Draft Questions for Some Loyal Fans

Hi there, everyone! With Todd McShay releasing his first official Mock Draft for ESPN, it's officially draft season. If you're anything like me, you've been examining the draft since September (or last May), and I must admit I'm getting a bit excited. But, since contemplating the draft in silence in your apartment is only half the fun, I'd like to make it a social experience and ask you guys and gals some questions I find myself curious over.

First off: Todd McShay has Star going with the first draft pick. I was surprised; I had expected Star to drop at least to the Raiders or Panthers (and hopefully even to us; he's my dream first round pick). Do you honestly think the Chiefs will pass up Geno Smith? And the Jaguars will stick with Gabbert and Henne? Basically, what I'm asking is: [b]Is there any way we can get Star at the 6th pick? [/b]

Secondly, I read an article on Bleacher Report today (here) that stated that Elam may fall to the second round. I didn't know a thing about the guy before hovering on MCM (a site that I'm absolutely falling in love with, btw!) and now I have to say that I am in LOVE with his as our second round pick. Do you think he falls, or will someone scoop him up in the first (or, devilishly in the second right before us)? Star and Elam as a one-two punch would instantly make our defense something to fear.

Thirdly: I wanna see some 7-round Titans Mock Drafts. The interwebz only go so far for me. Walter Football drops off after the 3rd, and B/R doesn't update their predictions nearly often enough. Here's what I'd love to see from the Titans in April (assuming these undergrads declare):

Round 1: Damontre Moore, DE/OLB, Texas A&M
- A big, scary DE to drastically improve our sack count and bolster both our pass and run defenses

Round 2: Matt Elam, S, Florida
- A safety that we can use in a variety of ways: by himself deep, as a blitzer, or in combination with other defenders

Round 3: Jordan Reed, TE, Florida
- This is where many people are likely to disagree with me; but I believe we should trade Cook while his value is relatively high and bring in a young, moldable replacement. Cook spends too much of his time complaining. Let's get some value out of his trade, bring in a pass-heavy OC, and toss it to a big, talented TE and save money while we do it.

Round 4: Mike Gillislee, RB, Florida
- I love Chris Johnson to death. But I think ultimately he's not the style of RB we want perennially in the back field. He's a beast, yes; but he's rude, prone to complaining, and a very different style of player from Locker and Munchak, the two new leaders of this team. I don't know if we need to trade him this year, but I think he ought to leave soon. And, best of all, with a pass-heavy playing style, we won't need a superstar-caliber RB like Johnson; we could easily make due with a talented, young and cheap RB. When defenses drop a bit too far back, Jake can audible into a hand off and let his speedy young RB poke holes in the defense. And, best of all, Gillislee is a great blitz blocker: he could spend much of his time as an additional offensive lineman.

Round 5: Jonotthan Harrison, C, Florida
- Yeah, yeah, yeah... ANOTHER Gator. I understand I may get a lot of naysayers here. But I see this as a great way to keep building our team. Harrison is a young, talented C and has built a great connection with Gillislee over the years. By bringing in comfortable members of a high-octane offense like Florida's, I believe we can transplant them under new leadership and bring some sense of identity and unity to our squad. I think Harrison could be a HUGE 5th round steal.

Round 6: A. J. Francis, DT, Maryland
- I wanted Star in the first round, but Francis is a GREAT steal later in the draft. With some monster stats, this guy could be a great late-round addition to our defense, either right away or exceptionally soon, as a pass or run rusher/blocker.

Round 7: Prentiss Waggner, CB/SS, Tennessee
- A little home state talent to round off the draft. Waggner is possibly the greatest sleeper of all these picks and has 3rd round talent, but may be left until the 7th round, with all the bigger-name players ahead of him on the list of top CB. And, best of all, he could easily play either CB or SS.

I think we are a team that needs some rebuilding and reunifying. It's become terribly clear to me over that past weeks that egotistical and sometimes-immature players like Britt, Johnson, and Cook are tearing our offense apart with their selfish motivation and approach. I think we ought to bring in some young, unassuming players, and rear them in our offense to be the kind of player Mike Munchak works well with. I don't think Munch is the problem, ultimately; some of our marquee players aren't playing nice enough with the rest of the players on the field. I'm sick of hearing Britt/Cook/CJ2K drama, and I'm sick of paying them for under-performing. We have the option this year to bolster our team with young talent and really take the league by storm under some well-mannered and successful vets. And, best of all, this method is cheap (allowing for a splash in the free agency) and the draft picks or players we receive from trading big-name players like Cook and Johnson can be used to reinforce our offensive and defensive lines.

These are my thoughts. Let me know what you think. Any changes you'd recommend? Am I completely off-base? Most importantly, feel free to share your 7-round predictions and hopes below!

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