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Hi Titans fans,

We are both coming off tough losses of a different nature, but tough nonetheless. (Apologies for trading Brandon Marshall to the Bears. If he had caught TDs for us like that, we would never have traded him!)

One of my favorite parts of being an NFL fan is learning about the game in conversation with other fans of opposing teams. This week our two teams face off against each other and I know I will enjoy the game more if I have the opportunity to learn about your team. If you feel the same, this is the post for you. I am not the most insightful of fans, but hopefully some of our knowledgeable members over at The Phinsider (including former college level players and coaches as well as assorted football nerds) will come by to answer any of your questions about our team. Some answers will be homerish or overly critical, but hopefully they will be more informed than what you can read in the national media.

Also, it would be great if someone here were to come over to to post a similar thread there so our members can ask you guys about your team.

Just to set things off (and these are my own opinions; some will disagree):

1) Our Rookie QB Ryan Tannehill has been steadily playing well. He has posted a +90+ QBR in the last 3 full games he has played. He hasn't thrown an INT in a while and has made some very good decisions. He still has a way to go. While he played well enough on Sunday and our loss should be set at the feet of others, he had a chance to tie or win on the last drive and looked rattled, having happy feet.

2) If you have a TE who can even vaguely catch for the Titans on your FF team... play him.

3) Our secondary is very thin although I think that Sean Smith will rebound as he is capable of being quite good. Still, your QB will throw a lot of yards

4) Our D is bend but don't break (except when it does), but is still pretty good at limiting scores.

5) We don't have a lot of passing TDs but are pretty good at running it in in the RZ.

6) Our special teams have been excellent for the last several games and have kept us in games if not flat out won them. We have blocked FGs in the last two games, have a punter who can flip the field, and have pretty good coverage teams.

Overall, we are what our record says 4-4. The good news is we are quite competitive in our losses. We were blown out in 6 minutes at the end of the first half of our very first game with a rookie QB messing up. Other than that,our other three losses have been by 3 points with us being in at the end (2 in over time with a missed FG). We have had big leads that we have given up. Still, not being able to close out in those games is something that needs to be overcome. Some teams never do, lacking a killer instinct. We have 8 more games to show we have that killer instinct. We also have not won a game against a team which currently stands at over .500. But, we have had two wins where we have blown the opponent away. So, we are the definition of a 4-4 team with question marks that we hope will resolve into positives.

Thank you for any of your questions. Good luck this season and here's to a fun and injury free game.

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