Notable Titan Free Agents

With this sad excuse of a football season coming to a close on Sunday afternoon, its time to start with who are the Titans going to resign?

There aren't any really big time players of note that will be losing like last year with Cortland Finnegan or Tulloch or the year before with Kyle Vanden Bosch, but still there are a couple of players of note.

Really there is only one big player that would be foolish for the Titans let go of, that is Tight End Jared Cook. I see the Titans trying to sign him to a 2 to 3 year deal, and if that falls through then I definitely see him getting franchised. I'll state that letting him go wouldn't be great especially with the obvious shift in a run savvy offense to a pass oriented scheme. He did become disgruntled mid-season with the Palmer ran offense, and his play has been inconsistent, but he did seem open to Loggains system. I see him being happier in the new system and, as long as we are competitive next year.

Guard Fernando Velasco seems like an intriguing free agent. He is going to be un-restricted and to be honest he has done a pretty good job filling in for Eugene Amano, which isn't saying too much, but he is an improvment. With our depleted offensive line he could be a very important signing this offseason. He the only offensive lineman who has actually started and played in all 16 games this year.

Kicker Rob Bironas has been one of the only real consistent clutch players we've had this year, so re-signing him would be essential. Having that reliable kicker is all so important considering all the ups and downs other teams have had to deal with when it comes to kickers (Baltimore anybody?). He has looked a little shaky at times, but when he was asked to go win the game against the Steelers this year, he did it. He still has that clutch gene.

Guard Leroy Harris is another guy who will be un-resticed this offseason. He has had his ups and downs, but my money is he's gone. Amano will be back next year and Velasco has done a much better job at Center that most people expected. There's already a fair amount of money tied up with Amano, and the Titans don't want to tie up to much money in another injury prone O-lineman, not after this season.

Fullback Quinn Johnson is un-restricied this offseason, but its hard for me seeing the Titans keeping him after this year. Colin Mooney seems to be a bowling ball fullback waiting for his chance. The Titans could put that money to better use in free agency than worrying about having two fullbacks, especially with TE Craig Stevens shifting into the H-back position when needed.

Returner/Running Back Darius Reynard will be un-restricted as well. He has had a very good net average on returns this year and also two TD's returned. So I see the Titans keeping him for rather cheap money. He is faster that Marc Marini, but Marini can be used in the slot postion if needed. Still Darius is a cheap re-sign and if he goes somewhere else Marc is still here.

Defensive Tackle SenDerrick Marks has had a steady season this year but with Jurrell Casey, Mike Martin, and Karl Klug all playing better when given the chance I don't see him staying with the team. There can be a better upgrade in free agency and with a lot of "draft experts" having the Titans drafting a DT it seems Marks is on the way out.

Linebacker Will Witherspoon could stay for league minimum, but depending on McCarthy's health this offseason and what the Titans do in the draft he is expendable.

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