GUT This Team!

This season for the Titans has been unacceptable. The whole organization is in a second-tier mindset, and there needs to be some serious house cleaning at Baptist Sports Park. Also, every coach should be fired except Alan Lowry. He's one of the best special teams coaches in the business in my opinion. Here's the entire roster as I see it.

58 Adibi, Xavier LB Not sure most likely, cut

38 Afalava, Al S Not sure, cut

56 Ayers, Akeem LB Keep

26 Babineaux, Jordan S Keep

57 Bailey, Patrick LB Keep

70 Baldridge, Daniel T Not sure, cut

81 Barden, Brandon TE Cut

2 Bironas, Rob K Definitely keep

48 Brinkley, Beau LS/TE Keep

18 Britt, Kenny WR Definitely keep

55 Brown, Zach LB Definitely keep

37 Campbell, Tommie DB Keep

99 Casey, Jurrell DT Definitely keep

62 DeVan, Kyle G Cut

33 Griffin, Michael S Cut with extreme prejudice

23 Harper, Jamie RB meh, cut

96 Harris, DaJohn DT Cut

8 Hasselbeck, Matt QB get rid of only if we need cap space

87 Hawkins, Lavelle WR CUT

28 Johnson, Chris RB Cut

45 Johnson, Quinn FB Most likely a cut

6 Kern, Brett P Keep

97 Klug, Karl DT Definitely keep

10 Locker, Jake QB Definitely keep

72 Lutui, Deuce G Cut

94 Marks, Sen'Derrick DT Keep

93 Martin, Mike DT Keep

60 Matthews, Kevin C Cut

52 McCarthy, Colin B Definitely keep

30 McCourty, Jason CB Keep

91 Morgan, Derrick DE Cut

29 Mouton, Ryan CB CUT

66 Otto, Mike T Keep only as a reserve

67 Petrus, Mitch G Cut

14 Preston, Michael WR Keep

25 Reynaud, Darius RB Definitely keep

71 Roos, Michael T Keep

24 Sensabaugh, Coty CB Cut

59 Shaw, Tim LB Keep

11 Smith, Rusty QB Keep

90 Solomon, Scott DE Cut

88 Stevens, Craig TE Definitely keep

68 Stingily, Byron T Cut

84 Thompson, Taylor TE Keep I guess, need to see more

61 Velasco, Fernando C/G Cut

20 Verner, Alterraun DB Definitely keep

85 Washington, Nate WR Keep

17 Williams, Damian WR I guess keep, has shown some promise

35 Wilson, Tracy DB Cut

95 Wimbley, Kamerion DE Tough decision, lean towards cut

92 Witherspoon, Will LB Keep I guess

13 Wright, Kendall WR Definitely keep

79 Wynn, Jarius DE Cut

54 Amano, Eugene C/G Cut
98 Ball, Dave DE Cut
89 Cook, Jared TE Cut
75 Dawson, Keyunta DE Cut
53 Diles, Zac LB Cut
78 Douzable, Leger DE Cut
36 Evans, Darren RB Cut
64 Harris, Leroy G/C Cut
73 Hutchinson, Steve G Cut, he’ll probably retire anyway
32 Johnson, Robert DB Keep, I think
50 Malast, Kevin LB Cut
83 Mariani, Marc WR Keep only if we have intentions of using at WR
51 McRath, Gerald LB Cut
21 Ringer, Javon RB Cut
76 Stewart, David T Keep, I think

Practice Squad
19 Borel, Diondre WR Keep, I guess
69 Clayton, Zach DT Keep
77 Gibson, Thaddeus DE Keep, I guess
69 Horn, Tyler C Keep, I guess
46 Mohamed, Mike LB Keep, I guess
42 Mooney, Collin RB Keep, I guess
41 Tuimaunei, Suaesi S Keep, I guess
80 Webb, Martell TE Keep, I guess

Practice Squad/Injured
62 DeGeare, Chris G Keep, I guess

Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform
31 Martin, Markelle FS Keep, I guess

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