because the new center would need an off-season for the transition or he wasn't on the team. Now with the new members on the Titans in place we reshuffle the offense line.

Left Tackle

  1. Michael Roos
  2. Byron Stingily

Left Guard

  1. Eugene Amano
  2. Kevin Matthews


  1. Chris Myers
  2. Fernando Velasco

Right Guard

  1. Kevin Zeitler
  2. Leroy Harris

Right Tackle

  1. David Stewart
  2. Mike Otto
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