Kevin Sumlin & the Tennessee Titans

Assuming that the Titans give Munchak another season and he does exactly what we expect him to do.......fails, the Titans will be looking for a coach to come in and win right away. Being an Aggie I have experienced this process happen right in front of my eyes this fall and here is why the Titans should give Sumlin serious consideration in the 2014 offseason........



Here are the 3 most important reasons....

1. Ability to adapt his system to the players he is given.

When Kevin Sumlin accepted the job at Texas A&M University he was given a very capable football team that was loaded with offensive talent (Sound familiar anyone?). Of course none of the players were recruited to A&M by Sumlin himself, but he did not let that affect what his plans were for the team. KS is a coach that loves the spread option and puts his QB in a position to succeed (See Case Keenum). Very similar to what the Titans personnel has, Sumlin was given a very physically gifted WR-Mike Evans (6'3 220+) and some very fast slot receivers-Ryan Swope for example. Of course if you are even reading this thread you have surely heard of Johnny Manziel as he is the most talked about figure in sports these days. So Sumlin was able to come in and install his system using the exact type of personnel the Titans have..........lets keep going.

2. Quarterback Development

If the on field play of Case Keenum and Johnny Manziel don't influence your view on Sumlin, simply listen to one of their interviews. Both have high praise for the man who has shaped both of their football careers. With a system that is built for QB's to succeed in, KS makes it a point to develop his QB's personally. With Jake being at a very critical point in his career he needs a coach that will lead the team and be able to develop his skills as well.


But seriously though. I know MCM'ers hate to here this point being made, but bare with me. Not only does he win, but he beats good teams in the process. If you don't pay attention to college football, the Aggies took down the number 1 ranked (and soon to be national champs) team on their own field. It was not luck or some accident. A very well coached team put together a complete performance and handled their business. Something we as Titans fans haven't seen in a while.

Wanted to expand a little more on these points and give a few more but I wanted this to be more about feedback from the fan base. Who we hire is going to be critical. I think most of us would agree that we're a coach away from being a playoff contender, so lets get this thing right. BTW for all those who complain about Munch never showing any emotion, this is how sumlin gets down after a win.
Thanks & Gig 'Em.

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