MCM Community Mock Draft Pick #4

Please remember that this is suppose to be fun but also to try and get alot of people's opinions. I don't know much about some of these college players which is the reason I made it a Community Mock.
Also please do not try to make some of the higher talent fall just so when the Titans pick is up we could get a players that has a very slim chance to make it to us.

Rules for the Mock:
Put the player you think the team should draft in the Subject line of the comments. Then if you would like to explain your reason for that player put that as a reply to that comment.
If a player you want that team to draft has already been said then please just Rec that comment.
Player with the most Rec will be draft at the end of the drafting period.
Andrew Luck, QB Standford

^reply: Colts need a QB that is as close as Peyton Manning.

Mock Trade Rules:
You can vote for that team to trade it to another team. When trading between teams put the team they are trading to and what picks they are trading.
For the any trading votes please use the 2 links to help make the trades work.
Draft Pick Value Chart, Teams Draft Picks

So the Rams are on the clock again after trading the #2 pick to the Browns for the #4 and #22 picks in the 2012 Draft. After having a rebound year in 2010, they fell off the wagon in 2011 finishing 2-14. This is going to be the first Draft for there new Head Coach Jeff Fisher who we all know and have a love/hate relationship with. It will be interesting to see if the year off from football help Fisher see that having a big powerful RB and hard nose D winning 13 to 10 isn't the NFL of today. However the Rams have that very possibility with RB Steven Jackson who has been taking his share of hits year in and year out as the Rams only play-maker.

Rams Ranking

Total Offense: 31st
Pass: 30th
Rush: 23rd

Total Defense: 22nd
Pass: 7th
Rush: 31st

Team Needs: WR, OT, CB, OLB

Top Possible Free Agents: Brandon Llyod

Voting will end Feb 8th @ 11:59pm CST or sooner if one player is running away with the Rec.

#1 Colts - Andrew Luck, QB Standford
#2 Browns (From Rams) - Robert Griffin III, QB Baylor
#3 Vikings - Matt Kalil, OT USC
#4 Rams (From Browns) -
#5 Buccaneers -
#6 Redskins -
#7 Jaguars -
#8 Panthers -
#9 Dolphins -
#10 Bills -
#11 Chiefs -
#12 Seahawks -
#13 Cardinals -
#14 Cowboys -
#15 Eagles -
#16 Jets -
#17 Bengals (From Raiders) -
#18 Chargers -
#19 Bears -
#20 Titans -
#21 Bengals -
#22 Rams (From Browns via Falcons) -
#23 Lions -
#24 Steelers -
#25 Broncos -
#26 Texans -
#27 Patriots (From Saints) -
#28 Packers -
#29 Ravens -
#30 49ers -
#31 Patriots -
#32 Giants -

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