MtD Live Draft part 2 Recap

Another edition of Mocking the Draft's annual live draft has come and gone. Props to seton hall and steelers for his usual excellent job running things. The turnout by GMs was very impressive given the fact that March Madness was going on at the same time. All the GMs did a great job. There will be another live draft as it gets closer to the real draft. I'm not sure when but details will be finalized soon. I once again signed up as the assistant commissioner for this one. Fortunately, my stint wasn't a total disaster this time as I was better prepared this time. A shout out to my senior assistant GM, jlomas for providing ideas and stepping in for the 1st round when I was at work. Another shout out to the other assistant GM, cj2k for his efforts here. I will consider the proposal that was made during the War Room sessions after consulting with my draft people and make a decision closer to LD time. Anyways, enough of me blabbing on and on. Picks and analysis after the jump! JUMP!

1.16 – Nick Perry DE USC

The pick here was a gamble to get Ingram, who just slipped far enough but no such luck for us. It was going to be a DE pick here all the way. I managed to keep everyone in the dark about this move up, even my own assistant GM until the last moment. Perry might be a better fit for our main 4-3 DE spot and could move up as a OLB in a 3-4 look. DE was a big need for us even with the Wimbley signing recently.

2. 47 – Brandon Washington OG Miami

The plan was getting a Guard in the early rounds to offset the awfulness of Leroy Harris and find a guy to groom under recent signing and one of the best to ever play, Steve Hutchinson. Washington was the BPG at 47 so we had to take him then.

2. 52 – Tommy Streeter WR Miami
I was divided here between CB and WR here but took WR as CB was a little deeper. Streeter provides a nice combo of speed and size at 6’5 220 4.40 40. I had to get a WR early as I have no faith in Kenny Britt to stay healthy or out of trouble for an extended period of time. TS broke out last year in Miami even with the always horrible MtD’s favorite punishment, Jacory Harris being the QB. He’s a bigger Mike Wallace with better route running and speed.

3. 88 – Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt
I thought about getting a CB in the 2nd round to help offset the loss of Cortland Finnegan but decided that there was enough talent in the 3rd round to find a quality CB to fill in depth and play in the nickel. Hayward is a riser in the draft and a local kid that went to Vandy (in Nashville). I only had a 4th round pick at the initial outset of the 3rd round but saw all the talent falling so I had to trade back up knowing 2013 picks were likely not being used in the next Live Draft.

4. 116 – Phillip Blake C/G Baylor

Another pick meets need and BPA perfectly. I was surprised that Blake would still be here at 116. The Titans need to revamp their interior OL badly. The starting C, Eugene Amano is godawful. Blake can play both G/C so he provides versatility should injuries occur. He’s a better C than Amano ever will be. We also needed a C that 2011 first round pick QB Jake Locker can grow up with.

4. 127 – Keenan Robinson OLB Texas
This pick is a semi need pick and mostly BPA. Robinson has ideal size and speed to play OLB (6’3 242+ and 4.69 40). He can sit and learn under current OLB starter Will Witherspoon. He also brings scheme diversity (so MCM doesn’t get its panties in a wad over mere mention of 3-4.) to Jerry Gray’s system. A LB corps of Akeem Ayers (2011 2nd), Colin McCarthy (2011 4th), and Robinson would be one of the youngest and best in the NFL. I also looked at S here but felt that LB was a bigger priority with the resigning of S Jordan Babineaux and franchising S Michael Griffin,

5. NONE (Assistant Commissioner)

6. 180 – Eddie Pleasant S Oregon

BPA pick here and depth filler behind those aforementioned safeties. I also looked at adding another OL/DL/QB here but didn’t like my options and felt like I could wait it out until UDFAs.

Drew Butler P Georgia
Dominique Davis QB East Carolina
Lavasier Tuinei WR Oregon
Grant Garner C Oklahoma State

With these UDFAs, I felt that it filled backup positions at need spots rather nicely. I couldn’t believe my luck when Tuinei was still there in UDFA land after I took him in the 7th during the first live draft. Davis can be the 3rd string development project that can grow into backing up Locker once Matt Hasselbeck leaves. Butler isn’t likely to make the team with Brett Kern firmly in the spot but it’s worth a look see in camp. He was one of the best punters in the SEC last year.

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