DB's 2 Round Mock with Titans rounds 3-7

My goal was to have a four round mock posted before the combine....but here it is day 3 and working on the last two rounds today is pointless because everything will change after the combine. That being said, 99% of this mock was done before the combine, so keep that in mind.

Here is my full two round mock and my Titans 3rd-7th round picks at the end.

My draft only includes one trade...the Rams because it is such a given. My draft only presumes two FA signing; Peyton Manning to the Dolphins and Matt Flynn to the Redskins.

Let me know what you think...and if you've kept up with the combine who you think is rising or falling so far.

1 - IND: Luck, Andrew - QB - Stanford
No Brainer.

2 - CLE: Griffin, Robert - QB - Baylor
Browns might have Miami, Redskins or Seattle trade up so they need to grab their future QB. Mccoy is only a 3rd rounder and is not panning out.

3 - MIN: Kalil, Matt - OT - USC
Minnesota grabs the best non-QB player in the draft to fill a giant hole at LT.

4 - STL: Blackmon, Justin - WR - Oklahoma State
Rams desperately need an offensive weapon for Bradford, especially since Lloyd is probably going to NE.

5 - TB: Richardson, Trent - RB - Alabama
The Buccaneers can grab a corner or an OLineman atop Round 2, whereas a running back of Richardson's caliber won't be available there.

6 - WAS: Reiff, Riley - OT - Iowa
The Redskins have the most cap space of QB needy teams, they will sign a free agent QB. Thus they'll grab one of the best OT's in Reiff to protect their investment and to replace Brown who was a sieve last year.

7 - JAX: Martin, Jonathan - OT - Stanford
Who better to protect their skittish sophmore QB than J. Martin.

8 - MIA: Coples, Quinton - DE - North Carolina
Philbin wants to move to the 4-3...meaning they would need a compliment across from Cameron Wake.

9 - CAR: Claiborne, Morris - CB - LSU
Panthers are lucky to have Claiborne fall to them.

10 - BUF: Ingram, Melvin – DE – South Carolina
The Bills are officially sticking with the 4-3, so he makes more sense than Courtney Upshaw. He's a bit short for a 4-3 scheme (6-1) and his arms are like twigs, but he has elite explosion.

11 - KC: Adams, Mike - OT - Ohio State
If they can land a LT it will allow Brandon Albert to move inside and become a pro bowl guard, 2 for 1.

12 - SEA: Brockers, Michael - DT - LSU
The Seahawks finished in the bottom 10 in sacks. A lacking pass rush, both on the exterior and interior, is their greatest issue, outside of the quarterback position.

13 - ARI: DeCastro, David - OG - Stanford
This is normally really early for a guard, but David DeCastro is the top prospect at the position since Steve Hutchinson. He would be an enormous upgrade for Arizona's pedestrian offensive front.

14 - DAL: Kirkpatrick, Dre - CB - Alabama
Their secondary is an abomination, so multiple upgrades will need to be found this offseason.

15 - PHI: Brown, Zach - OLB - North Carolina
The Eagles should probably go linebacker with their first 3 picks because they need upgrades at all 3 spots. And Zach Brown is a freak athlete that will only improve his stock at the combine.

16 - NYJ: Upshaw, Courtney – DE/OLB - Alabama
The Jets need to improve their pass rush so Rex Ryan doesn't have to call blitzes every single down. Rush linebacker Bryan Thomas tore his Achilles tendon earlier in the year, so this position has become even more dire for New York. Courtney Upshaw, MVP of the alleged national championship, already has experience in the 3-4, so I'm sure Rex Ryan likes that.

17 - CIN: Jenkins, Janoris - CB - North Alabama
Unfortunately for the Bengals Richardson is long gone and so are the top flight OL. Cornerback is a need for Cincinnati. Nate Clements, who turns 32 in December, has been inconsistent this year. He'll also be a free agent after the 2012 season anyway. Meanwhile, Leon Hall won't be ready to play next year because of his torn Achilles.

18 - SD: Perry, Nick - DE - USC
Perry has always struck me as the "other guy" in a 3-4 scheme: more finesse than brawn, who can take advantage of a disruptive force of nature on the other side to max out his potential.

19 - CHI: Wright, Kendall - WR - Baylor
Jay Cutler was at his best when he had Brandon Marshall to throw to. It's actually amazing that he can function with Earl Bennett, Johnny Knox and Devin Hester as his top options.

20 - TEN: Barron, Mark - SS - Alabama
The Titans really need to upgrade their Safety spot as Griffin and Hope will both most likely be gone.Barron is blessed with size, strength and instincts. Barron has the strength and length to cover tight ends and lay a hit. Still, he's probably better in zone coverage because he's not espescially loose hipped. A list of thorough scouting reports, plus video have been compiled on the following link.

21 - CIN: Glenn, Cordy - OG - Georgia
They need to protect their sophomore QB Andy Dalton, plus OG is a big need.

22 - STL: Gilmore, Stephon - CB - South Carolina
Fisher would love to get a OL here but the value just isn’t there, so he addresses a big need at CB in getting Gilmore.

23 - DET: Mercilus, Whitney - DE - Illinois
Generating a consistent pass rush hasn’t been a major issue for the Lions, but it will be difficult for Detroit to leave a defensive playmaker like Mercilus on the board. Schwartz loves stocking up on defense and Vanden Bosch isn't getting any younger.

24 - PIT: Worthy, Jerel - DT – Michigan State
The Steelers are all too aware that the interior of their defensive line is in need of an upgrade, and as such, a player like Worthy will appeal on a number of levels.

25 - DEN: Still, Devon - DT - Penn State
Brodrick Bunkley had a great year as a run-stuffer, but the Broncos don't really have anything next to him and Still is way too talented to pass up.

26 - HOU: Jeffery, Alshon - WR - South Carolina
The Texans really need an upgrade across from Andre Johnson.

27 - NE: Hightower, Dont'a - LB - Alabama
Hightower excels stopping the run from the ILB positions, regardless of whether he is playing in the 3-4 or 4-3. He also has flashed the ability to rush the passer, both standing up as an OLB or with his hand in the dirt as a DE.

28 - GB: Konz, Peter - C - Wisconsin
If their stud C Scott Wells leaves, which is likely due to their lack of salary cap space, Peter Konz will become one of the favorites to be selected at No. 28.

29 - BAL: Burfict, Vontaze - LB - Arizona State
Ozzie Newsome indicated that he'll be looking for Ray Lewis' successor this upcoming April. Well, Vontaze Burfict makes sense for a number of reasons. He's one of the best players available and fits the attitude of Baltimore's defense.

30 - SF: Floyd, Michael - WR - Notre Dame
49ers desperately need a WR for Alex Smith. And if Floyd is here at 30 there is no way they would pass him up.

31 - NE: Cox, Fletcher - DT - Mississippi State
Cox exhibits an impressive combination of speed and power, beating linemen with both a quick first step or overwhelming force. He sheds blocks with ease and anchors well against double teams—both signs that he has the ability to play the 5-technique but he is just as versatile in the 3-technique.

32 - NYG: Kuechly, Luke - LB - Boston College
The Giants have a gaping hole right in the middle of their defense and are stoked to find Kuechly available at the end of the first round.

Round 2

1 - STL: Sanders, Zebrie - OT - Florida State
More protection for Bradford.

2 - IND: Poe, Dontari - DT - Memphis
The Colts are switching to a 3-4 and need a NT.

3 - MIN: Minnifield, Chase - CB - Virginia
MN could be without Chris Cook and Cedric Griffin (Who is horrible), Antoine Winfield is ancient and Asher Allen is only a nickel CB. MN needs a CB, probably two.

4 - TB: Dennard, Alfonzo - CB - Nebraska
With Aqib Talib and Ronde Barber's future in Tampa Bay uncertain, the Bucs don't have any other corners worthy of starting or even being a nickel

5 - CLE: Miller, Lamar - RB - Miami
Miller will inject youth, agility, and lightning speed to this young offense and will likely help take it to the next level. Lamar is incredibly quick and hits the hole with conviction

6 - JAX: Randle, Rueben - WR - LSU
After getting a OT to protect Gabbert they know grab him a target.

7 - WAS: Sanu, Mohamed - WR - Rutgers
After grabbing a QB in FA they now continue to help him out with a top rated WR.

8 - CAR: Thompson, Brandon - DT - Clemson
Panthers wanted to go WR but value has dropped off since the last one taken. So they fill another need at DT with much better value in Brandon Thompson.

9 - BUF: Branch, Andre - DE - Clemson
Bills are desperate for a pass rush and lots of Bills forums are mocking OLB and/or DE with first two picks.

10 - MIA: Charles, Orson - TE - Georgia
Chris Mortenson, like Adam Schefter, puts the Dolphins as the favorite for Manning. For that reason the Dolphins grab Charles, the #1 rated TE by NFL’s Mike Mayock, as a weapon for Manning.

11 - SEA: Tannehill, Ryan - QB - Texas A&M
Seahawks grab their QB.

12 - KC: Reyes, Kendall - DT - Connecticut
Reyes was one of the standouts at the Senior Bowl. He dominated the North offensive linemen in the pass-rushing one-on-ones in practice. Reyes was winning with bull rushes and speed rushes. The 6-foot-3, 300-pounder played well this season, collecting 46 tackles, 4.5 sacks and 13.5 tackles for a loss.

13 - DAL: Crick, Jared - DT - Nebraska
Crick can also play as a 3-4 DE where his relentless effort wears down the OL.

14 - PHI: Lewis, Ronnell - OLB - Oklahoma
The Eagles should probably go linebacker with their first 3 picks because they need upgrades at all 3 spots.

15 - NYJ: Wagner, Bobby - OLB - Utah State
The Jets are built around defense, and Aaron Maybin leading the team with 6 sacks is not going to get it done.

16 - NE: Smith, Harrison - SS - Notre Dame
The Patriots could really use some help at safety. In 2011, Smith recorded 90 tackles with three tackles for a loss, 10 passes broken up and one forced fumble.

17 - SD: Massie, Bobby - OT - Mississippi
Massie is a mauler. The 6'6", 325-lb junior from Ole Miss is the epitome of NFL RTs: big and strong; a real road-grader, but no slouch in pass protection.

18 - CHI: Zeitler, Kevin - OG - Wisconsin
The Bears fill a hole at guard with a powerful road grader who would fit their offense well.

19 - PHI: Hill, Stephen - WR - Georgia Tech
Stephen Hill is a walking deep threat standing at 6'5" tall and averaging 29.3 yards/catch last year. Though he's had inconsistent hands, dropping some easy passes, he doesn't seem to have issues reeling in the deep ball.

20 - TEN: Curry, Vinny - DE - Marshall
The Titans need more help with their pass rush and Curry had a great Senior week.

Here is that potential pass rusher every team is seeking. Curry is strong and relentless off the edge, and so intent on getting to the passer that he is often too upright and vulnerable to a quick cut block. However, he can get down and dirty with a decent bull rush and uses his strong hands well. Curry was named Conference USA Defensive Player of the Year in 2011 when he had 11 sacks, seven forced fumbles and 22 tackles for a loss. To see a thorough compilation of scouting reports and video on Vinny Curry please click here:

21 - CIN: Wilson, David - RB - Virginia Tech
Wilson has the power and explosiveness to truck through a defender (or two), and he is deceptively agile on his feet, enabling him to make quick cuts and break ankles.

22 - DET: Johnson, Leonard - CB - Iowa State
Johnson had a strong senior season and followed that up with a strong performance at the Senior Bowl. In 2011, he totaled 72 tackles, eight passes broken up and one interception.

23 - ATL: Fleener, Coby - TE - Stanford
Fleener (6-6, 244)was a dangerous receiver for Luck and is a better value for the Falcons at this point then other CB's and OL's available.

24 - PIT: Washington, Brandon - OG - Miami
At 6'4", 320, Washington has played tackle, but has the natural build of a guard and should start on the right side of the line right away in the NFL.

25 - DEN: Polk, Chris - RB - Washington
Polk is a solidly-built, hard-hitting kid, who doesn't go down on first contact. His reception totals went up this year (31 for 332 yds), and he's a willing and able pass blocker.

26 - HOU: Ta'amu, Alameda - DT - Washington
Its long overdue but the Texans finally fill a need at NT. Ta'Amu looks to be a great value in the second round. He's incredibly thickly built at 6-2, 341 with impressive strength in the upper and lower body. He has excellent quickness for his size and can play in a 2-gap scheme. He's shown the ability to collapse the pocket and disrupt running plays in the backfield.

27 - NO: David, Lavonte - OLB - Nebraska
In 2010, David was a monster for Nebraska. The 6-foot-1, 225-pounder averaged almost 11 tackles per game and set a single-season school record with 152 tackles. To go along with his fabulous tackle production, he recorded six sacks, 12.5 tackles for a loss and eight passes broken up. When the Cornhuskers moved to the Big Ten, David's defensive role changed. Nebraska switched to a more traditional 4-3 defense with him as the team's Will linebacker. This year, he totaled 133 tackles with two ints.

28 - GB: Johnson, Cam - DE - Virginia
The Packers don't have many holes, but some good ends and pass rushers besides Clay Matthews would definitely upgrade this defensive unit.

29 - BAL: Jones, Ben - C - Georgia
Both centers on the Ravens roster, Matt Birk and Andre Gurode, are well on the wrong side of 30 and are set to hit free agency. Enter Ben Jones. Jones is widely considered the second best center prospect, and he's got enough size and versatility to play guard as well.

30 - SF: Osemele, Kelechi - OG - Iowa State
In terms of athletic ability, Osemele has a lot to like. At 6 foot 5 and 340 pounds, Osemele is a mountain of a blocker. He is a bit raw but has lots of upside.

31 - NE: Hosley, Jayron - CB - Virginia Tech
The Patriots need more cornerback help even after spending high picks on Devin McCourty and Ras-I Dowling. Hosley (5-10, 171) is a ballhawk who is fast with excellent instincts and hands, and if the junior can develop his body more, he could be a top-notch NFL corner.

32 - NYG: Allen, Dwayne - TE - Clemson
The Giants are meet both value and need with grabbing Allen at the end of the second round.


Again, I wanted to do a full 4 round mock but I probably would not have finished before the combine finished, which would have made my pre-combine mock irrelevant. Titans picks 3-7:

Titans 3rd Round: TN: Brewster, Mike- C- Ohio State

It is obvious Brewster has the size, (6'4" 312) strength, and athleticism to start for a long time in the pivot at the next level. His ability to form a wall in pass protection and move his quick feet to create lanes inside for his running backs give him a chance to be the top interior lineman selected in the 2012 draft. With this pick the Titans can move Harris over to guard. Click here for a thorough compilation of scouting reports and video.:

Titans 4th Round: TN: Hayward, Casey - CB - Vanderbilt

Aggressive tackler with adequate size has over 120 tackles the past couple of seasons;

Not super fast, but can jam receivers at the line of scrimmage and can flip hips and turn and run; reads routes well and has excellent ball skills; sees the field well in zone coverage and breaks nicely out of back pedal.

A smart, productive corner who can consistently make plays on the football. He's not a guy who will consistently hold up in man on the outside in the NFL. However, he's shown the ability to routinely get early jumps on the football and come down with the catch. More Info here:

Titans 5th Round: TN: Wright, Jarious- WR- Arkansas

Jarius Wright has speed to burn.(Ran a 4.42 at combine) He was impressive in 2011 in his ability to play inside and outside inArkansas pro-style offense. Wright is likely a slot receiver in the NFL that shows a toughness over the middle and track speed down the seam. A coordinated athlete who is sharp as a route runner, tough over the middle and knows how to get open vs. man and zone. Will get re-routed vs. press at times and looks more like an inside player at the next level, but has the skill set to make a roster and carve out a big niche early. His football IQ is through the roof and shows impressive toughness on the underneath stuff. His speed could create matchup nightmares in the slot. A thorough analysis can be found here:

Titans 6th Round:TN: Travathan, Danny- OLB- Kentucky

Trevathan was the leader of the Kentucky defense and constantly produced splash plays throughout the 2011 season. He was one of the nation's leading tacklers despite not playing in a bowl game. Trevathan recorded 143 tackles with 11.5 tackles for a loss, four interceptions, five forced fumbles, five pass breakups and three sacks. He played well against good opponents and was an impact player impossible to ignore.

In 2010, Trevathan had 144 tackles with 16 tackles for a loss, three sacks, four forced fumbles and three passes broken up. He was a three-year starter who improved each season. If he can add some bulk for the next level, he could be a steal. Trevathan is a phenomenal run defender that attacks the line of scrimmage and helps set up good down-and-distance situations. He also is a good blitzer and is able to cover well. Trevathan makes hard hits; he knocked a few players out of games this season.
Trevathan looks like a perfect fit as a Will (weakside) linebacker in a 4-3 defense. He has the speed and instincts to cover the perimeter while also being able to make tackles in the box. More Info:

Titans 7th Round:TN: Moore, Kellen- QB- Boise St.

Highly intelligent and has been extremely productive, making very few mental mistakes. Very smart and plays like an offensive coordinator on the field. Extremely accurate with above average ball placement ~ puts the ball where he wants and understands where it needs to be.

There is a place at the next level for such a sharp offensive mind, but he has very limited NFL potential because of his physical shortcomings ~ a third day pick who looks like a career back-up, similar to Saints reserve quarterback Chase Daniel.

Please rate the draft for the Titans.

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