"Can someone name me one big name FA we've ever signed?"

Interesting Topic was brought up today in one of our threads, the question "Can someone name me one big name FA we've ever signed?" was asked. After talking with a few people, I've decided to now and forever bring to the attention of people that follow MCM;
We Do Actually Sign Big Name FA. - This is not a valid excuse to blame the Titans on because we did not sign "Your Guy".

Let's JUMP into this:

Let's start with recent years of FA signings:

2010 -
Will Witherspoon: 3rd round pick for the Panthers - final year before a Titan he was an Eagle. First game as an Eagle, Witherspoon recorded six tackles, an interception (returned for a touchdown), sack, and a forced fumble. Has been a cornerstone for a reconstructed LB group while young-up-and-comers are waiting in the wings. Solid-team player. 103 tackles - 5 sacks - 3 INTs. Verdict: SOLID SIGNING

THE Randy Moss: 1st round pick for the Vikings - HOF WR - doesn't get any bigger then Moss. of course ended in terribly, but KennyB says what Moss was able to teach him in his little time here was invaluable. Verdict: Meh, but awesome if Moss's teachings help KennyB go into full-on-beast-mode

2009 -
Nate Washington: undrafted - like Mike Wallace before he learned how to properly catch. Big signing for us, 6 year deal - 27 mill. Just posted his first 1,000 yard season while filling in for injured KennyB. and fought his way into all of our hearts this season. Verdict: I LOVE ALL-STATE!!!!

Jake Scott: 5th round pick by the Colts - prior to the Titans, He started nine games in his rookie year and was selected for the 2004 Football Digest All-Rookie Team. Scott started all 16 games in 2005and 2006, including the post-season and Super Bowl XLI , a victory over the Bears in February 2007. With the Titans helped produce a 2,000 yard rusher and part of one of the best pass blocking O-lines in the league. Verdict: Overall Great Signing.

Alge Crumpler: 2nd round pick by the Falcons - prior to the Titans he was one the top TEs in the league, posted 3 Pro-Bowl appearances. In his time with the Titans, he was a solid duel threat TE, but far better as a blocker. Big part of Chris Johnson's 2,000 yard season. Verdict: Awesome Signing

Jevon Kearse: 1st round pick by the Titans: Everything about Kearse's time here as a Titan was incredible. He left the Titans for the Eagles for a few short years, but got to end his career in a Titans jersey. Verdict: Great signing to bring him back home.

Nick Harper: undrafted - with Indy posted 15 INTs and winning a Super Bowl ring the Titans brought in Harper on a 3 year deal. Verdict: Well, he was pretty good when he wasn't a Titan!

Bryan Scott: 2nd round pick by the Falcons - prior to being a Titan, he In his rookie season, Scott led all defensive backs with 63 tackles despite only starting six contests in 15 total games. Finished tied for team-high special teams with 13 tackles. In 2004, he started all 16 games at strong safety and ranked third on the team with 85 tackles and 2.5 sacks, and one interception, including 7 tackles in the NFC Championship Game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately, did nothing as a Titan. Verdict: No good.

2006- Big Year for FA's
David Givens: 7th round pick for the Patriots - Givens signed a 5-year deal worth $24 million with the Titans in 2006. Thought we found our big receiving threat... Givens had other plans. Injured week 10. Missed 2007. Released in 2008. Verdict: Stupid Anterior Cruciate Ligaments...

Chris Hope: 3rd round pick for the Steelers - "In 2004 Chris Hope became the starting free safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Chris Hope would pick up 58 tackles forcing one fumble, four pass deflections, and intercept one pass with a return of 41 yards.In 2005 Chris Hope would once again start as Free Safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He had 69 tackles forcing one fumble, and he picked off 3 passes with a total of 60 return yards. Chris Hope was one of the many who helped the Pittsburgh Steelers reach and win Super Bowl XL" - Wiki. Hope signed a 6 year contract with the Titans. Registered 16 INTs here. Been a solid SS for years until his play started declining in the last 2 years. Verdit: Good Signing.

Kevin Mawae: 2nd round pick for the Seahawks - First season earned All-Rookie-Honors and then decided to get really freakin' good after that. Went on to go to 6 consecutive Pro-Bowls prior to coming to the Titans to lead a 2,000 yard rusher to the promise land. Voted team Capt. Helped Cheeseburger White get over 1,000 yards (that is an honor itself) and got a few more Pro Bowls in the process. Verdict: One of our best FA signings. Ever.

David Thronton: 4th round pick by the Colts - Thornton best season came in 2003 when he led the Colts with 145 tackles and made two interceptions. Great speedy LB for the Colts. Tackling machine with the Titans, career cut short by injuries. Awesome team leader. Verdict: Good Signing.

2005- The Year of KVB
Kyle Vanden Bosh: 2nd round pick by the Cardinals - KVB... I just want you to know, I love you and I miss you and I don't regret it. KVB did nothing as a Cardinal, but the Titans decided... "Hey you wear red contacts and scream a lot, you must be pretty freakin' awesome!" and he was. KVB's best years were as a Titan and I wish he was still here. Verdict: I love you.

There you have it. I am only going to go back 8 years, but that is plenty of evidence for people to stop saying "We Don't Sign ANYONE!!!!1!1" If there is ever a time where your brain is trying to trick you into thinking otherwise, do not fret - Pratt has your back. Always remember that.

Ready.... FIGHT!

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