A New Sunday Ritual

Hello, fellow MCMer's. It's your favorite neighborhood, Titan-loving, starship captain. I am relatively new to posting here in MCM and this is my first fanpost. However, I have been an avid reader of MCM for some time and thoroughly enjoy all of your comments, trolling, and fun-loving internet tough guy discourse. It is truly a well-rounded message board.

Many times I have watched Titans games, this season and in the past, and thereafter tried to have cogent conversations with fellow Titans fans. However, I would have a tough time making points and counterpoints because although I would remember key parts of the game, the minutiae would escape my memory and would be lost forever to me (absent, of course, rewatching the abortions we call football games at seemingly perpetual noon kickoff time). In real life, when I am not exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, and, of course, boldly going where no man has gone before, I am a lawyer. As a lawyer, having things like specific evidence to back up arguments is sort of important. As such, before the Green Bay game last Sunday I thought to myself, "we are about to get crushed, but like all severe, psychologically damaging events I will more than likely black it out of memory." I then got a great idea: Let's take some notes on the game! I got out my trust legal pad, a brand new Pilot G-2 0.7 Blue Pen (because, let's be honest, I was going to need all that ink as bad as we blow), donned my Titans hoodie, and set out to not forget anything about that game.

Since I didn't want to be constantly pausing, writing, then pressing play the whole game, I restricted my analysis to four players/groups: (1) Jake Locker, (2) CJ, (3) Coaching, (4) Defense. Seemed logical enough at the time. Below is my quarter-by-quarter notes for each player/group. All words written below are as they appear on my legal pad. There has been no editing. These are by no means a complete play-by-play analysis. This is just my general observations, with some specific play stuff, from the game.

(1) Jake Locker

First Quarter

  • All deep balls completely under thrown; no power being displayed; looks lost (probably function of being too concerned with pass rush)
  • All Short/Intermediate throws completely off-target; reiterating accuracy concerns for Locker; properly again function of focus on pass rush instead of focusing down-field.
  • Only positive play was running for 1st down (his running the ball is quickly becoming the only positive Locker brings to games against good/elite teams)
  • Interceptions - The first INT on under thrown ball to Britt was completely Locker's fault. Deep ball is supposed to be strength; is having trouble judging the power and trajectory needed for throws down the field. The second INT 3/4 Locker's fault (thrown behind WR) and 1/4 on WR ("if it hits your hands, you have to catch it").
Second Quarter

  • 1st and 10 (first offensive possession) - Roll out to right; Locker shows lack of field awareness & rolls out past Quinn Johnson ("QJ") containment block, leaving himself vulnerable with no options; run of 2 yards.
  • Locker stumble and fall play microcosm of our season.
  • Inconsistency reigns supreme.
  • Locker hail mary completely weak. Did not even make it to end zone.
Third Quarter
  • Inaccurate throw to Nasty Nate [Washington]
  • Can't overcome terrible O-line protection; Petrus at LG is not cut out for NFL.
  • Pass to C. Stevens in double coverage shows bad decision-making abilities.
  • Locker simply not good enough as QB to overcome bad offensive line play.
Fourth Quarter
  • Showing zero confidence in throws; completely inaccurate no matter the number of steps in drop of length of pass.
  • Even got caught behind line on designed QB run.
  • Desperation shovel pass to Nasty Nate (negated by holding penalty anyway) just plain bad.
(2) Chris Johnson
First Quarter
  • Reverted to "beginning of season" CJ; not hitting the hole (probably b/c O-line not doing job); even still, CJ demonstrating 0% confidence with ball.
  • Injured on Clay Matthews tackle.
Second Quarter
  • Wasn't in on 1st series of 2nd Quarter
  • 2nd Possession - Hitting hole better; taking what he can get; no dancing in hole.
Third Quarter
  • Taking what he can get. Can't overcome terrible offensive line play.
  • Caught nice screen pass; picks up 1st.
Fourth Quarter
  • Terrible pass protection leads to sack of Locker.
(3) Coaching
First Quarter
  • Munch is showing literally no fire whatsoever to inspire team.
  • [Note here about intentional grounding call not being reviewed. Now know it can't be reviewed. F-ing terrible rule and even worse call]
  • Playcalling was okay with poor execution. Tight end drag play to Taylor Thompson was great call.
Second Quarter
  • 11:00 minutes left; 3rd and 1; Full back dive to QJ is terrible call; NO GAIN
  • 4th and 1; called Quick Slant; turnover on downs; ANOTHER TERRIBLE CALL
  • 12 men on field shows lack of preparation
  • 0:03 left in half; Hail Mary play after timeout shows utter desperation and inadequacy by Dowell et al.
Third Quarter
  • Dowell is hamstrung by lack of execution ability by team.
Fourth Quarter
  • Fire the entire staff. They are f-ing incompetent.
  • Why L. Hawkings on KO RET now? What purpose?
  • Running J. Harper inside shows incompetence.
  • This staff is incapable of getting this team where it needs to be.
(4) Defense
First Quarter
  • Playing average against the run; with exception of R. Grant stretch play off left side, doing good job on run.
  • Secondary is outmatched against Packer passing attack. Only time with success against pass was Mike Martin sack; all other times were pitch and catch between Rodgers & WR's.
Second Quarter
  • After being backed up in Red Zone following 2nd Locker INT, they held tough and forced a field goal. Great discipline in Secondary.
  • 2nd Possession; terrible coverage & bad tackling (quick pass to Jennings for 7 yards)
  • ATV gets bear easily on weak double move by Jennings; if Rodgers makes better throw its a TD.
  • Easy 4th and 1 conversion by Packers with R. Grant. Defense looks lost pre-snap (bad preparation).
  • T. Campbell plays solid coverage to force FG.
  • Backed up by special teams play/Kern punt, Secondary promptly gives up easy catch to TE to give Packers room.
  • 12 men on field, still couldn't stop Rodgers pass for approx. 25 yds to Finley!
  • Neutral zone infraction? How was that a penalty?
  • Afalava is terrible in coverage.
  • Rodgers overthrows J. Jones (bear ATV). Again, it is Packer mistake, not Titans play-making, that hinders Packers.
Third Quarter
  • Show literally no awareness with R. Cobb approx. 20 yd pass play running WIDE open.
  • Rodgers easy read on blitz to dump to J. Finley. Shows we either don't care enough to disguise or are inadequate in every way.
  • Z. Brown great pursuit of Rodgers; should have been sacked by Wimbley.
  • 800th string RB walks into endzone on strongside of D-formation. Indefensible.
  • Run-D playing stretch play out of shotgun well.
  • Soft coverage is killing the D (J.Jones catch and run); poor tackling again.
  • D playing like they have zero hope; showing no care as to rest of game.
  • Z. Brown roughing to passer penalty was horseshit.
  • R. Grant out of backfield with NO LB coverage at all shows complete lack of preparation. If in man coverage, MUST ACCOUNT!
  • TD to Jennings. No one covering presnap. Absolute retardedness.
  • Z. Brown makes GREAT backside read to shoot gap and make tackle around 3:17 mark.
  • J. Jones catch at 3:12 shows terrible tackling/lack of effort by Secondary. Basically given up at this point.
Fourth Quarter
  • Front 4 literally incapable of producing pass rush on their own all game.
  • Soft coverage in Red Zone inexcusable (J. Jones TD). ATV looking foolish ALL GAME.
  • R. Grant walks in on TD. NO ONE CARES!!!
  • Left out to dry by offense all game.
-------------------------------------------------------------- So what do you, MCM nation, think of my notes and observations of the game? Would love to hear your comments!
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