Early Mock Draft...



Round 1- Damontre Moore (DE/OLB Tex A&M)

After spending our first rounder in the last two years on offense, I think we go defense first. We need a dynamic pass rusher to add into the mix, and Moore could be that guy. He is a disruptive force with an explosive first step. I would say offensive line is our biggest glaring hole, but with our top ten pick I can't see us going that direction early. (alternate picks--Dee Milliner (CB, Alabama) Manti Te'o (MLB, Notre Dame)

Watching tape: Moore vs Alabama

I picked this game figuring that this was the best offensive line that he played. He still managed to make an impact, picking up a sack and several hurries. I was impressed with his motor and determination. Several times, he looked beat by the ball carrier only to pick his way through traffic and come up with a tackle. He was stopped a few times by Fluker and company, but overall I'd consider this a win for Damontre Moore.



Round 2- T.J Mcdonald (Safety, USC)

Scouting reports: Another year where safety play has been horrific. Time for an upgrade? I think so. T.J Mcdonald has been compared to Taylor Mays. While lacking Mays' straight line speed, he is more fluid in coverage. He has the prototypical size and ball skills for a safety in the NFL. He'd be an instant upgrade, and could help solidify this young secondary for years to come. (alternate picks--Khaled Holmes ( C, USC) Barrett Jones (OG, Alabama)

Watching tape: Mcdonald vs Stanford

Throughout this game USC blitzed Mcdonald alot. He looked pretty impressive, knifing through the offensive line to hit the ball carrier in the back several times. This included a few third and shorts. Also he came off the edge a few times and managed to hit Nunes on several occasions, causing incompletions. Looked pretty solid in pass coverage when he wasn't blitzing. At one point picked up an uncovered reciever right before the snap, which resulted in an incompletion. A great save.

Watching tape 2: Mcdonald huge hits vs stanford/ASU

Mcdonald is not afraid to drop the hammer, which is good. He's had several big hits, but I highlighted these two because they were both illegal hits and were flagged. Two penalties seems like a small price to pay for an enforcer that will rock people going over the middle, but at the same time its a flag. I'll leave you to your own thoughts on that subject.



Round 3- Larry Warford (OG, Kentucky)

Scouting reports: I think Velasco played well enough in relief for a shot at the job next year, which is the reason i'm not going center here. Warford is a massive guard (6'3,343 lbs)who would fill a need and be an immediate upgrade. He was selected to the All-SEC second team. As our team moves more towards a passing team, pass protection becomes paramount. One of the most impressive things I came across about Warford is that he didn't give up a QB sack all year. He also had 48 pancake blocks. He also seems pretty durable having 37 consecutive starts.

Watching tape: Warford vs Missouri

Warford bottled up Sheldon Richardson the whole game, while Richardson did make some impact plays against other wildcat lineman, he was massively ineffective against Warford. Larry does a decent job at pulling and getting to the next level at several spots in this game. Seems to lack speed getting there at other points. He did an excellent job in pass protection.
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